A Long Strange Trip Back to the BC Bike Race

Oct 2, 2021
by BC Bike Race  

BC Bike Race
“The Ultimate Singletrack Experience”

Back after an un-planned two-year hiatus, (Thanks Covid), the 15th edition of the BC Bike Race is ready to roll, in an all-new location, Penticton and the South Okanagan region, British Columbia, Oct 2- 8th, 2021.

What a long, strange trip it’s been, as I’m sure you’re all aware this hasn’t been an easy road to navigate – like a black diamond trail, never before ridden, throwing features at you left, right and center, stay on your toes and keep pivoting, dance monkey dance. Well, here we are ready for a fall classic to unfold.

Four mens champions, former and current are all taking the start line; Felix Burke, Geoff Kabush, Corey Wallace and Kris Sneddon with unknown commodities like Karsten Madsen coming in to spice up the mix, who will have the jam to win. With all new venues on hand, never before seen trails, trail configurations, and premium fall conditions to keep the engines cool and revving, this year’s edition is looking to be a battle royal of epic proportions.

On the women’s side we have an all-star lineup of Canadian talent many coming straight off the World Cup Circuit and some even from the Tokyo Olympic Games; Emily Batty, Laurie Arsenault, Haley Smith, and Sandra Walter, plus returning runner up from the 2019 BC Bike Race Courtenay McFadden (USA). With no Katarina Nash to contend with, who will triumph and be the fastest woman at the ‘Ultimate Singletrack Experience”

Racing is getting underway and it’s going to be exciting, nail-biting, and only mellowed by the Merlot and Chardonnay toasted at the finish lines in the beautiful wine country of British Columbia. From burly, gnarly, rock-strewn singletrack to fast undulating berms, slabs and awe-inspiring views this seven (7) stage, six (6) day route has it all. Stay tuned for the unfolding story as we bring you highlights from BC Bike Race 2021, the “Ultimate Singletrack Experience”.

The BC Bike Race kicks off this weekend – Oct 2-8, 2021 
For more info stay tuned – daily reports and media coming

A special thank you to our partners and sponsors:

Shimano, Rocky Mountain, Shimano, Maxxis, Fox, Clif Bar, Pearl Izumi, Lazer, BC Ferries, Whistler Brewing, Redbull, Penticton and founding sponsor Harbour Air



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 My plan is to buy something like the Ibis Exie or that new Rocky Mountain mid 2022 and start training for the 23 edition of the BC Bike Race. It’s going to be my 50th birthday present to myself.
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 Get after it Mick-e!
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 If Ibis I'd recommend the Ripley, honestly think you'll have more fun overall vs a XC oriented bike like Exie. That new RM bike is slick, SB 115 too....those 120/130 lightweight bikes are the ticket IMO.

I did it on my 2018 Tallboy (110) with 120 fork, adequate, but was wishing for a bit more bike in places...

It's fun!
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 @RadBartTaylor: agreed - I rode it on a Pivot 429Trail and it was a great bike for it. 120-130 rear and 130-140 front is the right call for BCBR.
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 Kazimer vs Levy epic.
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 This will make up for the missed Richie/moir show down!
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 Id watch that
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 Dude, yes!
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 Pretty stoked to see what unfolds this week on my home trails!
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 See you there next year! Been wanting to race it for ten years. I was originally bummed at the change to the format, but overall it sounds easier on the racers and organizers, and easier for my wife to come with and enjoy wine country.
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 This one calls to me, makes me want to start doing some long training rides.
Who's in?

Can't wait to hear the updates.
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 If you ever get the chance to go… do it. Didn’t compete but finished it in 2017 and it was so awesome. Tackled it on a Nomad so you can do it on any bike with enough fitness haha.
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 I saw a clip of the ‘neutral’ start on Canadian MTB insta .. it looks awesome, but it looked like Batty was sprinting to the front of the pack which seemed a bit weird to me. How are neutral starts supposed to work?!
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 What I love about stage races is that you keep traveling and get to see different locations. This race was on top of my to-do list but this is a bummer that they changed the course and always start and finish in the same place. I know how challenging it can be to stay every day at a different location, but that's what makes it also special and if you're lucky enough to have someone supporting you, it can be an adventure for them as well! - Ask my dad.. Smile )
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 Paying someone $2k for the privilege to race is not my jam. I'm sure it is a fantastic event, but $2k and just for race registration?? Lots of people feel differently though..,

2021 Race Entry – $1,999
($1,626.42 USD, €1,362.55)
Note: The above pricing is in Canadian Dollars. Currency conversions as of 06/28/2021. This price is just your race registration. It does not include transportation or tenting. A $5/day charge will be added to each registration in support of local trail associations.
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 Agree, North America is way too expansive for bike events. i love racing and it's not comparable to riding it solo, but as example I did a 3 day stage race in Belgium for 50 EUR with feed stations, after race meal, bike wash, showers etc. Transalp is one of the most famous in Europe and is still under 1000 EUR (I think 850 EUR early bird) for 7 days with different finishing locations every day and it includes the transport back I believe. The most ridiculous though are the $200 Gravel one-day events!
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 I love that BC Ferries is a sponsor for a ride in Penticton.
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 Makes sense no? For the same reason Vegas hotels advertise in Calgary?
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 @pcledrew: People want to get out of Calgary. The only vessel that people in Penticton want to ride is their floaties down the canal.
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 The race has always been on Vancouver island and sunshine coast to north van or Squamish. It's been like that for years and likely the logistics and covid restrictions forced a venue change. It will probably be back on the coast in the near future. Bc ferries has always supported it as it's been necessary to facilitate moving the race from the island to Powell river and down the coast to the mainland.
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 Always wanted to do this just to participate and ride some new trails. Is it fun for someone who has no intentions of competing?
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 Absolutely. Did it in 2018 with no delusions of even breaking into mid pack, had a blast.
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 Signed up for next year, and was a 2019 finisher. This truly is best week on a bike! The nicest folks and what appears to be amazing new terrain to explore. Hope all enjoy their week in BC.
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 Anyone know of an Enduro race that happens over the winter? Doesn't have to be in North America.

Missed out on the season due to injury and won't be race ready till xmas.
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 What's the difference between the BC bike race and Trans-Cascadia? Is this more of an endurance/xc-format?
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 Yeah, xc vs enduro. Almost all of the day's riding is timed in BCBR while TC mostly just the downs are. Some pedally and small climbs in, but any big climbs are probably neutral. Also, a bigger skill set/bike handling ability is needed for TC, at least comparing BCBR'18 to TC'21
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 Probably a better direct comparison between Trans-BC (which isn’t running again until 2022) enduro and Trans-Cascadia enduro.
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 Dream race!
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 Does the race entry cost include accommodation?
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 I think its more or less all-inclusive
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 They do have that option, but you can also set up your own. #bestweekonabike
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 It does not this year due to covid. Normally it does though.
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 @vancouver-bound: hmm.. why so pricey then? Or is it just me being poor? :/
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