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Aug 26, 2013
by UR Team  
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"A Racer's Dream" is a full length documentary about the preparation for the 2013 Downhill World Championships to show the real face of racing: commitment, doubts and hopes. Filmed over 14 months, it follows Mick and Tracey Hannah, Holly Feniak, Fabien CousiniƩ and Guillaume Cauvin during their preparation for Worlds. Through training, bike development, injuries and World Cup races you will get an exclusive insight to the life of a racer.

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 those polygon bikes look amazing! theyre so distinctive and its nice to see a different approach on suspension design .. great looking bikes and great team! looking foward to seeing what sik mik has for south africa!
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 Top 5 will be Hill, Minnaar, Atherton, Hannah and Graves in any order. Woo.
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flag barbarosza (Aug 27, 2013 at 4:21) (Below Threshold)
 How about NO Atherton ?
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 As much as I cheered for Graves when he jumped into DH hoping he would take a win soon, I seriously doubt that he would place top 5 in South Africa. The top 10 places are already very crowded, you might be forgetting about Bulldog, Smith, Brendog, Loic Bruni, Troy Brosnan, A.Gwin, Ratboy, Danny Hart, Marcelo Guitierrez (whom by the way is having a good season).

However, many things can happen on race day. Realistically, I hope he can at least classified among the top 20.
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 JakeNeaves, I think you've forgotten about Steve Smith...
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 Blenkinsop in top five, make room for him.
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 Graves for the win on the SB66, well top 10 would be very cool.
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 You have to pedal this year gentlemen, don't forget it! Honestely, it's hard to imagine guys like Brandog, Bruni, Blenki or Hill on the top spots... I would rather see guys like Atherton, Minnaar, Gwin or Hannah. back to the main subject, i really like this team, it makes me feel they are a lil' family, pretty cool, and this edit is perfect! Smile
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 Sorry about forgetting some of the superstars lads, its a close field. Although I still hope Graves has the spice, remember he came 6th last year and made up 12 positions on the pedal section.
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 But this year, he came to the worlds with a whole season of enduro(in which the level was f@cking high), maybe He is a bit tired, huh?? But i wish him a good result though, he deserves it!
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 How about NO maybe , PERHAPS he s " a tiny bit " JUST iN SHAPE ?
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 Isn't this a flat track with a lot of pedalling? And doesn't Sam Hill hate pedalling? I would love him to take another world champs, but I don't see him doing it in South Africa.

My top five would be Smith, Atherton, Minnaar, Hannah, Graves. But all that said, there is no doubt I'll be rooting for Peaty the most! He needs his rainbow stripes!
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 im thinking andrew neethling will be up there .. it is his home country and thats always a boost, same with minnaar..

cant really predict anything in racing as anything can happen but in my opinion the top 5 will be:

greg minnaar. andrew neethling. gee atherton. mick hannah. brook macdonald ..
loic bruini i think would do well here aswell as he doesnt seem to have a specific track he's just fast everywhere.
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 Didn't Blenki get 3rd in one of the EWS rounds this year?

You can't deny his fitness this year. He's a contender for sure.
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 You're right, i totally misjudge him! thanks for getting the things clear!! I was just thinking of his results the last couple years on this track Wink
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 Would love to see sick mick or peaty win worlds this year!
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 i second that!
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 More metal in their bodies than a festival in Germany!
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 Finally a sick polygon video, very underestimated company
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 Agreed, got me seriously pumped for some riding.. Can't wait for the finished product!
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 Im going to go ahead and watch that again!
1:39 sick!
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 Sick mick Hannah is so under rated. He is such a strong rider.
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 I think we should do a poll on who we think will be top 5 at worldchamps! ANYONE! Im gonna say ,minnar,mick,gee,smith an gwin!!! Mab even in that same order!? Anyone else wanna throw in?
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 I know this is a day late but hay ma b PINKBIKE could put up or make up a poll on this subject!??????? come on!!! LOL
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 More of this please!
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 Mick is consistently in the mix when it comes to Worlds, hope he has it in him to take it from Minnaar and Gee. Graves is definitely a wild card with all that enduro behind him. Its a battle for 5th between Sam and Troy I reckon. Gwin I don't think is in the mix this year.
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 Great video minus the song. Looking forward to the full film!
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 I'd like to see that
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 go sick mick!
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 Caaarrrnnnnn MIK!!!!
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 World Champs is gonna be so fu sick!! I hope they give us some sick highlights of the race!
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 "What are your predictions for this year's worlds?" ... "My predictions? ......... Atherton."
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 Steve Smithhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
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 Looking forward to this. When is the film out?
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 This year belongs to STEVE SMITH!!!!!!!!
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 Thats SICK! Hutchinso team rocks..
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 Sick Mick showing how Its done with a thrashing of sick tits, balls to wall riding! Hang her lose and keep it PINNED!!
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 Great edit with my favorite track!
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 song nameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee????
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 Sick vid! Nice track for it! SICK MICK!!! SEXY TRACEY! AN HOT HOLLY!!!!
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 I think I just heard the worst song ever recorded.
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 STEVIE! That is all.
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