Video: Building A New Trail With First Nations Students - Race Face Creator Series

Aug 13, 2020
by Race Face  

The wait is finally over! Race Face presents the final film of the 2019 Creator Series initiative:
Hwuy’xwet Pune’luxutth (Opening Penelakut).

Filmmaker: Jason Mannings

Synopsis: At its core, Hwuy’xwet Pune’luxutth (Opening Penelakut) follows a group of First Nations students at Penelakut Island Elementary School as they work with trail builder Riley McIntosh to create a new mountain bike trail in the community. The film also weaves in the stories, culture, and history of Penelakut Island and its people.

Why We Chose this Film: We chose this film because it brings a new perspective to the world of trail building. These First Nations youth take on a sense of accomplishment and responsibility as they learn new skills working in the forest with Riley. This film also draws on the history and knowledge of members of the Penelakut tribe as they share their experience of growing up in residential schools and their hope for the future of their children, grandchildren, and community.

When we chose this film, we thought it was important to tell these stories, to help share different perspectives, and to expand the audience's view of not only the mountain bike world but also of local history. We think Jason did an impressive job weaving together the narratives of Penelakut Island's community and we hope you enjoy the film!

Jason Mannings has also set up a fundraiser through GoFundMe with proceeds going towards the trail building initiative on Penelakut Island for the 2020/2021 school year. If you have the ability, please head over there to donate!

Head to the Creator Series website to see more photos then over to the Race Face blog to read some thoughts by the filmmaker and trail builder.


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 Great to see mountain biking being brought to places and people that don't always get those opportunities.
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 It is amazing, Carcross, Hazelton, Soda Creek, hopefully much more in the future
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 This is awesome. The last few months have reminded us about the diversity problem our sport and many others face, and it’s often hard to find an example of what “right” looks like. This sure looks like a great start to me.
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 minor point - but title should be "Building a New Trail *with* First Nations Students"
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 I agree 100%
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 Yes! This - and I don't think that's a minor point.
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 Capital punishment for incorrect grammar
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 @CamNeelyCantWheelie: It's not a grammar issue.
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 Major point- agreed. I loved the collaborative and respectful way Riley approached this. Very cool to see. Kudos for the project and the opportunities something like this gives children and communities.
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 As it should be. Beautiful to get a glimpse of this healing process, thank you to everyone involved for doing this. Especially the kids! Nice work guys, you've built some magic in the forest there. .
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 This is film 10/10 for the series, but this film is 11/10. Absolutely amazing job by Jason, and as always, awe-inspiring work by Riley. Some people are destined for a particular purpose, and I feel that Riley is one of those people.
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 Awesome, Well done Race Face! More companies should get inspired by this. Indigenous people are the original landowners and land stewards of the places where we normally ride on! They deserve a lot more from us.
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 Best story I'm sure I'll see all day/week.
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 46 back flips, no gaps but probably the most important video posted on PB that I have seen. Riley's comment about coming into a community and asking what that community needs instead of telling them what they need, tells me a lot about his motives and commitment.
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 This is the best thing I've seen in a long time.
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 Great! Thank you, Time to give a little back now. SEND IT!
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 so happy to see riley's projects continuing and evolving! you guys can be really proud what you reached! Keep the spirits high and have fun!
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 This was so inspiring.
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 Yes!! This rules.
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 Amazingly well done film, worth the wait!
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