Top Race runs from the Downhill World Championships in Scotland

Sep 11, 2007
by Tyler Maine  
Straight from Fort Bill to your screen are the top 4 Pro Men's and top 3 Ladies' Downhill runs as well as the 4X Finals and Steve Peat's run on the mountain.

Enjoy the flicks:
Downhill 1st Sam Hill:

Downhill 2nd Fabien Barel:

Downhill 3rd Gee Atherton:

Downhill 4th Greg Minnaar:

Downhill Steve Peat:

Downhill 1st Sabrina Jonnier:

Downhill 2nd Rachel Atherton:

Downhill 3rd Tracey Hannah:

4X Finals Men:


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 Sam is riding in his own world really. What he does on a bike is different then everyone else, different body english, position and lines on course. Props to Peaty and Minnar also. Peaty with a bum foot for coming out and minnar for being hard as nails. Barel is also just off a nasty foot injury, amazing. I think he did this a few season back after dislocating his shoulder at St. Anne and then winning gold soon after.
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 His own world? barel was on the same second, and faster after the split.
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  By his own world I mean the way he rides, his lines and his usual winning margin. There have been some big margins from other riders but in general, when sam wins he wins by alot. True, Barel gained time back after the split (which was more then 3/4 way down the track) which is prolly due to there being a bit more pedaling at the bottom. Killer racing when its that close though eh.
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 Yeah, but didn't you hear their reactions. Sam said he blew out a lot of corners, and didn't like his run. Barel said his run was perfect.
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 say what you want... 0.64 second difference
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 ^^ ya I guess there is some form of Geo specific software that had to be used in order to make it this way. Basically Freecaster couldn't play the worlds in the USA for some reason. Well thankfully I got to watch them here.
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 OK that was a race to attend. Gee looked crazy fast up top, Min-Gnar crashes and pulls that run off still=sick! I'm not sure why they have no podium at the World Championships, but either way that was sick riding.
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 There was a podium
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 ^ oh cause in all the videos they do a presentation in teh finish areas and that seemed really odd to me for such a big event-thanks for the clarification.
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 its a pity peaty never won at his home world champs, but oh well, the athertons brought it home for britain all top 10. Dan - 10th Gee - 3rd Rachel - 2nd
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 Moer like Ruaridh Cunningham brought it home for UK/Scotland with gold in Junior DH
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 can't watch from the US?
that's bunk.
someone should mention that in the article so we Yanks don't waste our time.
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 Oh and us Yankies in America are PROHIBITED from watching these videos...that is nice!
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 That's gay, i watched them yesterday but i cant today
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 No way to brazil! Freecaster sux.....

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