Commencal’s A La Carte Program - Your Way in the USA

Nov 8, 2017
by COMMENCAL bicycles  
The USA gets ALC!

Our A La Carte Program has been a success in Europe and now it's time to spread the joy. Let's face it if you're building up your COMMENCAL frame exactly how you want it, with components from top brands.

Changing your bike doesn't necessarily mean you have to buy a whole new complete bike. Our A La Carte Program is certainly the most flexible and economical way to get just what you want.

A new bike is above all a framework and the starting point of your build. Then we offer a selection of perfectly compatible parts which allows you to build the bike exactly how you want it. Do you want to keep your favorite wheels? No problem!

Above all, the A La Carte program gives you the chance to benefit from the best prices for those components that normally make up a complete bike.

With the notion that you have the complete bike that is unique to you!

There’s a cherry on top too.

Some frames are different colors to those sold as complete builds and they're only available as part of this program.
So your COMMENCAL will definitely not resemble your neighbors!




  • + 68
 I would hope that my Commencal doesn't resemble my neighbors. They don't look like bikes at all. More like people.
  • + 42
 Your neighbors sound ugly
  • + 12
 Apostrophes are important, ain't they?
  • + 2
 @curranmtb: thanks hombre
  • + 3
 @Jimmy0: It's funny you should say that because Cedric Gracia is our neighbor in Andorra Wink
  • + 35
 "Do you want to keep your favorite wheels? No problem!"

Cool. They're 26", 15x100mm, 12x142. Let's rock.
  • + 5
 hahahah! EXACTLY
  • + 10
 @twozerosix: was gonna say "20" Motomags with a coaster brake"
  • + 5
 Hell yeah, just a non-boost option so I could make a fun META HT AM build and just swap my wheels when I want to ride it. I don't really need two sets of carbon AM wheels. Boost sucks...
  • + 3
  • + 15
 I went on there but the only options are Fox for fork/shock and Shimano for drivetrain... hope they add more options since that is a fairly limited A La Carte menu... "Your choices are vanilla... and... vanilla!"...
  • + 1
 check out the euro builder. Much more robust, super cool.
  • + 20
 For sure there will definitely be more products popping up, this is just the start...
  • - 2
 No other options are necessary. Rock shox maybe but Sram pails in comparison to Shimano.
  • + 4
 Neat idea, but I could buy the frame and build it with other parts/components I like for cheaper than the selections they offer.
  • + 3
 Love the fact that I can omit parts and just order frame and parts I would want/need to build a complete bike.
  • + 3
 Nice idea!

Anyone know what the price point for a bike is?

I'd like something to compare to that 10K mondraker...
  • + 3
 Bravo Commencal! Well done.
  • + 1
 I hope all big brands start doing this and then maybe they will eventually not charge retail brick and mortar prices per selection.
  • + 1
 I like the idea a lot. Look at Fanatiks bike builder for example, I just think they absolutely need more options for parts in order for this to work.
  • + 2
 Any plans to bring to Canada?
  • + 2
 Why not the supreme sx frame.
  • + 1
 Will the Meta TR be included in this coming up?
  • + 0
 Awesome idea, well done commencal
  • - 2
 I love everything about Commencal except the fact that they don't make 26. That's why I don't have one.
  • + 1
 I have a 26" DH bike I am looking to sell. PM me if you're interested.
  • + 1
 run 26" and find a set of plus size 26" tires. they'll run exactly the same overall diameter as 27.5s and not throw off the geo.
  • + 1
 @TBagTantalizer: That's an idea. Thanks for that
  • - 3
 Just built my dream bike for 5,300.00-that's one hell of a decent price.
  • - 1
 No trailbike offering?
  • + 6
 There are 2 META AMs right there so yeah, 2 Smile
  • + 0
 @COMMENCALbicycles: I was referring to the TR. do you guys have plans to introduce that at any point?

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