Who Will be the $8000 Prize Bike Winner? YOU Choose.

Mar 26, 2012
The People’s Choice Award: YOU are the judge.
Students designed a bike component, suspension or frame for the Reality Redesigned contest. While the Judges are analyzing the top 9 designs, YOU judge the top 20. The prize? An $8000 custom built bike (check out the second video)!

In April, we FINALLY get to the good stuff.. to the meat of Reality Redesigned: The GAUNTLET video series, featuring our Judges critiquing the Top 9 designs.

Dude, what's up with the snowmobiles??
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Watch for The GAUNTLET

The prize bike build video:
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 Sry but I still don't got the maintopic of this series -.-
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 it's really not complicated...
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 Bikerhasi: students designed a bike component, suspension or frame for a contest (Reality Redesigned). Now, you can vote on the top 20 in this People's Choice award, while we judge the top 9 designs. The winner of this People's Choice Award wins the prize bike. In April, we are going to post 9 videos that show the top 9 designs being judged.
Hope that answers your question..
- Larissa from Edge Factor
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 Perfect now I get it...thanks buddy
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 lol truvative
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 I'm sorry but I still can't get over the fact that the contest isn't worldwide. I don't know the legal aspects of it, but for instance pinkbike is always creating contests that are open to everyone. The guys at Edge Factor could have talked to pinkbike to see how they have managed to pull it. I think that even if the contest was North American ruled, everyone could have entered, as long as they had accepted the rules and agreed to fly to the states to collect the prizes if they won. Although I'm really bummed because I can't enter the contest, I'm still following it closely and will happily vote on my fav entries.
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 We share in your frustration. We had people from many, many different countries that wanted to participate. For this first season of Reality Redesigned we were unable to open it up internationally.. who cares about the exact restricting legalities. I'm not going to get into the details. It's definitely something we would have loved to do as well. I apologize we weren't able to make it happen for this season. Reality Redesigned Season 2 might be able to swing it.. we'll have to see! But I gotta say, I love your enthusiasm and am so happy your still following the contest. I also applaude your eagerness to design and I encourage you to make your design, patent it and look into companies that might be interested in your innovation! Go for it. Thanks!!! - Larissa, Edge Factor
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 ** you're still following.. typo... haha
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I don't know if it's wrong for me to expect consistently correct grammar and spelling from a competition like this but for me comments like the ones above lower the professionalism and reputation of the competition. But maybe that's just me Smile
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 I can definitely relate to that, seeing weird grammar and the like just plain hurts my eyes lol. Back in high-school, I often didn't even revise my essays and lost some points for the tiniest things...

Tbh, typos happen, even to the PR folks. On the other hand, it's little things like that that make you ''loose points''. and this isn't high-school anymore, it's the world stage. Just do a second reading already Wink
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 Hmm, I'm still in high school and I seem to manage all right so I don't know why it seems to be so difficult for them. But anyway, it's not a huge problem so I guess I'll just have to ignore it haha...
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 cant wait for the stuff some folks have in mind. too bad this is only for north america. i've got some friends back home who have some sick ideas of their own. hopefully in the future, anyone can submit an entry regardless where they are.

any reason why this contest is in north america only?
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 Where can we see the design concepts?? and this should deffinatley be a international comp. Im 2nd year mechanical engineering and would be extremely likely to enter if the competition was run again internationally.
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 It's the first year of this ever being done, if it goes well expect bigger and better next year
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 That's what we're looking towards. Smile
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 God damn, woulda loved to enter this, tho I'm from Europe and am not a student any longer! Suppose it was cheaper to keep it US only as it would have cost them more to ship the bike to me!
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 no prizes for voters againFrown
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 It's like having a pie thrown in your face don't you think?
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 i would like to have a pie in my face for voting:P I'm not talking here about whole bicycles, parts or etc, but stickers set or a t-shirt would be very nice gift for participation in votingSmile
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 Are you serious? You want a prize for voting? Is it such hard work to surf the internet that you feel you should be rewarded?
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 Free stuffs the best stuff mate! Would you rather vote in a competition knowing you wernt going to get anything... Or vote in one where you have a chance to win some prizes? You'd have to be stupid not to vote for the one with goodies Smile
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 that is absolutely ridiculous. you want a prize, asking for a t shirt which could be like 10 quid each, for clicking a button? no way can companies afford that, and why should they? pathetic. if you want to get shit go work for it
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 OH MY GOD companies charging the price of a car for bike cant afford to give away a t-shirt or some stickers? no way!
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 Aha I think your missing the big picture! I don't mean give prizes to everyone but you could be entered into a competition to win a Tee, 3 people could be randomly picked? I'm sure intense could give away 3 Tees? Specially the mark up they get! Stop biting kid
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 Ktownroyster! You are correct! Thank you!
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 @pslide - not for surfing the internet but for watching all movies, choosing the best one and voting..and as davehayz said, for randomly picked people. I believe that it would motivate more people to vote, make better, mulled over decisionsSmile

@bikeaddict - Asking "Why should they" is as logic as "Why should we vote?" - dumb. Smile I'm not greedy in any way, but it would be fun and more people would take part in voting. Oh, one more thing, i can afford t-shirt kid and i work hard to get themWink
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 haha maybe next year we can give everyone who votes a new bike? That would be awesome!!!!!! But yeah, I don't think that's possible. Who knows though, I think it's a really cool idea to give a certain number of voters a prize (maybe every 100th voter could win something). It would be fun.
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 Thank you EdgeFactor for understanding my point of viewSmile
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 I wondered why the vidio was a bit shit quality... Then i saw his contour on a stick.
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 Am I the only one who thinks this is just a cunning way for some big brands to snake some new ideas from the people who don't have the money to produce them?
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 well its nothing new to say that "Good artists borrow - Great artists steal" ... I see whats going on here Smile
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 Look up the patents link below. This whole contest was designed to completely protect our contestant's designs and ideas! We hired an awesome lawyer and recorded a series of videos that ENSURE the protection of our contestants. Because you're right, there is nothing worse than coming up with a great idea and having some "big brand" eat up and make more money.. leaving you in the dust. We definitely worked hard to make sure that would not happen.

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 wow i just thought of a great idea last night for this, guess its too late now.
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 there's always next year... Smile
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 Sweet bike but no seat? gotta suck sittin on that post...
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