Winner: Worn, Signed, Framed Aaron Gwin Jersey

Nov 5, 2012 at 14:22
Nov 5, 2012
by Trek Bikes  
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The winner is Rainan, he is from Italy and he now owns a bit of history, with this jersey from arguably the most dominant WC racer of the past two years. Aaron only raced in two jerseys at WCs this entire year, this was one of them.

Signed Gwin jersey.

Congrats on winning the jersey!
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  • + 43
 Because you have luck like mine. Good luck winning ANY drawing.
  • + 26
 Some day we shall win brother!!
  • + 11
 And when we do EVERYBODY will know!
  • + 6
 I will salute u when u do
  • + 58
 I once won a drawing out of 2000 people at a theater and got a new snowboard. I walked all the way down from the balcony, down the isle, onto the stage, and then back again. I've never felt so hated in all my life.
  • + 38
 That was you! I almost knocked you over and stole it!!!
  • - 1
 no you wont.
  • + 45
 I won at Bingo once when i was 10, my streak ended right then...
  • + 3
 At the Matchstick Productions Premier in Seattle last year, literally all of the raffle winners were in the front 5 rows or so... SUPER suspicious. One dude won a pair of Kung Fujas and a season pass to Steven's...So naturally I had to throw my popcorn from the balcony
  • + 2
 At Interbike this year, I won the xx1 entire set. Good luck to all.
  • + 2
 I once won a bike from a raffle. couldn't believe it for about three days.
  • + 2
 In last weekend's race, I won a water bottle from the raffle. Was happy just to be lucky to get one, even if it was just a minor prize. Hoorah!
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flag mtb1stdegree (Nov 5, 2012 at 17:33) (Below Threshold)
 i won this... wtf? who cares!
  • + 5
 I want to win that gopro everything we make sweepstakes. I always think shit like how many people actually enter this. And I've entered in everyday. Still haven't won
  • + 4
 I always enter the gopro one haha i wonder the same thing! I started to think they might be lying!
  • + 2
 i enter that almost every day too..
  • + 2
 I think GoPro should up the prize to the hero 3 black edition then maybe I'd spend 10 more minutes entering in it
  • + 1
 I made another account so I'd have more chance...
  • + 1
 I won a Kona Caldera from a random draw out at a local race, still can't belive my luck
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 @pinkbikelover pretty sure they do now.
  • + 51
 And tomorrow on ebay "lightly used autographed Aaron Gwin jersey! 1 of a kind!"
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 well, that's the only use i'd find for it. who knows, it could buy you a new set of rubber.
  • + 47
 what a lucky bastard
  • + 27
 just to let you know pinkbike, rainan has changed his address to my house so if you could post it there it would be much appreciated
  • + 2
 I thought it was my house
  • + 22
 THANK YOU PINKBIKE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm preatty shocked...
What I would do? I will keep The Jersey on the frame (IT'S MINE NOW!) or I will wear it?
Of course you will see soon a picture of me on my profile wearing The History Jersey.


Cheers to everyone! Wink
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 I will swap you a brand new jersey mate instead of having to keep that old thing
  • + 5
 Sure... Give me your mailing address...
  • - 3
 Don't do it lol !
  • + 1
 Tanti auguri!!! saluti de Messico
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  • + 18
 its always someone from like Italy, Brazil, or Portagual who always wins these contests lol
  • + 6
 Portugal , not Portagual Big Grin
  • + 16
 Well, looks like the nudie posters are going back up on the wall.
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 I've read all of your comments mates.
I know you americans are very patriotic, more than other people and I understand your disappointment seeing this piece of USA Mtb History take the wings to a foreign country. What I can tell you is that if I would take the Jersey out of the frame I will wear it with proud (and of course nobady will mistake me for Gwin seeing me riding...) even if my intention is to keep the Jersey on its frame (I can't image to crash wearing it...).
I will organize to display The Jersey in the Trek's shops in my country for some weeks if they want; maybe I can contact Trek Italy if they would like to organize something around Gwin's Jersey.

You Americans do you have some good idea to propose to me? Post it here!

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 Congrats, man! I envy you a bit. Or two bits Wink
  • + 13
 AHHH! I never win anything :/
  • + 10
 They spelled my user name wrong...
  • + 5
 They should have auctioned it!
  • + 8
 and donated it to charity too.......
  • + 8
 sandy charity!
  • + 4
 congratulation man; that's what we called "italian job"
  • + 3
 Cograts, we all would of wanted that but there is only one to win, congrats Rainan
  • + 2
 Congrats Rainan!! If I come to Italy every I hope to see you wearing it on the trails!! I would at least....
  • + 15
 its framed for a reason...
  • + 17
 yah and ive got tools for a reason.... id wear the shit outa that jersey if it was me
  • + 7
 its a jersey, jersey are made too be worn
  • + 10
 Used to wear my signed micheal vick jersey at school until girls found out about the whole dog fighting thing..
  • + 5
 You'll be very welcome to see it when you'll come to Italy Wink
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  • + 2
 These are rigged , I never win. But damn I'd have loved to hve it , just hope the guy that won appreciates it.
  • + 3
 and who's the winner..... ? Big Grin ...... not me of course -_- Frown
  • + 2
 Typical... I couldn't win a bloody argument !!
  • + 2
 Well... where can I get a replica shirt?
  • + 1
 well ive never won a fucking thing in my life!....but i get alot of stuff for free!! My mates are GOOD to me! haha
  • + 1
 Lucky guy!! I hope it doesnt end on ebay, wear it man!!!
  • + 1
 I'm pretty shire that i was supposed to win........
  • + 2
 Wear it!
  • + 1
 they gave me one too but it wasnt announced :s
  • + 1
 i wanted to win...
  • + 4
 i know u did larry right now u need to get better bro
  • + 1
 thanks dylan
  • + 1
  • + 1
 He should wear it.
  • + 1
 lucky dude
  • + 1
 Lucky man!
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 is there any world champion who want to make any prize?
  • + 1
 Aw, now I'm sad....
  • + 0
 maledetto Smile !!
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