What Tyler Found: Day 1 - Sea Otter 2013

Apr 18, 2013
by Tyler Maine  
Kyle Strait and his GT Distortion - Ready to defend his Dual Slalom title
Kyle reporting for duty and eager to defend his Dual Slalom title - Sea Otter Classic Day 1

Osprey Raven 14
Osprey Raven 14 and 10 lady s packs - Sea Otter Classic Day 1
• This pack is made with female riders in mind: shorter torso, narrower harness straps, different hip strap cut.
• 3L reservoirs
• Roll out tool pouch
• Men's version is the Raptor
• Comes in 6L ($109USD), 10L ($119USD) and 14L ($129USD) options

Contour Roam 2 Camera on a "Custom" TLD at the Contour Booth
Contour camera - Sea Otter Classic Day 1

Ibis Ripley - Time to Believe it
Ibis Ripley 29er - Sea Otter Classic Day 1

Light and Motion Seca 2000
Light and Motion Seca 2000 - Sea Otter Classic Day 1
• Locally made in Monterey, California
• Industrial Design work by Roxy Lo (She did the original Ibis Mojo)
• Cooling fins keep the whole system working longer with a more consistant light pattern (think brighter for longer
• Adhering to the FL1 lighting standard
• July 1st ship date
• $499(USD) for 3 cell and $569 for 6 cell

Custom Moots Builder Bike
Rad Moots Bike - Sea Otter Classic Day 1

Goal Zero - Portable Power
Goal Zero - Sea Otter Classic Day 1

Michelin Tires
Michelin Wild Grip R 27.5 x 2.25 and 2.35 widths - Sea Otter Classic Day 1
Michelin Mud 2 Prototype - Sea Otter Classic Day 1
• Wild Grip'R 27.5 offerings - 2.25" width (720grams) and 2.35" width (800grams)
• Mud 2 "Prototype" - 29 x 2.0 and 26 x 2.0 - Due to ship late Summer
• $50-60 USD (Price varies by casing)

2014 Marin Mount Vision 650B (Aug.1 - Spec/Details release)
2014 Marin Mount Vision 650B - Sea Otter Classic Day 1

Sensus - Keeping Grips Fun
 sensusgrips - Sea Otter Classic Day 1

THE Cosmo Glove
THE Cosmo glove - Sea Otter Classic Day 1
• Stars and Stripes
• Clarino Palm with no stitching - full minimalist approach
• Four colors: Red, Cyan, Lime and Black
• $29.99USD - Now Shipping

Kevin Aiello Signature HT Pedal
Kevin s Signature HT pedal - Sea Otter Classic Day 1
HT pedals - Sea Otter Classic Day 1

Kevin's signature pedal on the left and the standard ME03 on the right.

O-Tus Helmet Speakers
O-Tus speaker system - Sea Otter Classic Day 1

I'll keep the randoms flowing for the rest of the weekend, so stay tuned.


  • + 86
 Helmet speakers..... do they have a sub woofer for the bottlecage ?
  • + 8
 Ha ha no probably will be under your seat!
  • - 106
flag WAKIdesigns (Apr 19, 2013 at 1:06) (Below Threshold)
 sbrdude1 - is that the only thing that makes your GF go for a ride with you?

justincs - I like that! You know, electronics are going to be big in MTB in coming years. There will be some nice stuff like acive suspension but also loads of gadgets. I want LED tube under down tube for night riding, changing colour depending on how deep in travel is the suspension.

Subwoofer in the bottlecage is freaking brilliant. The Garmin computer will pick music according to the kind of trail you are riding trail. My favourite music program will be the one playing soundtracks from movies depending on how fast I am going. I will load "Jaws", "E.T." and "Forest Gump".
  • + 9
 "Some folks are born to wave the flag,
Ooh, they're red, white and blue...."
  • + 3
 paired with that portable solar power you can have unlimited music in your ride.
  • + 0
 I have a similar DIY setup that I use for long rides. Definitely keeps the mind from wandering. Don't knock it until you try it. I like it so much that all my helmets (XC, AM, DH) all have a DIY set up installed. the Yurbuds (the ones that go around the ear) work best because the wire comes out the side versus the bottom. Can't remember what the cost is for these but the Yourbuds can be had to $30-$50.
  • + 9
 Hate music when Im riding. It's distracting. I try it again from time to time but I always yank out the headphones after about five min.
  • + 4
 This is better than interbike, seriously what the hell happened at interbike this year. People too drunk on beer and hookers to report anything, I'd almost wager.
  • + 3
 I'm so anal about sounds coming from my bike, I many times listen to music so I can relax, but some sounds you need to hear I suppose.
  • + 3
 Yeah I have nothing against it, I in fact love music when Im snowboarding, running, ect. I just don't care for it when riding. Maybe it's because I so intensely enjoy the focus. Enjoy the sounds of my tires across the trail, the sights and sounds of the woods... I dunno, I just don't want to listen to music.
  • + 1
 Its called growing up. Sometimes you get to that age where nature sounds better than some crappy ipod. The tire shred has its own unique vibe that puts you more into focus. Youngsters need heavy metal to get like ampd up man. I have perminant heavy metal playing in my brain, I from the 80s. That guy above your def not alone being anal about bike noises. Squeaks and creaks can lead to problems. Some riders smashing around creaking nonstop breaking everything and wonder why. Never paid attention.
  • + 0
 Eee, whatever makes you happy man. As long as someone is listening to music on ear phones, it's all cool, freedom to the world, live and let die. But I hate pricks "sharing" their music with others by playing it at loud, and those f*ckers come at all ages. Even if they play my Favourite song. Nothing better than sitting in the woods and hearing dubstep played from bottle cage.
  • + 1
 Ya I recently had a serious sound clash with my rastafarian neighbors. They getting too irie at 3a.m. so I decided to introduce them to my 1000watt system and 80 gigs of death metal. The funny part is I have 40 gigs of reggae but you dont fight ragga with more ragga. Turns out metal is way louder than reggae and I easily won this sound clash.
  • + 1
 Who did you make them listen to? Upheaval from Canada is pretty killer as well as Lockup from the UK.
  • + 1
 @ Questtrails: Do you have any idea how old those posting are? You can easily figure that out looking at profiles, but it's obvious you did not do that. No offense. I like the sound of nature but not screeching rotors.
  • + 2
 Did what when whooza? That sound clash I had with neighbors happened lat weekend.
  • + 44
 First Marin I have ever liked
  • + 4
 Agreed. The old Marins were cool because they were so unique with that overly complicated superbike-esque rear swingarm. This new Mount Vison looks beautiful and is probably much lighter.
  • + 1
 I've got an Attack Trail myself and I love it as it rides awesome, shame they dropped that and the Quake! However, lately Marin has been showing off some sleek looking bikes at the shows (Alchemist, carbon rift zone + mount vision), and then you never see them again. I would say that the front triangle looks a little chunky compared to what they were showing off at Inter/Eurobike...
  • - 3
 The suspension system looks a lot like a canyon
  • + 2
 They look like the old Giant FS frames from the 90's kind of... The ones with the weird thin DT. At least the rear-sus looks exactly like it.
  • + 9
 Those osprey bags are incredible, it may seem over priced for a bike bag but everything is so well thought out and just works brilliantly. I got my raptor 12 three years ago in a fire sale and it still looks and feels brand new. I willkeep and eye out for a similar bargain price for a raven bag for my wife now
  • + 4
 You know it! I own several Osprey bags for all my outdoor needs. I would recommend them to even my worst enemy.
  • + 1
 agreed, got their Enduro specifc pack with the tool roll-up, works awesome, super comfortable, and all I have to do if I want to hike with it is just pull out the tool roll, bam, no bike tool weight.
  • + 1
 Heck yeah ! My backacking / hiking pack is an osprey i have been rockin since eighth grade .... a whole lot and it never let me down they are worth every penny
  • + 1
 I agree, got my first Osprey bag about 5 years ago when my wife bought it because it was on sale. For small volume (aka not backpacking) bags I like them the best.
  • + 4
 HT Pedals... Just gave my foot a boner.

Ive been in the market for new pedals for my new baby for a few weeks now. I think I just found them! HT ME03's are 222g with generous long pins. Oops, now Im going to need to change my socks.

  • + 4
 Its all about the Spank Spike platforms my dude! they are awesome!
  • + 2
 I've tried the Spanks! Great pedals, no doubt, but just too flat for my taste.

I like my pedals to be thin and have the front and rear edge of the pedal be higher than the middle (concave). Plus nice long pins, Ti axle and 222g!? ....Damn it. Another pair of socks.
  • + 2
 and $299 retail
  • + 4
 You should look at the Canfield Ultimates. I ran Kona Wah Wahs for years and switched to the ultimates and they are amazing I have been running them for year doing DH and all mountain and they still look and work great.

  • + 7
 I guess I'm kind of greedy because I pretty much want everything I saw here. LOL
  • + 2
 Don't mind the distortion, it's an improvement for GT IMO. As for the Michelin tyres, I just hope these ones have a better wire bead. I've had 3 Michelin tyres blow off the rim with snapped beads in a period of about a month. Maybe just bad luck, but if so, it's extremely bad luck. All I know is I won't be buying there tyres again...
  • + 2
 those helmet speakers have got to be water proof, right? and do they have a bluetooth option so as not to plug the speakers to the MP3 player or phone?
  • + 2
 I kind of like that Marin. I think if they took a more minimalist approach with the paint it would look much better. Reminds me of a Felt.
  • + 1
 Love those Michelin's. One of the best tires I have ridden. Hook everywhere, and don't roll bad to boot.
  • + 2
 Ibis Ripley, Believe it or not, the front triangle looks like Santacruz's.
  • + 3
 i see what u did there...
  • + 1
 I already have speakers built in to my helmets that i put there and they are awesome !!!
  • + 1
 Good luck pedaling that Moots bike fully loaded. Probably weighs more than my Flatline.
  • + 1
 that TLD helmet is pretty stylie but please tell me what is the point of a full face helmet that does not protect your face.
  • + 0
 The GT Distortion, proving definitively that fast does not necessarily mean pretty. Kyle is a badass but that frame is hideous.
  • + 2
 Interesting. My opinion of it is the opposite. I actually like it. Maybe it's kinda of like a crush on a hometown hottie; not all that pretty compared to magazine girls, but where you're from, she does it for ya.
  • + 3
 Moots Ti...Schwing!
  • + 1
 I just built up a new distortion 1.0 frame. It gives me perma grin every time i ride it. Soo much funSmile
  • + 2
 Moots is a crazy stuff for the best foreplay - trail building.
  • + 0
 Yeah I've been juggling tools while I ride for too long that bike is awesome. Bring the solar panels to recharge the cordless tools.
  • + 1
 hope you plan on being a nocturnal camper of a builder then.... amperage is your enemy.
  • + 1
 That is definately an awesome idea.... im heading back to the machine shop to get the welders out im building a trail building rig this weekend !!!!! Im gonna have to sacrifice .... one of my old surly's will do!!
  • + 0
 - Marin looks bit strange - Ibis is sweet - i hope the GoalZero gives better performance, than Powertravellers, which were disappointing - keep new stuff coming!
  • + 1
 can anyone tell me where I can buy that Gt distortion in the UK ???
  • + 1
 Seriously though..... That Marin looks like a session....
  • - 1
 just because the shock is in an upright position?
  • + 1
 Those michelins look MEAN
  • + 1
 Most of 29/ 650 XC, trail & AM bike equiped with SRAM XX1 lately..
  • + 1
 Marin Mount Vision=# 1
  • - 1
 GT's are so ugly, get your stuff together, you been pushing that for years.
  • + 1
 I want that helmet.
  • + 1
 WOW !!!!!!
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