X Games Slopestyle: Impressions

Jul 5, 2013
by Julian Coffey  
The X Games has a pedigree few can equal in the adrenaline wars and is arguably one of the most celebrated platforms for many of today's iconic athletes. Starting back in 1995 in Rhode Island, the event has seen the likes of Shaun White, Travis Pastrana, Mat Hoffman, Jamie Bestwick, Jeremy McGrath, Danny Way and Tony Hawk - the list of action sports nobility goes on.

Consider the positive aspects X Games brings to the table. X Games sports are eventually all viewed as fairly mainstream, and the trappings that kind of exposure brings are substantial. Host cities benefit, with economic impacts routinely hitting the $50 million mark. A large portion of attendees from all over the world make the pilgrimage to the X Games to witness skaters, Moto and BMX riders make history. 2012 saw continued growth for the series, with the beginning of a six city X Games tour, the most recent being Munich, the fifth stop on the 2013 tour.

course overview
first check of the final drop
  First check of the final drop.

With the introduction of MTB slopestyle into the X Games, there has been immense pressure on the riders to do well, especially in our inaugural year. Add to that the Red Bull Phenom contest which, while it brought a large measure of MTB legitimacy to the X Games, also provided us a glimpse of future slopestyle superstars. Full marks to all involved for making that happen, Red Bull seems to understand that supporting and promoting new talent is one of the best ways to sustain progress in our sport.

So in the name of progress, and with both a mighty bike community and X Games fans looking on, some of the top slope shredders in the world came to shoulder a huge responsibility, undoubtedly compelled to throw down regardless, in order for slopestyle to shine at this key event. Surely no one doled out that specific mandate, but you can bet your ass all of these guys were feeling this way. Glory is sweet for the few yet fleeting, but to be a player at a historically pivotal time for the sport you love is something nearly everyone can relate to.

Brandon was one of the first to start with flips in practice.
  Brandon was one of the first to start with flips in practice.

The first trick on the practice was of course from Andreu a flip on his second go on the huge first jump He was really stoked to be at X-Games and his motivation was huge.. add this with some craziness and bad ass skills third spot at X-Games
  The first trick on the practice was of course from Andreu - a flip on his second go on the huge first jump. He was really stoked to be at X-Games and his motivation level was huge.

Here are 3 main points that come to mind when I think about Slopestyle finals at X Games.

1. The 6 dudes who manned up and dropped in for their final runs did it because they love slopestyle. They believe in the sport, its future, and they understand that it took 10 years for the sport to get to that moment...it was too huge of an opportunity to let go to waste. I know for a fact that they were driven to give the fans a great show and expose more people to slopestyle, and it was less about medals and prize money than you would think. Those 6 riders acted like heroes and saved the day.

2. Taking qualifying results in place of running finals is an absolute worst case scenario and should only happen when there's no other option. If there are multiple riders dropping in and making full course runs with tricks, it's time to run finals. Some riders are way too comfortable with finals getting cancelled, it's got to the point where I think some actually prefer this and hope for it. That's not right. That's not slopestyle. Slopestyle can get gnarly and that's part of the game...sometimes it's a bit wet, sometimes it's a bit windy, and when the conditions get rough, it's time to see who can adapt to the elements and put some type of run together.

3. Everybody has the right to choose whether they want to risk their health and ride in gnarly conditions, and I respect that. If the conditions get to the point where you feel like it's not worth risking your health, that's a personal decision and there's nothing wrong with respectfully bowing out. Just don't try to sink the whole ship while you're going overboard with a life vest. Fear can make people say and do things they might not even mean. There's no disrespect to any of the riders who said things or chose not to ride finals because the truth of the matter is, the conditions were dangerous, and that brought up a lot of fear. I think since this game is inherently dangerous, it might be a good idea to consider a new strategy with the FMB, where the next few riders who missed the qualifying cutoff are standing by as a backup reserve in case some riders decide at the last minute not to ride. It could guarantee a fuller field in case something like this happens again.

Cam McCaul
  Cam McCaul.

Cam coming from a season with some trouble and was not really lucky here at X-Games. here is doing a tailwhip off the starting tower
  Cam coming off a season with some troubles and wasn't really lucky here at X-Games. Cam's tailwhip off the starting tower.

X Games for me was the Olympics for freestylers, so I was expecting a lot! The organisation was perfect, the atmosphere was incredible, being there in the middle of those legendary riders was a dream come true! The course design was not as good as it could be, they should have done something easier to shape and make it more rideable and trickable. My biggest disappointment was not being able to express myself on the course. For me we had 2 cool big drops and a cool jump and the rest was shit. It's freestyle where we are suppose to pull the hardest tricks we have in the bag, but we couldn't because of the track and the weather conditions didn't help either. So in the end I won't blame anyone cause I'm sure that everyone tried their best, but an X Games final where 4 of the final boys don't ride the course means something is wrong.

the view of Munich from the tower was great.
  Kurt Sorge. The view of Munich from the tower was great.

X Games was a chance for mountain biking to show to the world what is it and I think the guys who competed in the final made a good work. I didn't know how big X Games was before, but when I got there I really saw that extrême sports are becoming bigger and bigger! I hope it will keep going that way.

Getting Ready
  Getting ready - Andreu manages a smile.

wallriding over the BMW tower.
  Wallriding over the BMW tower.

I would say that we pretty much had all the bad luck we could get for our first X-games with the rain and wind and a course that was really hard to trick. Five hour waits before we could drop in for finals is pretty much the last thing you want, way too much time to over-think stuff, and it was really exhausting to stand there and be ready to drop in for so many hours. And because of these things, we only had 6 riders in the finals, and I thought, well that was our chance - first and last time in the X-games. But I definitely changed my mind when I saw how excited and how crazy the crowd went after standing there waiting for so long when the finals actually started.

So, with all the bad luck and stuff that were against us, everyone still seemed to think that it was an successful event. And then I can just imagine what they would think if everything would have worked out as planned. I really hope we will get another chance to show our sport in the best possible way because this wasn't really it.

Sorge spinning the first drop. Very confident on the big stuff as espected.
  Sorge spinning the first drop. Very confident on the big stuff, as expected.

There were a lot of complaints about the slope course at X Games and I think that overpowered some people's realization that there even was a course for us in the first place, and how big of a deal that was. I can understand why some people chose to not ride in the wind, as I for one, took a real hard crash in qualifying because of it and ruined my chance of making it to finals. However, seeing people boycott the comp just because they didn't like the course seemed like it must have felt like a slap in the face to all the other riders that weren't invited and would've killed for the chance to ride in X Games. I'm not suggesting to ride stuff that you don't have fun riding, but when it's something as big as X Games, I think it's reason enough to ride for the sake of how big of a door it could open for us in the future. I think that if we get invited back to X Games next year, then we can thank the 6 people that rode in finals for that. It was a first time event at that location and venue and those factors are always bound to cause mistakes in course design, format, and so on...but at least now we may have another chance to do it again and improve on it for next year.

Martin Hosang

this was the third obstacle a very technical step-up after a quick and fast berm.
  This was the third obstacle - a very technical step-up after a quick and fast berm.

Portrait during rider s meeting
  Portrait during rider's meeting.

It was so sick that MTB slopestyle was finally in X Games, it was our chance to show off, but I feel like the course was pretty bad and this was nothing to do with the builders. I guess they were given an area to work with and they built something they thought would be cool, but in reality it wasn't fun to ride and apparently, you had to be a 4x racer to hit the satellite dish haha. For me it was just not cool at all, but other riders may disagree, I just had no fun riding the course! We all started riding bikes for the fun aspect, so when I ain't having fun I don't wanna do it. Let's get more courses built like Bearclaw's contest in the future, courses that we actually wanna ride all day long!

Unfortunately Pilgrim didn t find the feeling with the course. Bummer cause he was among the favorites.
  Unfortunately Pilgrim didn't find the feeling with the course. Bummer, as he was among the favorites.

After seeing the coverage from X Games, I am under the impression that a lot of people are in the dark in terms of understanding what really went down at X Games. The course had some really well built features and rode fairly well, it did have a few challenges, but what course doesn't nowadays? Some riders struggled a bit and some did not but I will tell you what every rider did struggle with is the wind. The wind on that course was horrible, I've never seen 35 mph crosswinds on a day that we really needed flat, calm winds. The qualifiers were in the AM and the wind was picking up with every rider going down the hill, and to make you understand how bad it was up there, riders were getting blown 5 feet to the side on the first drop.

Come finals time, the wind was so bad we didn't want to risk getting hurt and looking like a bunch of squids on the course in front of millions, so we waited and waited and waited. Then after a few hours of standing on the deck the wind started to have small breaks and started to give us a little hope. Then one minute later it would howl again. It was by far the most mentally exhausting and frustrating few hours I have ever had during an event. At any other event I would have just walked away and said it's too windy and unsafe to ride but this was X Games and there were thousands of people waiting to watch us shred. Then the call came down from ESPN that we could wait until 8 pm and run the contest then.

Come 8 pm the wind was still a bit breezy, but most of us were able to forget that it was still windy and hope for the best. Some of us were so mentally frustrated from the day and still were not comfortable in the wind. At the end of the day, we all killed it, the event went off and the people of Munich got a bad ass show - we gave the world a taste of what is possible on mountain bikes, and now the sport we know and love as one of the best spectator sports out there is on the global serving platter. To our loyal fans, thanks, you rock!

spinning the first drop
  Claw spinning the drop.

The Claw was claiming he wasn t confident on his bike but he made it great and demonstrate that when the course is technical and windy the experience and riding skills can be important and make the difference.
  The Claw claimed he wasn't feeling confident on his bike, but he made a great effort and demonstrated that, when the course is technical and windy, experience and riding skills can make the difference.

Trying to find the time for a trick off the wallride.
  Trying to find the time for a trick off the wallride.

X Games was a tough one. Lot of things were unconventional about the event. The presence of the course stood prominently above the Olympic Park...it looked huge, especially from afar! It was kind of like saying, "we're here!"

Being on the highest mountain within 50 km there was only one choice of the venue. It had very little vertical drop. Hence the uphill section that became the focus of so much criticism. I think a lot of people that criticized it have to look at what it was really going on and what it did for the sport. It was live in 72 countries and probably brought more eyeballs to the sport then we have had ever before. Sad time for a political stand off. I am surprised ESPN did not cancel it 3 hours earlier.

Who cares if the course sucks? Sack up and ride! The wind was no surprise. There was a lot of pressure for the riders to drop in under compromised circumstances. A lot of people were really conscious about how they would look in front of the other sports like Moto and BMX. Then you have 55,000 people going ape shit for a straight air. The Euro riders not riding the finals was a bit of a statement to the FMB, but a lame time to make it. I think each and every one of those boys regret it. Especially after watching Semenuk and Rheeder put together 2 of the most impressive runs in slopestyle ever!

The boys that did drop in were warriors and doing it for the fans. Zink had a half separated shoulder when he got there, ate shit a couple times and still got out there and put on a show for X Games and the finals. Kind of hard to not feel like a pussy walking off the start gate because of a little wind.

Cam Zink on his bad ass flip seat grab attempt.
  Cam Zink with a bad ass flip seat grab attempt.

360 the starting drop
  360, the starting drop

Brandon Semenuk was the favorite and he demonstrate how solid his riding is. Probably the most confident in every single part of the course since the first jump in practice. I m sure this will not be the only time we ll see him on the podium this year.
  Brandon Semenuk was the favorite and he demonstrate how solid his riding is. Probably the most confident in every single part of the course since the first jump in practice. I m sure this will not be the only time we ll see him on the podium this year.

X Games was honestly the sickest event I've ever been to in my life. Being at such a high level event with all of the best athletes from all different action sports is such a rad experience. We always see X Games highlights on the internet and TV but to actually be a part of event and have our sport be at the venue is such a privilege.

Maybe we didn't have the best weather, as it was very windy at some points throughout the weekend and maybe we didn't have the best course, but it was a great start for our sport at X Games. We are versatile riders and we are used to riding different features all the time, in all types of weather conditions. That's what makes our sport so unique. It got too windy to start finals at 3pm on Sunday, so after a few hours of waiting for the wind, discussion and decision making between the riders and the event organizers / ESPN, we finally found a window that we could run the live feed at which was 8 pm. Then, 8 pm rolled around and the wind was still howling, not as bad as before, but enough that some of the riders didn't feel comfortable to ride.

The riders that did choose to ride, took the risk of doing high consequence final runs in the wind, for not only ourselves, but for our sport, and the thousands and thousands of spectators that paid to come watch us. I'm extremely thankful to be a part of the first ever Mountain Bike Slopestyle in X-Games, and so stoked for being able to put down the winning run. I hope that mountain bike Slopestyle is here to stay in X Games and I hope everyone else feels the same!

brett rheeder spinning the first drop
  Brett Rheeder spinning the first drop

I remember when I first noticed of Brett.. it was one year ago at RB Bergline.. he qualified first.. but nobody was thinkin that one year after he would have been the X-GAMES winner.
  I remember when I first noticed of Brett. It was one year ago at RB Bergline. He qualified first.. but nobody was thinking that one year after, he would have been the X-GAMES winner.

Just after the final run
  Right after the final run...

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 WORD! Derek Westerlund!
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 Sorry Sam, the skatepark was occupied...
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 I just want to point out Matt Jone's MASSIVE flip off the last drop, on the biggest line. That kid deserved finals, Thelander too.
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flag RodRamsey (Jul 5, 2013 at 9:42) (Below Threshold)
 I dont care who you are 35mph winds means jumps are shutdown. I've been jacked up on smaller jumps in similar winds so can only imagine. If the pros complaining about the corse obviously it wasn't right. Never heard soo many complaints at any slopestyle event. Maybe have it indoors next time. The riders that made it thru this track are the top ranking riders of this sport. Hopefully they have the event at another x games. By the way why is there 8 xgames a year now. They going to over franchise the brand
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 Just judging by the crashes, it was way too windy to ride! The course looks tough, with speeds ranging through different sections instead of flowing. Props to the Men who rode finals!!!!!! No disrespect to the 4 dropouts the season is long. Brett: the world is yours!
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 I personally think Pilgrim is right.... I think the course had to much fidlely details and not enough big fun jumps...
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 Derek was so damn right... Slopestyle is only for big guys!
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 Grab your nuts and say f*ck it. Complain about the course and wind all you want. Not much you can do about it on the top of the tower. This course ahowed me who the real riders are. Kirt sorge is the man along with the rest of canada. Wtf happend europe?
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 So what the wind was bad and the course sucked, 6 riders (plus the Phenom crew) still hit it and produced some pretty mental runs considering, two of the top 3 riders in the world pussied out, i would have respect for your 'everyday' freerider turning up and saying "f*ck that!" but its your job guys 'sack up and ride!' this is a huge opportunity to show people how sick this sport is, those places could have gone to others and tbh i think they let us down.

Rant Over.

Props for Derek Westerlund!

and bring on the neggs...
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 Crankworx was damn windy last year, maybe not that bad but still. They just deal with the elements and still manage to put on a show....... the ones that made it to the bottom that is.
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 i wasn't impressed with this X games. i was excited but let down...i think that the course over thought and over complicated
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 Cool to finally see what the riders thought. Well put together PB!

But I must be out of the loop. What was Westerlund referring to with the euro riders and the FMB?
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 I don't know about anyone else, but I am more than stoked for Red Bull Joyride seeing as Dustin Gilding is a huge part in the course building.
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 the mccauls know where its at
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 I'm just glad it wasn't another Euro parking lot straight jump contest.
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flag RodRamsey (Jul 5, 2013 at 21:22) (Below Threshold)
 They should have put on some 27.5 euro touring wheels since they were in need of speed and evidentally some scientist on acid thinks bigger wheels are better for mtn bikes. Nah the slope stylists calling homo on that jive talk.
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 Big D!!!!!! The McC's know what's up. If the wind hadn't taken both of them out on those whip drops you better believe they woulda threw down. I'm always rootin' for them. Pilgrim needs to know what a disappointment he was & Lacondeguy too. Pilgrim was scared, plain & simple. I don't blame anyone for not wanting to risk a Stephen Murray, but man up & admit it. "Course isn't fun"? SFW? It's your f*cking job! Tens of thousands of $ on the line, your sport in the spotlight for the first time & you're gonna try to bullshit everyone that you pussied out because it weren't no fun? You don't have a North American sack so you dropped out. Just admit it & qualify for the respect that you think you deserve. You're not fooling anyone with the "fun" bullshit. Cleaning toilets, digging ditches & changing oil ain't no f*ckin' fun either, if you can't ride then maybe you should get a real f*ckin' job & let the kids that have to work harder to get noticed now, get noticed now. Zink is weak in the trick dept. but holy f*ck he's a brutal f*cking animal & he sends it & he deserves some cred' for that. If Andreu wants to make fun of courses & even refuse to ride because the jumps are too small & it makes us look stupid because he can "double flip 50' gaps" then I'm all for it. I love Andreu, but WTF happened here? Pretty stock, 2004ish run there, 'guy. I bet Semenuk & Rheeder's flip whips were by far the biggest ever done because that jump was an MX sized monster. If we still have a place at X, it's thanks to them. Don't mistake criticism for hate.
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 HAHA Rheeder... best comp ever!! only one
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 The biggest dissapointment is that you know kelly mcgurey would have hit that shit. Boys needs to step aside this is a mans sport..... see you kida later and take your skinny jeans with you
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 I think it would have been cool to get some thoughts from some of the athletes in the other events like Deegan, Lasek etc. Be awesome to see what they'd have to say about everything too
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 Freeride-Forever : I think Andreu was coming back from a fairly serious injury, and almost did not come to X-Games because of it...

And I don't think any "fan" has a right to tell the riders, the risk takers, the innovators, what their job is. Hurling ones self off a huge drop in 30mph winds, when's the last time you did that, or even considered it? Can't blame people for not want to take a calculated risk on their LIFE. However, I agree to a point, it's not time/place to make a statement. Just bow out gracefully and honorably.

That said, I think it's incredible that there were riders that stayed and rode till the end despite the danger. Those riders are now examples to the X-Games world of what it takes to be a top slope rider.
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 it sucked that a lot of riders crashed but even at that they were really taking the risk and pushing it!
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 Just make the rampage part of xgames and everybody wins. The sponsors get their precious money and the burly riders get to show tight pants slope stylists whos boss. Riders like Sem can do both so he a good example of a rider with serious skills and stones.
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 "Zink had a half separated shoulder when he got there, ate shit a couple times and still got out there and put on a show for X Games and the finals"

Zink is a f*cking warrior! Love the guy!
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 he is not a warrior...he is the f*cking captain america...holy cow he has take serious hits, and stills goes on....he is the CG of the Slopestyle... Big Grin
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flag BeardlessMarinRider (Jul 5, 2013 at 9:01) (Below Threshold)
 Warrior... or cripple in 5-10 years after so much abuse to his body? Not much self preservation in Zink's psyche! Smile
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 anyone else remember that massive bail on the 50ft f*cking sender at rampage? and walked away from it!
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 ^^^ that doesn't mean if he'd crash again it would end well for him again... Offcourse falling well is a really big part of being skilled, but in some situations where you totally loose all control there's not much to safe anymore. Your own health is what's most important. Always. It's not worth risking getting wheelchaired for the rest of your life, just to do this run at X-Games. Also I wouldn't like it of the sport would get too mainstream. If there's too much money in a sport there's no fun in it anymore: soccer-players crying on the floor every 30 seconds, all the tour de france competitors being al drugged up, and I can go further... One of the good things in our sport is that it's not like those sports, where no one gives a damn about anything, and it's all 100% about the money, and the money and even more money.
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 How can I forget that crash on the canyon gap? That crash still makes me cringe every time I watch it.
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 Someone said they aren't show ponys Uh... Yes they are, professional mtb show ponys. Great job to Rheeder and Brandon and the rest who rode. Can't change weather it's fucking Mother Nature so deal with it And the course obviously wasn't that bad, or 1st and 2nd wouldn't have killed it so hard. 3rd place sucked a bit someone shoulda filled that spot but at least he didn't girl out like a bunch of pussy dirt jumpers.
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 I like the way you think
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 Because andreus not a pussy dirt jumper, hes a beast.
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 indeed Andreu is a beast, he had to dislocated fingers.
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 This event brought me to my mind the words from Semenuk on why he is not that active this 2013..... I don´t have any personal opinion, but from what I have just read, and the history behind them, I take Cam McCaul and The Claw as the most trustful ones.....they both have ride longer than the others, and are in full entitlement to say what they have to say..... Course was not suited?, and as Pilgrim said, you had to be a 4x to get to the sattelite dish....PUFFFFF....you are on a freaking bike, you have pedals, suck it up and pedal for it....I think this part is being forgotten by a large majority of people in our sport, pedalling....now, if the course was not very well and all the crap...why the hell Semenuk and Rheeder pull out an impressive runs....and the other brave and TRUE TO THE SPORT drop in?....they knew what they were up to...perhaps (i hope not) the only chance to show the sport to the WORLD...yes....ESPN and their powermuscle can bring a sport to the eye of the world....but you have to have the sport really running thru your veins to drop in and make it count regardles of the course and conditions, and those 6 guys...they really live for the sport and don't care about the rest....PROPS TO THEM....
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 I think every rider had a fair point, I respect all the riders in the competion 'cause they can easily kick my ass on a bike and they have the right to choose if they are going to compete or not, but after seeing Semenuk and Rheeder run I went speechless, how far of the rest this guys are? they put a run that I can easily say that was the most impresive run I've watched in my life during a ss event due to the quality of the tricks, size of the jumps and weather conditions, so all I can say now to all the rider in Xgames and specialy to Semenuk and Rheeder is that they're f#ckin warriors, RESPECT. sorry if my english isn't good enough.
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 No other sport displays the brutal honesty these boys just quoted here. Nice work. Looks like two sides of the coins here: the first side where the X Games doesn't mean as much to the Euros and the other side where the North American guys grew up with it and understand the magnitude. Kind of like the Stanley Cup. You get the Canadians giving everything for it because they grew up wishing for it and the Euros not able to elevate their game for it because it never meant as much.
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 Actually just about every other action sport has athletes that are this outspoken... haha
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 Gillis should trade the Sisters. Euro Trash.
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 Rheeder and Semenuk legends! And great ambassadors for slopestyle. Anybody who walked away from this chance, boo. Bearclaw, zink, McCuals, sorge, Andre and anybody else who rode finals props to them.
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 X-games has effectively weeded out the men from the boys.
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 What is the statement that the riders who pulled out are trying to make? It seems like the FMB is shifting toward the dirt jump style of most of those guys, and they're able to stay near the top in those. Is the statement that they should be controlling the direction of the sport? If there was any attempt at a statement, I think Westerlund is right that Rheeder and Semenuk effectively silenced it.

The guys who rode are saying they respect the others for not riding in the wind, but the guys that didn't ride seem to take more issue with the course than the wind.
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 Notice the riders that didn't compete and what they normally ride (park, dirt jumps). We've gotta keep slopestyle as it is and not to turn it into a glorified DJ contest. Sure big and floaty doubles are needed but that should only be one of many features on a course. Even though I highly disagreed with what Pilgrim said as, to me, it made him look more like a picky rider with no care for slope being in the X-Games instead of a rugged mtber who deals with the cards handed to him, happy to have the chance to ride a gnarly course in front of the world.

I'm sure that even though he didn't put emphasis on the wind, that was his deciding factor not to ride... it's difficult to hate on a decision like that, really. Although I still find it weak that many of the riders didn't even do their runs. Conditions are never perfect and you'll only become a better rider by experiencing adverse weather conditions.
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 Pilgrim didn't even make finals, so he isn't 1 of the 4 riders who chose not to ride. Sam rode qualifiers and didn't ride finals because he didn't make the cut; his opinion was just a sample of how he felt about X Games.
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 I feel like trying to make a statement to the FMB is basically like telling your boss to screw off for these boys, and in most normal cases you would get fired for that, and at the end of the day this is their job. I understand that the wind can make riding way to dangerous, but what Sam and some others were saying about the course is kind of lame. Sometimes your job can be really awesome and sometimes you have to clean the toilets its just how it goes. Big props to the dudes who sent it and made us all proud to say we ride mtb.
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 I'm of the opinion that if you are a professional, then you do what you have to do to get the job done. Not play politics and make excuses. Bad weather is one thing but pulling out of the event because you don't like the course... Grow up.
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 i am disappointed by so many riders.. didn't expext they would just leave out the chance to win a gold medal and important points for the world tour.
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 they showed their true colors didn't they?

some riders lost ALOT of fans.
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 stacyohut....you got that right....true colors....and just to add more spice into your comment....weren´t few of those guys invite to the Rampage...and what did they said?!!....nuffsaid!!
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 well the north american boys and andreu still sent it so ya better ask your European buddies why they boycotted
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 There bitches what do they think there getting paid for it ain't to have fun
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 If it was for the love they wouldn't be making money$
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 thats where your wrong why would you ever ride if your not having fun
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 You think sponsors care about fun ?surrender is death and death is for pussies ,of coarse they have fun ,this isn't a backyard dirt jump this is xgames Man up,one word zinc who cares if you win as long as you ride
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 Because you're supposed to be a professional. It's your damn job. Just like the mailman in "hail and sleet and snow."
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flag makdthed (Jul 5, 2013 at 10:15) (Below Threshold)
 geez - their/there/ is far too much BS testosterone around here - end of the day this was a BIG MOUNTAIN style comp and should not have been on the FMB, should just have been for all those supermen that love to hear from, all their adoring fans, how they have such BIG BALLS!!!!

leave the style and tricks to the euros and the chest thumping to the rest!!!
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 ^ pretty sure its called the FMB "free ride" mountain bike world tour not the dirt jump world tour, the contests are supposed to be big mountain. Also i'm pretty sure Semenuk and Rheeder (one of the "chest thumpers") have more style and flow then any of your euro fan boys!
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flag AidenCrocker (Jul 5, 2013 at 12:33) (Below Threshold)
 who are you to be disappointed in them??? i can put my life savings on you not riding it.
  • 7 0
 it isn't about me riding it. It's their job to ride tracks like that and they were able to do so. that's why I am disappointed in them because they took the chance from others who would've been pumped on riding it..
  • 1 0
 @tahoeryder obviously you dont ride much do you think any of these guys would be riding just for a pay cheque thats only part of it. obviously its not just about the fun of it and im pretty sure the all the guy's that didnt ride would rather back out of one cause the course wasnt where it should of have been then lose the rest of the season cause of a serious injury look at a couple years ago when semenuk crashed at crankworx he lost the rest of his season cause of it where lacondeguy hated the course and rode for the rest of the season
  • 6 0
 It has been said a few times here... it is not about us or the average amateur rider riding it... it is about the Pros... I don't have any dislike for the guys that chose not to ride do to the conditions... it is their life and their choice but I wouldn't be upset at the sponsors if they didn't like the fact that they dipped out with out giving it their all... and I wouldn't have any hard feelings towards the fans they may or may not have lost that day. All choices have consequences... I now have more respect for Rheeder than I have ever had... that kid can flat out ride! I've always had mad respect for Zink, Cam, Claw and Brandon.... I also have more respect for AL too he had a busted finger and bum ankle from what I read and wasn't he on a hard tail? wow! that's impressive!

I sure hope all the riders that rode get bonuses and all the Phenom riders get signed to big deals! I think the course looked sick... way out of my league no doubt about it but at the end of the day. The riders that got an invite, new what they were getting into and it is Freeride Mountain Bike so if you signed up and then backed out due to the course and not the conditions. That is a big black mark on your pro record.... a lot of thing aren't "fun" in real jobs or even other pro sports but they still have to play or go to work and do what they are paid to do.
If you are a competition pro and you sign up for a competition you should be competing IMO
  • 1 0
 @cglasford you are speaking true words. totally agree with you!
  • 3 2
 Has nothing to do with me riding ,and no they love what there doing but they don't get free bikes and other shit just to have fun ,other people didn't get hurt ,if you have a job to do ,do it they didn't fly them to Germany to punk out ,I really don't care either way because I think xgames is for little kids and moms
  • 1 1
 U sound MAD TaHOERider?
  • 1 0
 No ,I just sound that way ,I could care less but is fun to get people going on here, funny thing is I just said what everyone else was ,people just got all butt hurt
  • 4 2
 If someone crashes and breaks something then they're out for the rest of the season.. What do you think sponsors get out of that?..
When you're having fun you'll always ride your best. If there's something in the back of your mind holding you back like bad weather conditions or odd courses them fair play to sit back for upcoming contests. We're riding small travel mountainbikes, that weigh around 12kgs, not heavy motos with huge suspension to take the impact.
Look at the Claymore Challenge course for example, everything is a nice size for our big bmx bikes, everything is trick able and everything is fun, that's where some of the most progressive riding is being put down.
Just wait for this years Joyride. Aslong as the weather plays ball it is guna set the standard for better slopestyle courses and the best riding possible...
  • 9 0
 It totally sucked for the spectators who bought a ticked and watched it in munich (like I did). You couldn't watch the qualiruns because the whole site was hidden by a high fence covered with some sort of carpet and garded with countles security guys who stopped you when you tried to look over the fence or through some gaps. Only Media and Vip where allowed to be inside. The finals where not worth the money...considering you could only see the course from 300m away from the stage with 6 riders left to go. So Xgames munich tried to be cool...but it was not...only for die VIP and Mediaguys who had their own show. The normal fans where just treated like prisoners or dangerous people who should rather watch it on TV, eat Popcorn and become fat and ugly.
  • 9 0
 Pilgrim really comes across as a whiner and its an embarrassment to the sport. The course wasn't fun? "apparently you had to be a 4x racer to hit the satellite dish"? Please. Semenuk and Rheeder managed to barspin those doubles and whoops. Don't blame the course on the fact that you're such a limited rider/scooter.

Too many of the FMB contests consist of the "3 big wide smooth jumps in a row" format and it needs to die off. If certain rider's aren't versatile enough to ride the technical course so much the better. Not like a few whoops are really hard to deal with, any bmxer worth a pinch of salt can pull that off, yet in slopestyle we have guys complaining about it.
  • 2 0
 Ill tell you what was no fun, watching Sam Pilgrim straight jump almost every single jump. He probably could have tricked most of those features if he had tried. He came off as childish and stubborn. Hopefully slopestyle makes it back into the x-games after that less then glamorous display.
  • 12 1
 So the course was not the greatest out there but you got to admit you need balls to hit some of those features
  • 5 4
 ya i dont see what was so bad about it, yes they had a couple features that werent too great but when athletes say it was trickable look at rheeders and semenuks run they tricked the hell out of everything
  • 3 2
 I don't know if it's just me but when I saw the course, the first thing that came to mind was the massive drops. They seemed to be bigger than usual, as if X-Games were trying to up the game from FMB.
  • 4 0
 I would have loved to straight air those features.
  • 8 1
 Really pumped for the final 6 that went for it, that was so cool to see! the ones that pulled out, poor form, in my opinion. I really wanted to see them ride and I'm sure most of the world did too! Like stated above, I'm sure that there would have been loads of young hungry riders that would have ridden the course and put a show on. The guys that backed out must have wicked confidence in there sponsors backing them, because in lots of other sports and hell, even the real world, if you don't do something when it's crunch time like that, your cut and the Next individual in line will jump on the opportunity and you would have to drag them away. That's just my two cents..
  • 3 4
 But also out in the real world it is easy to overlook that you have a lot of protection with regards to your working conditions and very few people have the high risk of serious injury for such little gain in their day to day jobs like the guys in the X-games finals.
  • 10 0
 dude, they get paid to take those risks. To ride what you would not. To man up and get loose. Do cup downhillers decide "oh the course is kind of rough, we are going to easy ride that section..." hell no. Dropping out of the comp was poor form. I hope that those dudes are not invited back IF they decide to have FMB back to the Xgames.
  • 11 5
 Surely as a professional rider they should ride the course in front of them. The wind is a fair enough reason to pull out, but not riding the course because you don't like it is bs. Do you see that in any other sport or area of mountain biking? You don't see Sam Hill, Gee Atherton etc pull out of world cups because they don't like that track so why do slope style riders?
  • 11 11
 If you're not happy with something, don't do it. What if he did ride it, fell and broke a bone? that would put him out of competing at other events he likes such as crankworx maybe
  • 3 0
 Sure, don't, but take into account the impact it haves.
  • 5 0
 sionr644....the course was known before...they could have decline right from the first view they had, which was 3-4days prior of the main event and let other riders take it if it was Ok with ESPN....i completly agree with dhross....weather conditions might get fair reason to pull out....but just because you don't like the course...?!!!..cmon!!!!....lets see if that happens in Pietermaritzburg for the world cup...they all dislike the course for being a pedalling course, but they would race it anyhow...
  • 1 1
 how do you expect someone to say no to that invitation. i stayed up all night to see our boys ride and as mad as i was that some of them didnt drop you gotta understand that they are human an have to make that desicion to ride or not. that course was huge and the wind was just outrageous all day so think of it this way there not gonna make the same mistake next year an will probably have guys like the claw help them build the course to make sure we all like it including the riders.
  • 4 0
 ransom150....true, if they did not wanted to decline the invitation, they did not had to, then shut your pilehole and ride....as I said, the wind, yeah, if that was the real reason, then I kind of agree, but you have to see that 60% of the final riders rode it thru...so, I'm not 100% sure that was the main reason.....even in their comments they do not point out strongly enought that the wind factor was pulling them out, they keep hitting the fact the course was not any good...there is where I have the problem, I´m not going to hit something as such in my entire life, but these guys are PRO, they are the best there is outthere....and they backout because did not like the course?!!!...WTF?!!! and about the course, I'm not 100% sure, but I do recall The Claw was contacted for advice...so, it was not just something they did it and forgot about the riders....

Now, one question....did the BMX guys pull out because the park was too big...? and so on with the rest of the disciplines...
  • 4 0

What if he falls and breaks a bone....? A part of the sport maybe.
  • 1 9
flag Lilshredman (Jul 5, 2013 at 10:30) (Below Threshold)
 @dhross, how about you go up there, and try riding the course yourself, and then maybe you'll understand
  • 5 0
 The point dhross is getting at is obvious. They are pros. I am sure not every skater, bmxer or moto rider likes the course they have to ride to compete. And the world cup point too. Wind I understand. But saying after that you didnt like the course, someone else could have ridden it. I wouldnt mind straight airing, or at least attempting the features myself. Other than the last drop. But look at semenuk and rheeders runs. Anyone that rode, they were awesome.
  • 3 1
 gotta remember rheeder and semenuk are on hole different levels then most of them and most European riders have dirtjumping backgrounds so it doesn't surprise me that the north Americans sent it over the Europeans besides andreu
  • 1 0
 What if i get into a car accident on the way to a job i don't like, it's the same thing.

After all, it sucks for all the guys who didn't get an invite, like Strait, Aggy and all the other great slopestyle/big mountain riders.
  • 6 0
 Great article - it's nice to hear actual feedback from the riders. Massive respect to Cam McCaul, who not only presented a clear and concise opinion, but also provided a proposed solution - a testament to his professionalism. This contrasts starkly with some of the other riders (Granieri, Pilgrim, etc...) who more-or-less just complained about the course (Granieri actually wrote "shit" in his write up...very eloquent).

Makes a guy respect some athletes more (the McCauls, Rheeder, Bearcloth) for their positivity, and some less for their negativity and non-constructive criticism.
  • 5 0
 Brings up a lot of relevant opinions from what just went down last weekend. At some point this debate will have to end, the show will have to go on, and we will all have to figure out a way to push forward and learn from our mistakes. The uncharacteristic mindset of an action sports athlete is that when they fall on a trick and break their bones, they do not just quit, to never return or try it again. They wait for their bones to heal so they can get back up and give it another go - this time around, with the added knowledge of what went wrong previously, and how they wont make those same mistakes on round two. As illogical as this might sound to some, this is how we have been doing it from the start (when everyone told us to stop) and have since created some revolutionary changes to the world of sport who came before us.
  • 8 0
 So pumped on semenuk and rheeder taking it home for Canada and making the best out of an awesome course!! Good job boys!!
  • 7 0
 very gay of pilgrim to not ride just because he doesn't think the course is fun when it's the whole future of mtb in x games at stake.
  • 1 0
 he rode the qualis and simply didnt get into the finals. he didnt ride the finals because he didnt make it into them not because he chose not to
  • 9 0
 Claw got robbed !!!
  • 10 0
 SEMENUK got robbed....but then I saw the replay and that freaking barspin on Rheeder's frontflip....geez...these two guys really push it...
  • 5 1
 Westerlund sums it up nicely. Otherwise I have never seen such a bunch of Prima Donnas. This is why our sport is still so far behind. You have a chance to showcase and gain the respect of others and you have athletes like Sam with their head to far up their ass with a piss poor attitude. Adapting to conditions is what makes you a strong athlete. I think that was easily noticeable in both Brett and Semunuks run.
  • 4 0
 1st- Ale some great images there! Good job. 2nd- The course seemed like they attempted to make some huge features just because it was the first XGames and then you end up with weird pacing coming back across the uphill. Having said that it certainly wasn't terrible and if you have to pedal to get the speed for the course then so be it. Deal with it. The pedals are there so you can still use them. 3rd- To the riders who went on and rode despite the conditions and the course- thank you all very much from all the fans of you and especially of our sport. You overcame some big challenges and showed what you are truly made of and gave the uninitiated public a taste of what MTBers are about. I'm glad to see that Claw was in this group. He may not be the most naturally gifted in this sport but he's a workhorse, he fights for everything he's achieved and that's why he's always been one of my favorites.
  • 4 0
 -PinkBike forced me to split this up-
4th- To the riders who bailed on the finals I'm not going to lump you into one group. You may have had individual reasons for not riding in the finals of one of the potentially biggest events in our sport's history. If it was because of conditions I can understand and respect that. No one should be forced into riding in a situation where they don't feel comfortable. Part of being a pro is stepping it up when there are challenges and dangers (or else why are you getting paid to do what the rest of us also love to do?) but part of being a pro is also recognizing when a situation is just too dangerous to risk the consequences. Any time I'm shooting with someone I never want them to push beyond what they feel is safe. It's not worth it for a shot or a medal or prize money. So if you made the decision based on that I understand. But if your reasoning was some political basis and/or about the course design then that's terrible. This was our sport on the biggest stage in the world and even more importantly the first time it was there. All eyes were on what was happening with this. Hopefully ESPN decides to continue on with this in future versions of X. I don't think our sport must have this to survive. But it is a great opportunity to grow the sport and for the riders who are putting themselves in danger to at least be making more $$$ for their endeavors. You saw (and rode) the course before the finals. If you didn't like it, bail out then. Don't screw over the sport and especially the other riders. I'm sure Tyler, Cam, Anthony & Kelly would have jumped (no pun intended) at the chance to take those empty spots.
  • 2 0
 And that brings me to my final point- As Cam (and others) have mentioned there needs to be a system in place for FMB events that has the next 5 (or so) qualifiers able to fill in for riders who can't or won't ride in the finals of an event- whether it's due to conditions, injury or even political BS. This needs to be done for the riders and for the spectators.
  • 5 1
 The European's are a bunch of pussies; Thanks a lot for making our sport look bad. You get paid to ride your bike but because you've never actually had a real job or have had to really work for anything your used to just being a bunch of snobby pros with shitty attitudes, and can get away with a weak excuse of: I'm not having fun on the course so I'm not going to ride. Like grow a set and send it, you can still sit around in the clubs picking up sluts with your leg in a cast.
  • 7 0
 Amen to that salute to these six!
  • 4 1
 I think that, while the course was huge and fairly entertaining, if the jumps had. been a bit smaller with more flow, bigger tricks would have been thrown, resulting in less gnarly crashes. That way, the audience new to slopestyele would have seen a better show, resulting in continued x games slopestyoe events
  • 4 0
 Note to Sam Pilgrim. We all respect your ability. But this is your job and a huge opportunity to promote our sport. Work isn't always fun sometimes you just have to deal with that.
  • 1 0
 Going to revise my comment a bit. Sam was probably asked his opinion by pb which he voiced here. I'm pretty sure he was the perfect ambassador for the sport at the event. Don't fault honesty just kind of expect my peers to big up the sport with positivity
  • 1 1
 he didnt ride the finals because hes runs didnt qualify, he didnt have the choice whether to ride them or not because he didnt make the cut.
  • 1 0
 How is that even relevant to what I was saying?
  • 3 0
 It"s easy to call out those who decided to opt out on finals because of riding conditions in a forum. It's hard to say if you would have competed in those conditions when you didn't have the opportunity. Like any extreme sports athlete, they have to practice and compete, but what most spectators and standards don't understand is that every time they get on a bike to practice or compete it could be the last. It's more than a job its a career and most can't say that they became a vegetable while copying papers at the office. Some times the risk isn't worth the reward, especially if its going to cost you your career, joy in riding, and your life. We should respect the decisions made by those who decided not to participate and stop acting like we are anymore qualified to make the call than a professional. They put in the time and effort, surgeries and rehabilitation to become elites in the sport and they have earned the right to opt out if need be.
  • 2 0
 Growing pains for the slope style event. Hopefully it will get another shot as a part of the X games. Slope seems like a perfect format for the exposure and accessibility the X games is all about for its events. Constant camera access, huge tricks, product placement all over the place. The weather issue was unfortunate, but what are you going to do about it? Hopefully this initial event will be used as the baseline for how to make constructive changes for the future.
  • 2 0
 Rheeder definitely got it! They had to compete, to show that MTB is not like BMX courses with super slick and clean tracks or not like FMX where an engine takes you off at high speeds with less efforts. This is a great sport, for great minds and great athletes... No disrespect for riders who didn't compete, it's hard to put the balls on the table when your mind is down. I'm just soooooo disappointed about Pilgrim again, such a great rider but with a such dubious vision of the sport...Slopestyle is not like Street/dirt, or BMX, you have to send tricks on big features, sometimes on natural terrains, that's it and that's why it's a great discipline. Man, if you don't feel the track, grab a bigger bike, a proper Slopestyle/freeride bike, not a street/dirt bike...
  • 2 0
 I was at x games, i walked by bearclaw and heard him saying: "it will seperate the boys from the men".
Well, it clearly did.

In a little chat with Cam McCaul, Cam told me that the course is kind of a challenge but that's what it's supposed to be, since it's a slopestyle.
  • 2 0
 Sam Pilgrim is a dirt jumper (and one of the best) but he's not a freerider in technical terms. He probably doesn't spend much time on a DH bike and doesn't ride a lot of "big mountain" terrain like the guys from B.C and the U.S. They can do it all, DH, DJ, park & ramp, street. Can't lump the euros together in the DJ camp though, because Lacondeguy and Soderstrom are true freeriders and true mountain bikers that can excell in all types of gravity styles and good old fashion big mountain/big bike single track trail shredding as well. Slopestyle is the merging of DJ and freeride and we're seeing that the freeride guys that are also top dirt jumpers are rising to the top.
  • 1 0
 Well said!
  • 6 0
 Derek Westerlund!!!
  • 1 0
 Just watched the qualifying all the way through. I thing if the conditions were better it would have been ok. So many of the riders struggling to get into the transition on the step up, probably due to strong wind slowing them down. Course probably could have been better around that satellite dish but Semenuk and Rheeder seemed to have no problem, I guess it suited them, plus they are the best of the best. Bit gutted for the riders that couldn't show their skills off on this stage. Better luck for next year with the weather and maybe a course that is easier to keep speed up, after all, it's about tricks, not speed, so the course needs to provide the speed. Loved the mahoosive drops!
  • 1 0
 In my opinion why rheeder, semenuk and rest of usa/canada rider able to ride this unsafe course is because they always train his tricks in on big mountain such an highland and whistler.. they usually pull their ball into limit, mentally ready and they love slopestyle so much.. andreu have sick compound in barcelona too
while european rider trained trick s in dirtjump course and skatepark.. i thik most of european rider have much combination of trick but they not ready to throw it in "big" course like X-Games. but i think the likes of Andreu, Soderstrom, Granieri and Genon is leading slopestyle rider from europe.

so stoked for incoming gold event Les2Alpes! come on riders!
  • 5 0
 Pilgrim didnt like it because it wasnt a drop and 3 straight trick jumps
  • 1 0
 It's amazing to see which pro riders are in it for the progression of the sport and who are in it for themselves. I enjoyed reading this artice from the riders perspectives so we (as fans) get to look at it from the inside out. I was stoked to see this event in the X-Games plain and simple. There will always be events that dont run as expected, you learn and improve from these. I am sure course designers put in their best effort to give these guys the sickest most gnarly course they could. Sometimes things dont work out as planned or look amazing on paper, but in reality dont turn out as hoped. Most riders put their best foot forward and dropped in on the course provided for the sake of the sport and props to them. I truly hope the X-Games and ESPN welcome back Slopestyle for years to come.

Congrats to Rheeder for laying down another flawless run and taking home gold!!
  • 1 0
 Every comp has guys complaining if the course doesn't suit their particular style. Too many DJ's and the big mountain guys complain. Drops too big and the one-brake/DJ guys complain. This was just a case of the DJ kids getting served on a really big course. The wind was the same for everyone, so it doesn't really count.
  • 1 0
 It is the FMB. Derek is right about having to suck it up and ride. They are all professional freeride mountain bikers they should be able to ride the gnarliest trails in the worst conditions and not demand perfect trails. That's why he gave props to Rheeder & Semenuk for just sending it and for Zink at least trying to go for it despite his injuries.
  • 1 0
 I've always been a fan of Pilgrim but not fun enough? Ok kiss those points goodbye! It's a bicycle... it has pedals... Props to the boys who went to task and pulled off mad tricks! Rheeder's front flip/bar spin was sick, he really made the course work!
  • 1 0
 I think fair play to the riders that hit it but if u manage qualifying why not just MAN UP AND SMASH FINALS for the fun aspect ! top 3 all killed it surprised in soderstrom for not hitting finals he usually hits the bigger stuff like andreuys jumps and crankwork ect but my question ???? HOW WOULD SAM REYNOLDS HAVE DONE ????????????
  • 2 0
 That's where FMB needs to pull up eliminated riders to fill in for finals riders that back (pussy) out.
  • 1 0
 So much bullshit from people who have clearly never rode anything big. You can keep your trap shut if you think the course is easy, of course wind is going to be a big obstacle and its perfectly understandable if a rider doesn't want to get thrown 20 ft from the landing.
  • 1 0
 After read some comments on here from other individuals i have to agree and disagree on some points . Yes i do believe that when the tough times are on then you need to man up and get her done . I salute all the riders that saved face for our sport and showed the world that MTB belongs in the Xgames . Sam Pilgrim was honest about his opinion and given the chance he would have threw down with the rest of them if he qualified for the finals but he didn't . To guys that didn't ride Martin Söderström, Thomas Genon and Yannick Granieri i see your point about the wind and other issues but you have to grow a pair and send it like the others or at least give up your spot to another to full fill there dreams to ride in the games i excluded German rider Peter Henke because sustained a thigh contusion and couldnt ride
  • 5 2
 Course builders couldn't accept comments by others. But at least someone spun the bars. Big Grin
  • 1 0
 it this a statement or just a comment....because last I´ve heard, the claw was giving them advise...
  • 5 1
 too bad trek still don´t sell rheeders ride...!
  • 2 0
 yeah, but i probably couldn't afford it!
  • 3 0
 Hope for a better contest next year, with everyones happy about the trail. And a great show for the fans
  • 4 0
 Damn ! Cam is a wise Man. Listen to that Dude
  • 3 2
 I respect sam pigrim for being honest and telling it like it is. But not as much as i respect sorge for throwing the best tricks he knows crashing in the wind and riding again. Its mountain bike you will get hurt.
  • 1 0
 positive: last 2 runs, nice spot, attitude of those riders, pilgrims quote "courses that we actually wanna ride all day long!".
neg: course, sam reynolds not invited, payment to see web replay...
  • 2 0
 The prelims were sick... check them out. Weather happens, moving on. Congrats Rheeder!!!
  • 3 0
 I love Cam McCaul (no homo)
  • 1 0
 no idea, but at one time if either a new great production or a podium, dont want to see you guys telling what a great rider pilgrim is
  • 1 0
 Let's be honest: nobody really knows the X-Games in Germany/Europe. That would explain why the Euro riders were less fussed with dropping out ...
  • 1 0
 well thats BS
  • 3 0
 Nice images.
  • 5 2
 Derek knows
  • 2 0
 T-Mac looks engaged in deep thought.
  • 3 0
 Omg photos! I love it!
  • 2 0
 Hey Ali - you killed it. See you in Andorra!
  • 2 0
 Derek speaks the truth! CANADA
  • 1 0
 Westerlund I think hit the nail on the head. Pilgrim just came off sounding like a prima donna.
  • 2 0
 who are the riders that dropped out?
  • 3 1
 Take a seat pilgrim ya dyke
  • 1 0
 When the going gets tough,,The tough get going....I think if I was these guys sponsors I would not be happy.
  • 1 0
 I'm surprised Semenuk didn't try the flip whip on one of the drops like he did back at Joyride.
  • 2 0
  • 4 2
 No opinion from Semenuk?
  • 10 1
 Have you seen him talking ermm.. a lot? He keeps to himself mostly, my opinion.
  • 10 2
 probably because everyone here jumps on him for every move he makes...as you just proved
  • 7 0
 That's one of the reason he's my favorite riding guy. He's so accomplished, yet very humble. It's very easy to respect a guy like that.
  • 2 0
 On his short interview on espn he basically said it was awesome and Rheeder had the sickest, most dialed run of the day...
  • 1 0
 I'm not jumpin n him I'm just wondering why they got everyone but his opinion especially since he was the silver medallist
  • 4 5
 i think the course totally sucked balls....everything was too big and at least thorught the tv didnt looked like the riders could give 100%
  • 1 0
 waiting for us was also tough, but it was worth it Big Grin
  • 1 1
 The course looked super shitty to try and trick and the wind was crazy! I'm bummed that this was our x games debute.
  • 1 0
 cam mccaul is so god damn wise.
  • 1 0
 derek said it right, maccauls too.
  • 1 0
 Well done fairy boys for going home
  • 1 0
 Why has it taken so long?
  • 1 1
 What happened to Bearclaw? He was even on the new P. Slope!
  • 2 0
 He got 4th (should have taken 3rd)

He bailed just before finals. f*cked up his shoulder and taco'd his wheel. Borrowed a wheel off someone else and ran up the hill to make his final run. On a borrowed wheel with a blown shoulder STILL killed it. He's a boss. Good Canadian kid!
  • 1 0
 That sucks for him, he's a talented rider.
  • 1 0
 was stoked on it
  • 1 2
 are xgames a brand that fmb thinks it now needs to live?
  • 6 8
 Id like to see Derek Westerlund ride the course.. Lol
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