The Dudes of Hazzard: Slay the Brown Serpent – Video

Apr 19, 2017
by Dudes of Hazzard  
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Three boys battering an enchanted brown serpent as it slithers down the hill. This video will corrupt your computer and probably get you on the register but its oh so worth it. Filthy riding in some of the finest dirt around. Remember, happiness is only a slop filled shovel away…

MENTIONS: @dudesofhazzard / @Canyon-PureCycling

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 I asked my girl if I could slay the brown serpent with her the other night and she said ok, but only if I did the housework for 2 weeks. It was worth it.
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 @isolationismdivision: Fern.
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 Imagine a movie: Dudes of Hazzard & 50to01.
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 A bigger slice of british pie. Its got all the boys
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 @estecallo that exact movie is coming out today. Get over to Dirt later..
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 @caldwellvisuals: yeewww thanks!
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 I've been out looking for a place to do this for ages. This with a BBQ and some beers would be an epic day. Bikes are rad eh.
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 so many wonderful turns! and NO MUD!!!
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 no mud? it doesn't count then Wink
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 Couldn't dig that in a year here in So Cal. It looks sweet.
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 My first thought when I watched this was "oh man, I have to make myself one!" I then realized I live in SoCal
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 Always a gem from this boys, damn you pinkbike for posting this in the middle of the week, and after i hurt my shoulder badly following those Abi's yoga videos.
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 Repetitive strain presumably?
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 @alexhyland: Ahahahahaa
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 I've slapped turns as fast as them before... I just generally fly off the bike a second later from the G-out.
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 Joe Barnes and Brendog are the reasons that I start mountain biking. Their videos got me hooked!!!!!
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 Honing your skills in the 'brown pow' epic, the essence of mountain biking.
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 Looks a bit dry Lachlan
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 I hope they won`t visit my garden full of strawberries.....
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 If they do just call the Anti-Pesto S.W.A.T. Team.
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 3 dirty hoes making some brown pow. Looked like a fun ride.
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 What ride? It was about 50m long
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 @chrismac70: it's not the length that matters. It's what you do with it that counts.
That's a ride to me. How many as did they do all day and now did they get there
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 Shredding 3 curves down a hill is exactly what that matters? Sure they have fun, but i don't really consider that worth watching, sorry. Tom van Steenbergens new edit is pure extrem shredding, gullyvers travel video is pretty epic- this here is just 3 guys shredding 3 curves on a 50m thing...
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 @elefantenvogel: I agree that it wasn't the same as an epic shred video put together with the riders film crew and edited shots etc. But for a self film of 3 elites having fun and showing that they are the same as everybody else. It was great to see. If only other top riders showed their human side and were less scripted. Wouldn't that be great.
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 Is that anything like "riding the baloney pony down the Hershey Highway"?
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 Roost count=10000000000000000000000
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 Nice one
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 Sooooo smooooth! Kicking it baeys!
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 Them boys love a bit of loam!!
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 seems a bit destructive in its intent - perhaps if they were building a longer route instead of digging up randomly in the middle of a hillside, that would make more sense...
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 Agreed seems completely pointless
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