2014 Smith Optics Roster

Jun 3, 2014
by Smith Optics  
Since 1965, Smith Optics has been dedicated to making products for those who live life outside walls and our decades long commitment to mountain biking has never been stronger. Our roster of athletes includes the biggest names in Freeride, Downhill, and Enduro and these world class athletes trust Smith Optics and Helmets to perform under the most demanding circumstances. We are really proud to have this awesome group of riders representing not only our brand, but the sport of mountain biking in general. Get to know the 2014 Smith Bike Team...

SMITH World Cup DH

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Steve Peat: World Champion, a record 17 World Cup wins, 52 World Cup podiums, and an old school style that still gets top 10 results, Peaty is the MAN. Smith Bike Athlete since 1997

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Aaron Gwin: 2x Overall World Cup champion, Gwin is the guy to beat on today’s World Cup circuit. Smith Bike Athlete since 2009

SMITH Freeride

Brandon Semenuk rides during Red Bull Rampage Finals in Virgin Utah USA on 13 October 2013.
Brandon Semenuk: Crankworx Champion, Red Bull Rampage Champion, Overall FMB Champion. Smith Bike Athlete since 2007

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Cam McCaul: Fan favorite, funnyman, and master of going big. Smith Bike Athlete since 2004

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Graham Agassiz: Big Mountain rider who blends slopestyle moves in gnarly terrain. Smith Bike Athlete since 2009

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Brett Rheeder: Slopestyle technician, contest king, and all around nice guy. Smith Bike Athlete since 2011

Tyler McCaul rides during Red Bull Rampage practice in Virgin Utah USA on 11 October 2013.
Tyler McCaul: Slopestyle, big mountain, and wicked whips, T-Mac does it all with style. Smith Bike Athlete since 2007

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Kirt Voreis: Living legend who has seen and done it all. From World Cup podiums and trick filled segments in movies, to mentoring the youth, Voreis' skills on the bike are matched only by his sense of humor. Smith Bike Athlete since 2006

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Anthony Messere: Electrifying slopestyle rider not afraid to mix it up in any kind of terrain. Smith Bike Athlete since 2011

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Ryan Howard and Greg Watts

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Kenny Smith, Matt Hunter and Mike Hopkins

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Dylan Dunkerton and Curtis Robinson

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Bas van Steenbergen and Tom van Steenbergen

SMITH Enduro

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Adam Craig, Olympian for XC, now a top 10 finisher in 2013 Enduro World Series. Smith Bike Athlete since 2003

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Joey Schusler DH, Enduro, adventure travel, Joey does it all. Smith Bike Athlete since 2004

rider Matthew Slaven John Gibson Photo
Matt Slaven, residing in the PNW, this family man continues to be a wrecking force on the circuit. Smith Bike Athlete since 2011

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Lars Sternberg All around ripper, Lars helped develop the Forefront Helmet. Smith Bike Athlete since 2013

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Ben Cruz, Marco Osborne, Nate Hills, Iago Garay, and Kyle Warner


Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Carolynn Romaine

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Lindsey Voreis and Sarah Rawley

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Claire Buchar

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Katie Holden and Miranda Miller

Smith Optics 2014 Roster
Sarah Leishman

Smith Optics 2014 Roster

Smith Optics Enduro Roster featuring the Forefront Helmet and Eyewear
Ben Cruz - @bencruz_ridelife
Lars Sternberg - @larsnbars
Joey Schusler - @joeyschuslerNate Hills - @natehills1
Marco Osborne - @marcosborne92
Iago Garay - @iagogarayKyle Warner - @kylerwarnermtb
Casey Coffman - @caseyocoffman
Smith Optics Enduro Roster featuring Eyewear
Adam Craig - @an_adamcraig
Mark Weir
The Nomads – Chris Johnston, Dylan Wolsky - @thenomadsmtbRichie Rude - @richie_rude1
Matthew Slaven - @matthewslaven
Mason Bond @masonbond007
Mike West - #oldmanwestCarl Decker - @deckeratorNathan Riddle
The Rocky Mountain Urge Rally Team

Smith Women
Carolynn Romaine - @carolynnromaine
Sarah Rawley - @yetibetisarah
Lindsey Voreis - @lindseyvoreis
Kelli Emmett - @kelliemmettRosara Joseph - @rosarajoseph
Claire Buchar @kovarikracingKatie Holden @katieholden
Miranda Miller @millertime122
Sarah Leishman @leishner

Smith Optics Freeride Roster
Brandon Semenuk @brandonsemenukCam McCaul @cammccaul
Graham Agassiz @grahamagassiz
Brett Rheeder @brettrheeder
Tyler McCaul @tylermccaul
Kirt Voreis @kirtvoreis_allride
Anthony Messere @anthonymessere1
Matt Hunter @mattyhunterMike Hopkins @mikejhopkins
Kenny Smith @kennysmith9
Greg Watts @gregwatts1987
Tom van Steenbergen @tvansteenbergen
Bas van Steenbergen @basvsteenbergen
Dylan Dunkerton @dylandunkerton
Curtis Robinson @curtislrobinson
Ryan R-Dog Howard @r_doggystyles
Carson Storch @carsonstorch
Reece Wallace @reece_wallace
Logan Peat @loganpeatAnton Thelander @antonthelander
Matty Miles @mattygmiles
Brendan Howey @brendanhoweyIan Morrison @ian_morrison
Andrew Taylor @andrwtaylr
Chris Kovarik @kovarikracing
Dustin Schaad @dsschaad
Jeff Herbertson @jeffherb
Ace Hayden @aceslayden

Smith Optics World Cup DH Roster
Steve Peat @stevepeatAaron Gwin @aarongwin1

Follow all the action via @SmithOptics on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter as the season unfolds....

Smith Optics 2014 Roster

Thanks to photographers Christian Pondella, Justin Olsen, Sterling Lorence, Duncan Philpott, Kona Bikes, Fox Head, Gabe Schroder, Margus Riga, Long Nguyen, Harookz, Dave Trumpore, Gibson Pictures, Tim Bardsley-Smith, Mike Hopkins, lambchopsphoto.com

For more information, check out www.smithoptics.com

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  • 40 1
 Holy shit. Smith pretty much owns every notorious mountain biker in the game.
  • 5 1
 I am honestly surprised at their World Cup roster. Exclusive as shit from Gandi
  • 17 1
 So smith has pretty much the best squad in mountain biking.
  • 20 3
 And the worst looking helmets Wink . I've never seen that shot of Semenuk before. That is mindblowing.
  • 6 1
 Yeah I've never seen that angle either, and it is fucking GNARLY!
  • 8 3
 Have u both been living under rocks?
  • 2 1
 I sure have been haha, that was some gnar..that drop looked crazy from there..sick! Smith optics...... yep...got me a pair!
  • 1 6
flag enduro86 (Jun 3, 2014 at 16:29) (Below Threshold)
  • 2 5
 Edit: Link didn't work
  • 6 0
 This is the most stacked lineup I've ever seen. Smith's team is overpowered
  • 5 0
 Smith must pay better than Oakley...
  • 4 0
 hahaha! that is funny. Smith is a fraction of the size of $7B Oakley machine.
  • 2 0
 yeah I doubt Smith can hang with Oakley's budget, so it must be the Smith product/vibe that is superior and what these athletes want. Oakley sure does have huge road bike/spandex team though...
  • 3 0
 Smith trumps Oakley in quality as well as vibe. Oakley is pretty played out and everyone wears their glasses. If somebody wears Smith it's a pretty sure bet they're into some sort of outdoor sport. Plus Smith is made in the US with a lifetime warranty
  • 1 2
 Are you kidding me? Oakley is un-explainably superior to smith in terms of body and lenses in both biking and skiing.
  • 3 1
 Oakley are cheap and made in god-knows where. Smith are superior for dirt and for snow it's not even a question. Ask any outdoor professional what goggles he wears and they'll be Smith. My Uncle is a ski guide in Alaska who commutes by snowmobile everyday to his work and he swears by Smith. He says the only people who wear Oakleys up there are on their first Alaskan winter and haven't learned that they just aren't built for the punishment yet. Plus Smith always has the best deals for people in the industry and stay true to their roots as an outdoor company owned by outdoor enthusiasts. Oakley is a massive fashion company that puts function second to form and is owned by people who could give a crap about bikes and skis. Plus most of the people who wear Oakleys on the street are D-bags who have never seen a pair of skis and couldn't spell "bike" if their life depended on it. I've had a pair of Gascans and two pair of Crowbars and all I can say is...never again
  • 1 2
 I don't care what your uncle says. I lived in Alaska for ten years, and still go back a lot. I have used Oakleys the whole time. Bought a pair of i/ox's once, the foam squished in, the field of vision decreased, and the lenses fogged constantly. All in 2 weeks. Ask Sean Pettit, Tanner Hall, Henrik Harlaut, Sammy Carlson, Seth Morrison, Pep Fujas, Kye Peterson, Jacob Wester, Rory Bushfield, Richard Permin. All on Oakley.
  • 1 1
 Those guys get paid to use Oakley...People who don't get paid to use Smith choose to use them. If your I/OXs stopped working then take advantage of their awesome lifetime warranty and great customer service department. Oakley could give a crap if your goggles work and after a year your warranty is gone. Oakley is a fashion company, not a function company. It's like comparing The North Face to Kjus
  • 4 0
 Steve Smith isn't on Smith... killer roster though!
  • 3 0
 Matt hunter should at least have a bigger section
  • 2 1
 Norb got robbed again.
  • 5 0
 I think he's pretty happy riding for Oakley Wink
  • 2 3
 Smith arms is looking scarily strong

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