Video: Welcome To Hell

May 13, 2013
by Dan Milner  

Riding the TNF Lavaredo Ultra Trail: 90Km. 4800m ascent. 4800m descent. In 2011 the fastest Ultra Trail runner ran this trail in 9 hours. But then he didnt have a bike on his back for half of it. We returned to attempt this route by bike... Perhaps the most ambitious bike-related challenge to date.

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 looks tough and stressful and all but great looking trails and scenery. it sure as hell beats sitting indoors all day. id say it looks closer to heaven than hell
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 right up there with you bro, this looks epic.
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 That's probably what they mean by the title. It could be Cockney for Heaven in the same way that Cockneys would refer to a fat guy as slim. Maybe not. Just sayin. It does look epic even with the hike-a-bike. I like Dan's commentary.
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 ^Not. That is not what Cockney is.
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 @bholton i sort of see where your coming from but i think welcom to hell is reffering more so to the physical challenge of the endeavor
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 @billy3197 - yah you're right. Nothing easy about that 'ride'.
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 Most ambitious bike related challenge?
Goran Kropp rode 7000 miles from Sweden to Mt. Everest with all his gear. Climbed Everest then rode home with his gear.
Just sayin
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 Agree. 4800m spread over two days is not that big. Perhaps they should re-word that last sentence to "This groups most ambitious bike-related challenge to date."
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 come on, i love riding but i aint never going on a 2 day 4000 m fucken acsent jesus. props to these guys
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 Liam Neeson did the same ride on a little girls pink huffy while beating up Chuck Norris for saying it looked like a Trek Session.
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 I asked Liam to come on this one,. He said he'd stuff my face into a pillow case full of locusts. It wasn't meant to claim the 'Toughest bike challenge EVER" more the toughest bike challenge I have ever attempted, or atleast can remember attempting in my 30 years of MTB adventures around the world. Oops.
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 Looks pretty hard going. But I'd much rather do this than be forced to watch a game of football...
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 this makes me feel like a lazy slob
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 Does anyone know how to say "Can you attach a bike rack to that Mule?" in Italian?
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 I believe the answer would be the Italian translation of the word: straps. You could try something more high tech, but mules don't respond well to hitch mounted racks. . .
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Maybe (maybe) you've just given me an idea ....
After all those are the mountains where WW1 was fought... and mules hauled cannon, food and ammunition up those same mule trails.
Think of it as some kind of slo-mo shuttle service


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 to anyone who wants to attempt doing that I'd seriously consider hooking up with a local guy from Merano called Maurizio Deflorian. You'll find him on under the nickname "nonnocarb".
Those epic painfest rides are his specialty and he knows those mountains like the back of his hands :-)

I'm heading out to the dolo-mighties this summer... but I'll leave the pain-burgers for someone else to eat hehe !!!

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 he wants to stop moaning then he wouldnt be out of breath,then he could get the bike of his back and try riding up the hill,then he could call it hell.That just look't like a sunday afternoon walk up the mountain to ride a great trail down.
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 My bum hurts just watching this
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flag casums (May 13, 2013 at 19:43) (Below Threshold)
 thats she said
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 Awesome! Bet it feels awesome to have accomplished that!
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 It felt sick.
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 The tech articles divide us then along comes Dan to unite us again. Good show!
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 Well, everyone except ManuelMTB it seems. ha ha.
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 Epic. Truly epic.
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 I love seeing stories like this. As I get older this is what more and more of my riding is looking like. Great to watch / inspire!
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 a shame; some of those descents look like they could be really fun on a 7' freeride bike
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 No wonder those guys were ahead of you all the time, they couldn't stand all your moaning!
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 Exactly what I want to do! Poachin!
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 The definition of an EPIC ride! Big Grin Looks awesome!
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 Makes my daily rides seem like anthills.
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 this kind of riding adventures gives us something to tell one day later...
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 Burnt toast and a video called welcome to hell. What a life I live.
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 Possible in one day? We will see...
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 Awesome! Perfect ride Big Grin
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