Thanks Pinkbike, You Raised $57,535.77!

Jun 21, 2013 at 0:09
Jun 21, 2013
by Tyler Maine  
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The 5 Intense M9 FCANCERUP Bike is back - coming May 8th 2013

To thank all those that contributed in the battle, a grand prize was drawn at random. The winner of the Custom Pink Intense M9 is Mark Cowperthwaite and this was his reaction when asked about why he supported and his cycling background:

bigquotesI am Mark Cowperthwaite, 30 years old and I am an engineer. I live and ride in the lake district in Cumbria, UK. I donated as I am a keen supporter of Cancer research since my wife's father was diagnosed with terminal lung Cancer 4 years ago and subsequently passed away 2 years ago. The pain that the family went through at this time cannot be described and anything that we can do to help others either through the pain or even better to prevent then we are only too happy to help.


Some Stats and list of winners:

2275 people donated and we raised a staggering $57,535.77 USD for Breast Cancer Awareness.

· Intense M9 - Mark Cowperthwaite
· Saint Group – Keith Barber
· Saint Group – Anonymous*
· GoPro Black Edition – Matthew Taylor
· GoPro Black Edition – The Taillon Family
· Pink Bike Prize Pack - Erick Gonzalez
· Pink Bike Prize Pack - Prime*
· Strength in Numbers – Jason Liang
· Strength in Numbers – Drew George
· Skull Candy Headphone – Anonymous*
· Skull Candy Headphone – Philip Krook

Your contributions have gone to:
-Fund support and education programs for young women affected by breast cancer.
-Help support YSC’s mission to ensure no young woman faces breast cancer alone.
-Raise awareness that young women can and do get breast cancer.
-Finally, If you want free stickers like on the chainstay, visit this link.

Go to the following link ( to check out the website and have a little read, it is a great organization, doing super human things for people that need our help.

Thanks to Intense Cycles (Frame), Shimano (Saint Groupos), Gravity Components (Bars, Stem and Seat Post), Fox (40 Fork), Novatec (Wheels), CaneCreek (Rear Shock) Vee Rubber (Tires) and ODI for putting this amazing bike together.

*some contributors preferred to not have their names listed
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 Congrats on winning mark.
  • + 50
 Congrats to everyone for donating! 55k for 15k worth of prizes? Well done!
  • + 11
 Yeah, it's great to see the bike riders come together and help out!
  • + 5
 That's about an average of 25 dollars a person, which is actually more than I expected.
  • + 3
 Hey guys, if you have a spare hour watch this documentary video on vimeo about what cancer is and why it is so difficult to cure it. It will open your eyes on todays medicine, and after watching it you'd probably not want to visit your doctor ever again. The documentary is called "Cancer the Forbidden Cures"
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 I think the real winner is Breast Cancer Awareness. Well done Pinkbike for help raise so much money for such a worthy cause! But most of all, thanks for everyone who donated, including the sponsors
  • - 3
 Lets work on preventing cancer instead of treating it. It's to bad this foundation extracted 50k to aid 'research' when there is a known homeopathic cure that already exists. What it comes down to is that there is more money to be made treating cancer rather than preventing or even curing it. It's the truth and all of you who donated with the exception of one person just supported a very evil and inhumane corporation. Whoever says I'm ignorant can case a double and break their neck
  • + 1
 wow what a downer
  • + 39
 Open it up to Paypal next time around, might raise a bit more..
  • + 16
 congrats to Mark and everyone else I THINK, US CYCLIST, ARE THE BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, WE DO LOOK AFTER MOTHER EARTH, we donate for the health of humans, animals,... we don't bring CO2, we enjoy our life more than everyone, we see good places while we cycle, we enjoy fresh air, we love what we ride. I THINK ALL OF US WON guys, just continue doing what you are doing. R35P3C7 4 ALL OF U OU7 TH3R3
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 By reading the comments in this post you'd think men don't get cancer.

"The most common form of cancer in women, breast cancer, is easier to treat than the most common form in men, prostate cancer"
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 As a side note, the 'pink' breast cancer awareness campaign originates from the McGrath Foundation in Australia, formed after legendary cricketer Glenn McGrath's wife, Jane, was diagnosed with breast cancer. The Foundation raises funds to train specialist Breast Care Nurses, and promote breast awareness in young women. Jane McGrath died in 2008, age 42.
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 Nice one Mark. Great words and I'm sure well deserved. Ride it hard and post some pics
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 Parabéns a todos que contribuíram para uma causa tão nobre.
Congratulations to everyone who contributed to such a noble cause.

Mas os verdadeiros vencedores foram:
But the real winners were:

-Fund support and education programs for young women affected by breast cancer.
-Help support YSC’s mission to ensure no young woman faces breast cancer alone.
-Raise awareness that young women can and do get breast cancer.

E o próprio Pinkbike pela iniciativa.
And the Pinkbike itsef for the initiative.
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 Brilliant guys - let's hope Sam Hill's auctions this weekend raise some more valuable cash for the fight against cancer!
  • + 2
 Congrats to all involved. It would be awesome to do something for men's health too. Testicular or prostate cancer specifically. Even to raise awareness because it's something men don't talk about.
  • + 1
 You're not wrong about the other types of cancer, but men get breast cancer too.
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 I can not wait to see some pics of that machine in some UK hills! Congrats
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 My biggest problem as a teen is not having a credit card to donate withFrown my parents won't donate with theirs because they don't like giving out their info:/ I would've gladly mailed in $20 if it were possible
  • + 1
 Congratulations Mark on your new ride. Well done to everyone for chipping in. I hope the cash comes in useful for Breast Cancer Awareness. Well done on a great raffle, F*ckCancer! Keep up the good work.
  • + 2
 Only 2275 people donated and managed to raise $57,535.77 thats insane !! Imagine if just a few more people chucked a few quid/dollar in !
  • + 3
 i feel you bro my mom went through breast cancer last year and i was hoping to win to show her that there is hope
  • + 4
 i am glad it went to a deserved place!
  • + 2
 Good for him! Its nice to see that there is still hope for this world, people who see a second chance.
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  • + 1
 $5 for that beast and possibly saving a life sometime in the future. That's the way to do it.
  • + 1
 Says the funds go to support young women affected by breast cancer... but what about the guys? Guys get breast cancer too!
  • + 3
 Perhaps an editorial issue. I doubt anyone in the charity is making that distinction in practice.
  • + 1
 Stoked for mark. Nobody will miss him riding around Cumbria on that! I wonder if he will get a few funny looks?
  • + 1
 I thought for sure my 5 entries would get me something... at least I got to throw down against cancer.
  • + 2
 Trust him, he's an engineer. Congrats Mark!
  • + 2
 happy to be a little part of it!
  • + 2
 Great bike and for a great cause!
  • + 2
 Everyone who supports this is a winner ! Well done
  • - 1
 By my calculations, everyone on average contributed $2529.04. Which is amazing because we all know that that didn't happen which means that there are some very generous people out there. Go you! And congrats Mark.
  • + 5
 I'm pretty sure your calculations are way off but your point still stands, very impressive overall
  • + 9
 haha. Your decimal point is a little off there. It comes out to $25.29
  • + 3
 Haha, I was thinking to myself that it seemed like a lot. But my calculator said so!!
  • + 3
 I say next year instead of just 2275 people donating aprox $25.00 each. How about all pinkbike members (aprox 649658 ) donate just one buck ($1.00). That would be about $647383.00 more then this year. Lets set the bar higher!! I know we can do it!!

Half-a-million doesn't sound too shabby to me.
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 Congrats Mark! Well deserved.
  • + 2
 Seems well-deserved!
  • + 1
 Cumbria Smile woo might see him about Smile
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 Still think Sam Hill's bike should be auctioned instead of raffled off?
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  • + 2
 Congrats Mark!
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 Congrats to everybody!
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 Edit. Oops!
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