Kokanee Crankworx Slopestyle 2011 - Red Bull Joyride Video

Aug 2, 2011
by Jordan Olthuis  
Red Bull Joyride at Kokanee Crankworx 2011:

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This year I really wanted to make something better than last year’s Whistler Slopestyle 2010 video. I definitely spent more time on this video, every day for the last week I was on my computer for as long as I could working on this video. Trying to get it up as soon as I could. Well I finally finished it! It is a bigger epic masterpiece than last years’ video and I hope you like it!

The Music
I wanted to choose music that no one would expect to be used, but yet works very well, just like last years’ video. This year though I wanted to choose a piece of music that would be more likeable by more people. Compared to Lady Gaga you know.

I kept my ears open for the last year for a song that would work great for this video. I was looking for something that would just sound better the louder you put it, which is what I felt about last year's video. This past spring a certain song came out on the radio. Unfortunately the lyrics stood out as very unfitting with any kind of bike video at all. So I just thought, I’ll just use the instrumental, so I made the decision back in April for the music for this vid. I find that instrumentals work great, and I even uploaded last year’s video with the instrumental because I think it is much more appealing to people.

I used E.T. by Katy Perry, I just love this song and you can blast this song so loud and it just sounds better and better! As you’ve seen, I used the moon in a few shots where the riders jump through it, yes that is inspired by the movie ET of course! Which just so happens to be the name of the song I used! How fitting haha! So that’s how I got these ideas. If you watch the music video for E.T. by Katy Perry you will see similarities here and there because that video did inspired me a bit for this video too.

The Concept
Once I decided on the music, then I could think about how I wanted the video to be edited. I wanted to portray the riders as if they are ‘supernatural’ or ‘superhuman’, I think that is fitting when we had the best riders in the world hitting huge jumps and stunts doing big tricks off them all.

But it was my song choice that really gave me this idea of portraying the riders in this way, because of the lyrics and the music video. So to help communicate this superhuman feeling to the vid, I decided to use a few dutch tilts here and there while filming and I also played around with time remapping while editing, you’ll see that a bit here and there. I also put in a bunch of time lapses, I filmed quite a lot of them in the past few months, basically of clouds, and the moon, and then a bunch at Whistler.

This video was filmed by me (Jordan Olthuis) and and Levi VK from Left Coast Visuals, you can find more of his work on his facebook page Here

I really hope you guys enjoy this video! Comment! Add to your favourites!

Here is last year's video so you can watch that again!

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And here is the re-uploaded Instrumental version if you really hate Gaga’s singing!

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 really sick edit, and personally loved the overlapping moon shots. But where u keep going wrong with the music is by choosing music everybody has already heard. If you choose something very few people have heard like they do in nwd, follow me and such, and edit the video to the music, it will fit much better because the viewers are hearing the music and seeing the video for the first time together so will attach the same emotions to each, thus creating a very fitting song+video.
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 ^^ YES ^^
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 I've seen so many higher end edits on this site that recycle songs from movies that it has made me believe that the MTB community doesn't give a crap about original song choice. That's not a bad thing because as repetitive as it is, I still focus on the riding and really that's all you should be stoked about. If you think that song choice dictates how good an edit is then maybe you should rethink why you're riding a bike in the first place.

Also using NWD or Follow Me as an example of movies that use original/ unheard of songs is really, really ridiculous... and that can go along with a majority of other movies as well.
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 pretty sure everyone who had something to say about the music also commented on what a great edit it was...
  • 1 0
 Yeah you're right, it's just silly to see people complaining now when it's been going on for over a decade.
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 did you read my comment fully? First thing i said was giving praise to the edit! and again i'll say the filming was incredible and the editing was very unique and made a great overall product. Music is still a massive part of any film, but obviously the film is much more. Apparently what ever NWD and FollowMe are doing is working pretty damn well, so using them as an example IS a good example. Even the makers of these and other movies have commented on music selection relating to what i said previously
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 from what I've seen, NWD uses quite a bit of music that is known to people, which is actually something I like, that is one reason why some of my music choices are songs everyone has heard. What I DON'T like is when people use the same songs over again in mtb videos, that is really annoying, especially when they are good edits, cuz then it shows that they really cheaped out in the music department. One thing you have to admit is that even though people have heard theses songs, the fact is, you basically never seen them in mtb edits, which is what makes these videos more original. So for me, I actually enjoy videos with music I've heard before, but I am NOT a fan of seeing videos that have the same song that was use 7 times before, and I honestly do see that happening once in a while.
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 The same songs do happen quite often, especially with songs used in NWD and such, then being used in edits on PB for the next 6 months...
I'd agree with scott that music shouldn't be a deciding factor in whether or not someone thinks an edit is good or not. I personally emphasize the music, because it was music that got me into riding in the first place. A group I was in had a few songs used in CKD, so we played at one of the premiere's for it. I was blown away by how gnarly MTB had gotten and couldn't resist getting into riding...
To me, it's just my personal opinion that 'commercial' music (the stuff that's rammed down everyone's throat by the radio/tv) doesn't belong in MTB edits/vids because the aim of the marketing of the music is so far off of what MTB is about... Also edits/vids are an awesome way to expose people to new artists that they might not otherwise hear. There have been a few groups/artists that I've first heard on edits on PB, where I've ended up really getting into the artist providing the music... Again, it's all personal opinion here, but for me as a musician it's important... I could completely see how for a filmaker it's the least of their worries because they're working so hard on the visual. I guess that's why a lot of film companies have people to search for music for the vids, so that the filmakers can concentrate on what's really important...
All of this aside, it really is a great edit, keep up the good work...
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 Fantastic edit Jordan! gets me so stoked for next years comp! I am so glad i was able to help in filming for this! killed it

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 Sick work Jordan that was awesome! song wasnt the best, but everything else was pretty sick! and Left Coast I checked out your other stuff on facebook its pretty sick! cant wait to see more from you guys! such a good year for videos!
  • 3 2
 katy perry ftw
  • 1 0
 yeah bro
  • 3 0
 very well filmed and put together, but i dont like the much music songs, there just overheard and not creative, but again very sick video!!
  • 16 11
 really dislike the bits where it goes dark and theres the moon, personally i think it ruins it and looks taky, otherwise was so good!
  • 19 2
 ok well, do you understand why I did them at least? It's because I thought it would be fitting with the concept of showing riders as if they were 'superhuman' or 'extraterrestrials' like the song lyrics talk about and for the concept of this vid that when the full moon comes out, that's when the best riders come out to play
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flag AC-92 (Aug 2, 2011 at 16:26) (Below Threshold)
 yeah but its a riding video not an episode of power rangers. arty bits are good in moderation, too much and it just looks tacky, you went over the top with it here. other than that its really nicely filmed
  • 6 9
 also katy perry and lady gaga as the choice of song for a riding video!?!
gay club soundtrack?
no thanks...
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 I disagree. The moon shots were awesome!
  • 2 0

I totally felt as though I was in the Twilight saga at various points during the video. I just can't decide which team i'm on... the pale emo guy or the buff dude who obvious can't afford a t-shirt.

My song vote is "Homo Rainbow" by Ween.

In all seriousness, the edit was great. Nice to see some shots of the riders hanging out.
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 Ace vid, captured it well bro! Not too sure on the dark moon shots though, didn't think they were necesary at all
  • 1 0
 Nice video, had some great shots. However I found myself having to read your concept to understand why the moon kept randomly popping up. Personally I feel if the concept isn't obvious from just watching then it's kind of missed the mark.
  • 3 0
 hahahahahaha loved the 2011 edit well worth all those hours you put into it
  • 3 0
 So sick, definitely rad music and editing, Red Bull sure put it down this year.
  • 1 0
 Dude decent effort on both last year's and this year's. Personally i think the lady gaga song (with Lyrics) with the 2010 video worked really well. This year's was sick too. Awesome job! (:
  • 1 0
 I definitely saw the part where you walked by. I had to re-play that part just to make sure it was you. That was before I read this blog to know that you had done that.
  • 2 0
 You SHUT THE FRONT DOOR with that edit, definitely going to be VOD tomorrow
  • 3 0
 awesome man the moon parts in background were wicked!!!!
  • 3 0
 Nice stalker glare you got going on at the 40 sec mark Jordan. Sick video!
  • 2 0
 Yeah buddy that wos f$@king insane dude. I wos glued to the screen for the while thing. Sick
  • 1 0
 2 Thumbs up Jordan. I'm glad you put in the time and effort. It has really paid off. I'll definitely be forwarding this to a few friends.
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  • 1 0
 moons were kinda cheesy. when theres that much riding on that magnitude I didn't need the moons. Kinda looked like special effects in a skinimax flick
  • 3 2
 Great edit, but Katy Perry..?!
I thought she only appealed to 14 year old mall shoppers...
  • 2 0
 where was anthony's frontflip
  • 1 0
 ya I know, we missed it! We were both near the bottom, so we couldn't even capture it at all, so that sucked
  • 2 0
 The layering with the moon is sick
  • 1 0
 that was sick man! props! liked the instrumental music, not a fan of the moon effect though. Either than that sick!
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 CHYAYEAHH!!! The quality of this video is unreal!! Your momma should be proud son!
  • 2 1
 You appear at 40 secs, virtual high-five please Razz
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  • 1 0
 Amazing edit and filming good job on the vid guys
  • 1 0
 Woo, made it in there like 4 times in the background.
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 Wow, insane editing, amazing vid. Tom www.flatoutfilms.co.uk
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 original and instrumental is both good!
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 Representing the new skool
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 Dope ! Awesome work there buddy. Keep at the sh*t. PEACE.
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 I sure could use a fuzzy
  • 1 0
 very nice man, very nice
  • 1 0
 sick vid Smile !!!
  • 1 0
 VOD. nuff said
  • 1 1
 awesome. Better than all that mainstream dubstep music shit edit.
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