Wednesday Randoms Part 2 - Eurobike 2012

Aug 29, 2012
by Alasdair MacLennan  
Eurobike 2012

Eurobike 2012


Lezyne were keen to show us their latest updates to their lighting range which features better electronics, smarter software and improved lenses (releasing an additional 10% light output). A re-work from the ground up that should produce more light for longer.

Megadrive 1000 Lumen trail light
The Megadrive is totally new for 2013 and is a 1000 lumen twin bulb LED setup that promises 1.5hrs on full power, 3hrs when run at 500 lumens and 7hrs when run at 200 lumens. Composite bar mounts and a MicroUSB charging cable come as part of the standard package for €170 while a ‘Loaded’ pack comes with an extra battery and CNC mounts for €210. If like us you’re serious about your night riding then this seems like a sensible choice for both toughness and greater ride time. CNC finishing on the extruded body has produced sharp looks and an efficient (greater) surface area for cooling the high power yet compact lamp. An additional function can be entered into by holding down the power button for longer, called Race Mode. This enables riders to switch directly between minimum and maximum power, ideal if you’re involved in the numerous winter enduro races that take place around the world which incorporate night stages.
• MSRP: €170 (Standard package) , €210 (Loaded package)

Sweet Protection

Sweet Protection may be new to the bike riding world but the Norwegian company have been around in other outdoor sports for a few years now, the Nordic company having formed in 2000. This summer saw the launch of their bike range after over a decade of experience in the skiing, snowboarding and white water kayaking world and, although there is no doubt that there can be parallels drawn between Sweet Protection and the other Scandinavian protective and apparel brand of POC, Sweet are their own brand with their own way of doing things.

With protection in the name it’s an obvious priority for the brand and they employ both existing technology and materials while also incorporating their own touches to create a line of armour under the name ‘Bearsuit Series’. This centres on CE certified Sas-Tec, a foam which stiffens under impact to provide protection and energy absorption while remaining malleable and soft for comfort and flexibility in use. It’s used by several other brands to great effect and features in the full range in offer from Sweet.

Bearsuit Knee-Pads (also Elbow-Pads)
The knee pads we already have on test and have so far proven to be comfortable and resolutely steadfast on our knees although big crashes have so far (thankfully) evaded us. A combination of neoprene bands top & bottom and a shape cut to the bend of your knee means that the single strap is almost surplus to requirements, a surprise given our initial impressions were that a single strap wouldn’t be enough to hold a pad in place. We’ll bring you the full lowdown on these soon.

Eurobike 2012

Bearsuit Pro-Shirt
Front and rear Sas-Tec foam provides protection for your torso with this waistcoat style body armour which incorporates a kidney belt to keep everything in place. Shoulder pads also feature the foam and on production items there will be straps to ensure movement in crashes is kept to a minimum. Some may feel that losing elbow pads from the garment is an oversight but Sweet explained that with a move to less armour they felt riders were better left with the choice rather than potentially cutting up their new purchase to remove something they didn’t want to ride.

Eurobike 2012

Fixer full-face helmet
This sub 850g carbon fibre full face helmet employs ‘pre-preg’ carbon, a method of laying up the material by utilising sheets with the exact amount of epoxy resin already impregnated into the material. It both minimises weight and maximises strength over the alternative wet lay-up method which sees liquid resin poured into a mould that’s been layered up with dry carbon matting. Despite most helmets utilising the latter wet layup method, ‘pre-preg’ is the way the vast majority of any strength sensitive industries such as motorsport create their carbon parts. It’s a slim helmet and feels closer to your head than some but the big point that Sweet are at pains to highlight is that the reduced weight and bulk minimises the whiplash effect which can cause serious head injury. This is augmented further by the inclusion of MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system) which allows the liner to rotate slightly inside the shell and so smooth the deceleration of your brain inside your skull should the worst happen. 31 vents keep your head cool and perfect fit is aided by the offering of two sizes of cheek pad, both of which are included. Used throughout their helmet line is an EPF liner with multiple densities dependant on the helmet’s intended use and the position within the helmet. ASTM certification is currently underway.

Sweet Protection s blue shorts shown here are mid length for all mountain use and come just past your knee while the fluro yellow is the downhill short and is cut a little longer. Other colourways are available.

Eurobike 2012

Frantic & Inferno DH shorts
Very Scandinavian in their look, these shorts are part of a range which we’ll take a look at in more detail over the coming months. Available in several lengths to suit trail, all mountain and downhill usage there should be something to suit most riders with those slightly longer cuts bending slightly over your knee to ensure comfort when pedalling. An elasticated clip provides an attachment for your pass when riding the lift and zips open vents for riding in hot climates. Four-way stretch hydrophobic material should keep them comfortable and relatively dry all ride long.

Bluegrass & MET

Although owned by the same parent company there is some clear separation between Bluegrass and MET, the former catering to protective and gravity helmets, the latter more the trail and all mountain crowd.

Eurobike 2012

MET Terra
Their new trail lid falls into the MET side of things and was on display in the luminous yellow above. Well vented and featuring plentiful rear protection it has all the makings of a popular choice. It seemed to fit well, with good adjustment, and a comfortable retention system to the rear.

Eurobike 2012

Bluegrass Grizzly & Grizzly B&SMoving to Bluegrass there were several revised 2013 body armour offerings on display, both the above items based on D30 inserts. The Grizzly (left) is a lightweight offering aimed at the growing enduro and trail market where protection is required but with the balance of all day wear-ability. The Grizzly B&S (right) features the same back protection but also incorporates shoulder padding for additional protection to gravity riders.

Eurobike 2012

Bluegrass Brave
The Brave is their top level full face helmet for the gravity market. Currently there are several standard designs as well as two team replica’s; a Union Jack based design for Bernard Kerr and this one shown here which was worn this year by Tracey Hannah on the World Cup circuit. All Brave’s feature a removable lining for easy washing and a visor design which incorporates what Bluegrass call S.O.R, or snap-off-release. This is a feature which allows for the visor to detach from the central mounting screw, the benefits of which are twofold. Firstly, it potentially saves the visor from damage but secondly, and more importantly, it reduces the risk of the visor causing neck injuries by digging into the trail in a crash. Weight starts at 910g for the small.

Five Ten

Five Ten always have something new on display and Eurobike 2012 is no different. Here are a few choice offerings from their shelves.

Eurobike 2012

Freerider VXi
The VXi is a totally new shoe and the first to be designed with significant influence in the post-Adidas world. It’s a door which, when opened, brought a lot more technology and expertise to Five Ten’s design stable, with improved construction techniques and material availability. Featuring the Stealth Contact sole, this is essentially a perfectly smooth section of sole under the ball of your foot which although still grippy, makes for an easier shift of your position on the pedal when you feel the need. The VXi will be offered in three colourways with an unpictured blue which goes all the way down to a size 2.5, great for those with small feet and therefore opening up Five Tens to a new and smaller audience. Touted as sitting between the Impact (stiff) and the freerider (soft) in sole rigidity, it sounds like it could turn into a real go to shoe for those riders looking for a decent trail shoe to use with flat pedals.

Eurobike 2012

Eurobike 2012

Not new, the Freerider has been updated with some new colours, our favourite of which are shown here. A lighter shoe than the original Impact, these are a good trail shoe although it will probably come down to sole stiffness as to whether you choose to run these originals or the new VXi above.

Eurobike 2012

Spitfire & Dirtbag (Low cut)
Stealth Marathon rubber is a newly introduced compound that is roughly three times longer lasting than the original S1 grade, albeit at the expense of grip. Split grain leather, they’re aimed as more of a trend shoe than the gravity/extreme end catered for by their tougher items, but thanks to the slightly less tenacious rubber they’re also good for those who want to move their feet around more on the pedals when pulling tricks.


As with Five Ten there was a lot of new O’Neal kit on display but here are some of our favourites.

2013 Stormrider shorts and shirt feature some cool features including this velcro d fold out pocket which incorporates a lift pass pouch.

The Stormrider kit in your hand feels tough and is an evolution of O’Neal’s previous gravity oriented Thrasher kit. The velcro’d pocket features a goggle wipe and an elasticated cord for your lift pass while the waist features double velcro’d adjustments. Available in the blue seen here, there is also an all black offering for those looking for something more subtle.

Eurobike 2012

Pin-It II

Revised from earlier Pin-It kits, the new jersey is better vented and lighter weight, all of which adds up to better clothes for the trail. Available in black and green, there is an increase in feature graphics which make for a more visually interesting product, as well as a higher quality feel between your fingers.

Eurobike 2012

AMX Glove
Proving popular across the board are gloves which allow the use of capacitive touch screens featured on pretty much every new mobile phone. Gloves frequently prevent these working but as in these O’Neal AMX’s, the inclusion of silver thread within the tip of the index finger allows you to continue using your phone without removing your gloves. It may be lazy but sometimes you just want a quick glance at a text or email while waiting for one of your buddies to catch up on the trail and this easily allows that.

Element FR Minnaar Replica
Minnaar will surely once again be in the hunt once for World Championship victory this weekend in Leogang. And if he takes it then this replica Element kit could well be the hot ticket next week for riders around the world. Even if he doesn’t win, the striking kit he’s been in since Pietermaritzburg in March should prove popular.

That’s it for part two, keep your eyes on the front page for more coverage from the team here in Eurobike over the coming days.


  • 48 3
 I feel like 5.10 should release all their shoes in a SPD and flats versions
  • 12 2
 And that white is not good for uk full .
  • 8 3
 It's not that realistic for a company do drop a ton of money to make 2 versions of every shoe, when they can release a few select items that serve distinct purposes. The better 5.10 is about the financial calls they make, the better stuff we end up with in the end.
  • 2 0
 the spd line is pretty complete... maltese falcon for am, hellcat/minnaar for dh and the hightop thingys for dh to, only thing id like is their to be a more grippy hightop for flats
  • 2 0
 Im no expert but I feel like it wouldnt be difficult to release both, they have the capability and all they would have to do is swap out the soles for the stiffer one with the the 2 hole mount
  • 1 1
 kjones: SPD shoes typically have a shank of some sort in them for stiffness. it's a bit more than just swapping the soles over...
  • 3 1
 Couldnt they just make the shoe as spd then have a attatchment that can screw into the cleat bolts to make it like a normal a shoe?
  • 2 0
 havent took out the insole in my minnaars but ik on my am45's its just a full plastic sole under then insole with rubber on the outside (obviously, it is a shoe) and the two bolt holes so its not exactly advanced tech
  • 1 0
 @danny-oli all the five ten spd shoes have that... although i find they work better with my flats if i just leave the cleat in
  • 1 0
 Whatever happened to the spd shoe with the carbon fiber sole? Been waiting almost a year for them to come out, no mention of them on the website.
  • 2 0
 You forgot the Raven.
  • 5 2
 Why even make a clipless version of them? Five ten made their shoes to be superb flats, then added a clipless line in. The whole point of owning them is to have super tacky flat pedal shoes, not so some clipped in guy can look cool in a pair of freeriders...
  • 1 2
 5.10 should concentrate the majority of their efforts on the flat pedal market. There are already heaps of clipless brands around, but they have the reputation as being the bees knees in shoes for flats so they have their market stitched up. I haven't even looked at their clipless shoes. If finnrambo says they've got clipless covered, then they are done in that department. Change the colours every year and be done with them. I'd prefer to see that very early suede Impact come back than see them release a dozen other models. Best. Flats. Shoe. Ever.
  • 2 1
 well said Camoguy1. Own 5.10s is all about flats.
  • 1 1
 I agree, their flats are unmatched for now. the better watch their backs though, Teva links are better in most ways except for the sole.
  • 1 0
 I just wish they would make a water proof version of the high-tops and hope that they still produce them with the 'old' tread pattern , 5-10's are already shit for pushing up muddy hills with , with-out the slick sole of the new ones.
  • 2 0
 hopefully theyll make fiveten spd's with a lace cover as well... personal preference though for camoguy1 I personally like them better than am45's for dh because they dont feel as connected if that makes any sense... I dont notice the extra grip on my spds honestly, i ditched mallets before i got my fivetens so cant compare that
  • 2 0
 Yeah I actually prefer the very stiff soles , hate that feeling of your foot bending over the pedal in G-outs and such.
  • 1 0
 i just hope the 5.10's go up to my size 13/48
  • 1 0
 Nobble, thats what im talking about, swapping out the sole with the siffer shank in it, it was implied
  • 1 1
 that's redesigning the shoe. the sole is the rubber on the bottom. there's stuff between your foot and the rubber...
  • 2 0
 not a drastic redesign...
  • 14 2
 More Bikes! Less Gear!
  • 6 11
flag QQdownhiller (Aug 29, 2012 at 17:49) (Below Threshold)
 Who cares what you look like when your riding! Its how your riding and most importantly what we are riding! We want to see the newest and greatest cycles!
  • 3 1
 People usually buy a lot more gear, more often, than they do complete bikes. Although I'll never care that much about "how" I look riding (even the jackasses in tight ass jeans and flannel shirts are putting effort into looking a certain way) I still like to see what kind of gear is coming out that will make riding more enjoyable.
  • 3 0
 Ya, I agree. I just like seeing all the cool bike stuff coming out! Don't get me wrong I love seeing the newest and greatest gear. I care about my kit. I like matching and standing out. I don't wear TLD pajamas, but I wear everything red and then a bright blue jersey. I can pick myself out in photo albums and videos easier. But I just like seeing the coolest new components and frames hitting the market!
  • 4 0
 I think a balanced report of EVERYTHING at Eurobike is welcome!
  • 1 0
 Wait, i though the freerider pros were stiffer than the regular ones... are these going to replace the pro, i wonder? Also, looking at the soles, these are definitely not the new Sam Hill shoes, even if the colors are close. think i might wait for those...
  • 1 0 notice the little shark teeth on the front and rear. weird though, because they do look like exactly the same shoe.
  • 2 0
 5/10... You made so much money off the Sam Hill flats. I thought I saw an upgrade a while back? Famous riders deserve famous shoes and we love em both. Bring on the neg props if I missed something.
  • 1 0
 Bought a Bluegrass hemlet this season. Love it. Light weight, great visibility, excellent fit and kick ass orange ... top notch.
  • 2 0
 If the Sweet Fixer is as good as my Sweet Strutter I will buy one. Sweet make the best Kayaking helmets.
  • 1 0
 sad i know but I could with a pair of gloves that work with my touch screen, it would save wrestling with my gloves to answer a call!
  • 1 0
 just lick your finger. My crappy HTC wouldn't work with my gloves on.. mentioned it to an i-phone-owning friend who had no problems, thinking it was the phone. The response was that it'll work if your glove is a bit damp, so lick it. Tried it, and he was right. No need for silver in your gloves!
  • 2 0
 ha ha you haven't seen my gloves! don't wash them often enough.........
  • 2 0
  • 1 0
 Agreed, it's really nice to see more low profile, lightweight protection offerings.
  • 2 0
 That is a lot of white on shoes meant for playing in the dirt...
  • 2 0
 those bald soles look to be downright lethal on snow.
  • 2 0
 Pinkbikes Eurobike coverage is seriously lacking.
  • 1 0
 How do O'Neil think i use my phone? Surely to work with a touch screen it needs to have the silver threads on the thumb?
  • 1 0
 I want more white SPDs. Personal preference..
  • 1 0
 minnaar is sorta white, the filters if you can get your hands on them were white to
  • 1 0
 looks like minnaar is riding a 24"
Big Grin
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