Whistler Cronicles of Geezerpalooza 2011

Aug 4, 2011
by Dion Nystoruk  
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The same vibe that created last years "Geezerfest" that saw a bunch of hacks that met in the Old Riders..Not Old School forum of Pinkbike get together for 3 days of riding in British Columbia's interior is still going strong this year as well. Whistler was the site picked for our second anual meeting dubed, "Geezerpalooza" and for any that have ever been to this mountain biking meca know that Whistler never dissapoints. Last year we played on 3 different mountains in 3 days which left little time for socializing and tipping some (cough!!) sodas, so for this year it was decided we should all camp out and hang out together instead of getting in a vehicle and going our own ways until the next day's ride.

The site chosen for this was Riverside RV and campground in the village along Fitzsimmions creek. The sites were small and paved but as most people know the older we get the easier it is for us to adapt, so we did and made the best of it. With 3 sites and a Yurt filled we went about setting up and locking the bikes to a tree and awaiting our first lap of the famous Whistler Bike Park.


The first day there were only a half dozen of us that started before noon, but it didnt take long before geezers and our token geezerette started showing up. It was a nice day and the trails were great!, we hit all the favorites like Dirt Merchant, A-Line, Freight train and Crank it up. The first day we also made our way up to the top of the Garbonzo zone for a ride down Blue Velvet where the wall ride only claimed one geezer...me! By mid afternoon we were all getting a little tuckered and didn't want to get the "Whistler Curse" where you ride hard and long the first day and leave nothing in the tank for the rest of your trip, we did have a few young ones with us that thought different, but the next morning would tell. We all settled in for some drinks, food and laughs but that all came crashing down at about 10:03 when we recieved our first noise complaint and were told it would be the only warning we got...by 11:30 everyone was down for the night


Woke up the next day to rain, and lots of it! A few of us pedaled are ass to the lift and were soaked through by time we got there, figuring the rain would "let up" we hit the lift for a long, cold and wet ride. As i suspected the kids were pretty beat from the day before not to mention a few of us geezers as well. While some packed it in and headed for a hot shower after a handfull of runs there were still a lot of geezers with some staying power and they were rewarded with a few hours without rain for their dedication. One thing is for sure no one left the hill dry or clean. As the rain tapered off near dinner time we all collected at my place for a BBQ dinner and with alarms set to 9:59 we had a great time eating drinking and telling stories ...then BOOM! 10pm..party's over as no one wanted to have to pack up and get escorted off the property.


With some of us starting to feel old and tired everyone still made their way to the hill this morning, the rain had stopped and the runs were a little muddy but drying out nicely. Soon the dirt was nice and tacky and we all rode untill we could take no more. As the day went on we all started to drop one by one and make our way back to camp where once again it was food and booze to the rescue. At the end of day three i can say we all got our fill of what this epic mountain had to offer and with everyone going home the next day sore but not broken (except for James who had his injury at Silverstar days earlier and still managed to get runs in every day) and no major damage to body or bike, we can all say we were there and we did that!

A big shout out to Tyler who hooked us up with some pinkbike shirts for some of the Geezers and to everyone who traveled near and far (Brianbear came from the UAE) to ride with complete strangers they met online. After all this is what freeride mountain biking is all about, not matching pj's sponsors or racing, it's about getting out and getting some fresh air and riding and meeting new people who share the same pasion as you. We all want to ride like we're twenty but also know that we still have to keep going to work, so we try our best with the only goal we set for ourselves is to have fun! I am already looking forward to next years event, the when and where will be disscused as per usual in the "Old riders not old school" thread and i hope everyone can make it again for Geezerstomp 2012 along with some new faces, until then get out and ride and keep the rubber side down!


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 Success! I wouldn't have wanted it any other way, well except for the death defiant crash that claimed my helmet!
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 i was going to mention your crash but you french people just keep getting up and riding..new helmet..meh so how do you feel now!!
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 Good write up Dion. I'll have to make it out next year. I keep seeing these nice shots of Moose in AB, maybe time to head a bit east?
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 Nice work Dion !! The video is great !! Looks like you guys had an awesome time !!!
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 props to jamezyo for the gopro footage!!
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 Good Read Dion, Awsome to meet all and even more stoked for Geezerstomp 2012!!!
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 Nice work Dion!
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 I've soooo gotta go next year!
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 Was a good read Salute
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 yea boyyyyyy!!!!
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 great summary Dion!
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 Nice write up D!

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