Who is your photo man?

Aug 16, 2012
by Brandon Kyle  
We all want banger photos. We may be good riders, but we don't always have the power behind the lens to capture the moment. We can't all look through a blown out sky and busted up trails, and see the hidden beauty that would make the masses want to go there, and ride there.

I myself have lucked out pretty hard with a few good friends who can take a mediocre location, and transform it into something incredible with a camera and the right amount of F stops.

Kurt deFreitas

Over the summer Kurt de Freitas and I ride together often; we're on the trails more often than not. When not riding bikes, Kurt transforms into a wizard behind the lens. For me, this usually means I get to have some pretty awesome Facebook profile pictures.

A lot of the time, I'll be driving home from work and get a call, "lets go shoot." Frequently, we start driving to somewhere I've never ridden or even been. Once we get out and have a look at the line Kurt has found, I usually get a. "so you gunna ride it?" Now, I don't often ride stuff that really scares me, but when I do, Kurt wants me to ride it for a photo. And for the most part, after some minor disagreements, it ends up being a lot of fun.

This is a taste of the stuff we have been working on over the last few months. It isn't everything, as the bangers are safely tucked away for now. You might even be able to catch one or two of them in a cycling mag this fall!

I'll give some context to this shot. Kurt was inspired by Kyle to drive to Exshaw and shoot this rock face just off the highway. We scoped out the line and it seemed pretty simple, but no, we can't shoot something that's already been shot. We moved a little further down the road, where Kurt points out a steeper one. Large pieces of the shale face were flaking off, and the run out was a highway. After not being all too impressed with the possibility of injury, I hiked to the top. After a few minutes of Kurt telling me how much of a little girl I was, I decided to redeem my manliness and shred down. To my surprise, it wasn't that bad... until I hit the ditch at the bottom!

Kurt deFreitas

Does anybody remember Shaggy? He was the guy from that old Calgary Offseason video.The one full of skinnies, hucks off of cliffs in Bowmont and off the roofs of schools. It was one of the first videos on here! I know I watched that video a lot while I was a wee little grom. And look at me now, still riding the forgotten gem that is Bowmont, Calgary. Kurt being the xc nut he is, rides Sideshow bob a lot. For our Cowtown showdown slide show, we spent a lot of our shooting time capturing the unique terrain and the mudslide gnarliness that is Bowmont.

Kurt deFreitas

Still on the subject of mediocre locations; Kurt made me huff my bike up an old, hilly XC trail because of "some random old cars" that were up there. Once we found them, we saw that a spider had woven us a piece of golden foreground and took full advantage. Luckily for me right after we took this, I won the lamest flat tire ever award and didn't even get to cruise all the fun single track back to the truck.

Kurt deFreitas

Cheers Everyone


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 Kurt has some really sweet shots! I'm the photog friend for my pacific northwest buds. I don't post too many on here but you can check them out in my profile. Mainly in my 1600 album. Is there another site where I can see some of Kurt's images?
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 I looked at his pro website. Nice work, nice style-unique. And I should add that working with someone you know and who rides helps a lot. Your being willing to do what it takes is awesome.
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 These are some of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen, of anything.
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 wow. that kurt guy must have a really great camera. how many megapixels?
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 like 87. he added a megapixle card
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 Nice pics. I have a photog friend, m'self. Quite a gifted shooter.

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