Video: You Yangs Sunset Session

Jan 15, 2013 at 0:04
Jan 15, 2013
by LCSVisual  
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After a long day of swinging hammers and fixing bikes Bruno and Chad make their way to the You Yangs Bike Park 45mins outside of Melbourne. Bruno, a French Bike Mechanic from the European Alps who finds himself living in the city of Melbourne and Chad, an Australian Builder who regularly gets loose after work on the nearby trails. The duo battle their way down the trails, exploring the dusk light in the You Yangs Range.

The You Yangs Bike Park is situated between Melbourne city and Geelong to the south west. While it's only a small mountain range (possibly just a hill) by world standards it packs quite a punch for its size. Offering everything from easy XC, fun and flowy All Mountain and tough DH trails. Although not the longest trails, they consist of varying conditions that keep riders on their toes from start to finish

While the XC bikes were fun the boys are keen to take the DH bikes out filming to show what this place is really like. Stay tuned for more to come...

Filmed and Edited by: LCSVisual
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 Cool vid, good angles and a few follow edits are pretty sweet.

You Yangs for me feel like a work in progress. You get a good bang for your buck on the downhill trails. But there just seem to be oddities thrown in that need to be ironed out. Particularly in the hits department. There are quite a number of hits that boost you into the flats across various trails. There are also big 'humps' that you're not exactly sure what to do with, with a bit of tweaking they could be great jumps (im thinking hits similar in size to crank it up, Whistler).

As for the XC trails. Maybe im riding the wrong ones, but they tend to be a haphazard mix of S's around trees.

All that said, it's plenty of fun and keeps me coming back. Last time I was there the bobcat was out and about doing to trails mods so fingers crossed it just keeps getting better.

Looking forward to the DH vid lads.
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 I live 30 minutes from the You Yanys and yes its a "small mountain", but it doesnt matter how big it is, its how you use it Wink
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 Fun looking trails and good edit. Little on the slow side but that's okay, nothing like just cruising along after a long day at work. The whole time I was watching this I kept imagining myself tearing those rock faces up! I get way too amped up when I ride to ever go that slow on such sweet trails. But to every man his own.
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 Hi Chad, Bruno

Great video lads, I was just trying to link up with riders in Australia, well mainly chad for his building contacts, I've had my own plumbing business for Fifteen years and been plumbing and heating for twenty, I am a member of northern collective mountain biking group in Bolton England for about five years but been riding as far back as I can remember, Blasting local trails and also travelling to France and Italy For MTB holidays, Competed in the mega avalanche twice which was amazing.
Me and my wife and three kids where contemplating on moving to Australia and it would be good to make contact to get some advice on plumbing and heating jobs in the country. Also it would be good to move to the right place for MTB and all other sports.
Give us some feedback or you can catch me on Facebook. Thanks Ian Read ( England )
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 Hi ian whats you profile pick on facebook? There is like 200 ian reads on there lol
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 That trail looks like a blast to play on!
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 Looks exactly like Gooseberry Mesa....
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 broke my elbow there a couple of months ago, used to be my local :-) not a bad place
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 sweet video. Regular cruising and riding. That Alt-J has been out for some time around here. Give 102.7 weqx a listen. Damn up on it with new music station.
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 what is the music? dig it
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 Alt () J - fitz... something I dont remember lol fin it on youtube
  • + 4
 fitzpleasure alt-j Smile
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 epic to see an all mountain edit instead of the usual dj and dh ones Big Grin
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 Song is Alt-J, Fitzpleasure
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 just so everyone knows, this song is about a girl sticking a broom in her hoo-haa.
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 those bikes are way overkill for that track
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 What if that's the only bike they have?
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 Haters gunna hate!!
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 cool trails
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 If a guy running with a camera is keeping up with you...MOAR SPEED
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