World Championships 2011 - Emmeline Ragot wins!

Sep 4, 2011
by Ian Hylands  

Ragot was simply on FIRE a full 15.279 seconds up on the competition

Ragot was simply on FIRE, a full 15.279 seconds up on the competition!

After several hours of pouring rain the women's race was all about who could stay on the bike. The track went from fairly tacky yesterday to an absolute greasy mess today, and not only did Emmeline Ragot manage to mostly stay on her bike but she also absolutely pinned it, taking the women's race by 15 seconds over Rachel Atherton and 27 seconds ahead of third place Claire Buchar. Last year's World Champion Tracy Moseley finished 44 seconds back in 9th place.

Women's Top 5

1. Emmeline Ragot
2. Rachel Atherton
3. Claire Buchar
4. Myriam Nicole
5. Sabrina Jonnier

Richly deserved after a somewhat forgettable and injury plagued season.

Richly deserved after a somewhat forgettable and injury plagued season.

Women's Final DH Results


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 ARGH I'm lacking video footage! Damn you freecaster!
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flag Greenwood102 (Sep 4, 2011 at 6:20) (Below Threshold)
 Its not freecaster's fault
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 freecaster can't help the weather. it would be an absolute shit fight up there trying to film this race. cut them some slack.
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 So am I. I've missed the start so £15 quid seems a bit much to pay now. they should bring the price down as we get closer to the end...
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 Or they should have made the price lower in the first place so more people would pay and they would get the same profit.
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 As good as our sport is, i dont think is should be paid for. Yes people need to make a living but i can bet people with cameras would flock to film events like these and broadcast them for free (after all it would make great experience).

Could be like american pie.
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 definitely dude. i'd spend thousands in travel/food fees to film a race halfway across the world.

the people at freecaster cover races professionally. that's their career. it's like bands giving music away for free: it would be great for us, but bad for them, and it's never gonna happen.
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 There are amateur filmographers in any area that a race will happen. Job done
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 I like your thinking but you said it yourself.. "amateur".
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 Plenty of amateur filmographers with excellent skills. Amateur doesnt mean sub standard.
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 she won by 15 seconds? amazing.
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 Shes the only one who stayed on her bike. . . . She is smoking hot these days!
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 She Kovarik'ed em, including his wife!
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 yeah man she is a we stunner.
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 Way to go Miranda! Awesome representation from you Canadian Ladies! Go Squamish!
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 Would love to see someone hand out a sweet sponsorship for Buchar so she could compete in the full cup circuit - she'd tear it up!!
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 troy beat the women by a full minute?! that is crazy
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 27 seconds ahead of 3rd, has anyone done that at worlds since ACC? sick ride.
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 T-Mo probably has...
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 And 3rd in the 4X final...good week-end at the Worlds for her
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 that would have been Celine Gros you're thinking of...
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 Oupssss, my is Céline Gros I was thinking of...
Thanx for correcting this.
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 15 seconds?
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 Correct Sir, 15 seconds.
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 she's good!
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