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See you in the mountains, and Love the Ride. Merry Christmas!

- Rocky Mountain Bicycles


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 "These parts aren't even enduro specific"
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flag mhoshal (Dec 22, 2015 at 5:47) (Below Threshold)
 Thank you Rocky Mountain. That was awesome!!! You may not be the best bike company out there but you definitely have a following and the coolest name in the business. Plus Wade has been my idol for over a decade lol.
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flag mhoshal (Dec 22, 2015 at 7:21) (Below Threshold)
 Who the hell downvotes a guy for giving mad props to a great company? WOW REALLY?
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 Any sentence that includes "you may not be the best" isn't "mad" props. But luckily your second comment wasn't douchey at all.
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flag mhoshal (Dec 22, 2015 at 7:58) (Below Threshold)
 Wow pinkbike is full of goof troll losers that know shit about the sport
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 Merry Christmas!
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flag mhoshal (Dec 22, 2015 at 8:01) (Below Threshold)
 When was the last time you saw a rocky on a wc podium? Ya that's what I thought!!!
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flag mhoshal (Dec 22, 2015 at 8:10) (Below Threshold)
 Fall in line sheep follow the leader bah bah bah
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flag mhoshal (Dec 22, 2015 at 8:15) (Below Threshold)
 Judging by that dope ass bike of yours in the whole 2 pics you have on your profile you know absolutely nothing about bikes in this decade lol
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 coming from the guy who's profile has this on the front: "im a dick to most people just cause i can be to those choosen few consider yourselves lucky lol:.......nuff said.
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 Was that Tippie as santa?
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 Lol, you shouldn't talk about how old people's bikes are when your profile is covered in pictures of a beat glory.
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 @mhoshal I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier, since 10:00 this morning I've been at work in one of the largest shops in the country. I suppose I should be grateful that I have a job here, since I know nothing about the sport. Passive-aggressive sarcasm aside, Rocky Mountain makes fantastic bikes. My shop does not carry them, but I own three. They have done very well in enduro and XC, and I would not be surprised to see the Maiden receive a warm welcome as well. I mainly come onto Pinkbike to look at content. I don't post very often, so I don't feel the need to post more pictures of myself. On social media you will find a lot more photos of my biking life, which I will not delve into because I don't feel the need to prove anything. Also, I don''t know what "old" bike you're talking about. The hardtail in my photo is a 2014 frame, with almost all components made in 2015. You may be referring to the 2008 Kona that I listed for sale almost three years ago. Yes, that bike is old, but is still within "the last decade." Also, I agree that Pinkbike can be full of goof troll losers, and you have proven that point better than anyone.
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 OMG, I've never had such downvote satisfaction in my life! It's like bubble wrap! Click Click CLICK CLICKKKKKK!!!
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 Round won by K.O.
Winner visser62
LOSER mhoshal

Merry Christmas to all bicycle fanatics out there !
And mhoshal there is this sport called soccer.... you might like that...just saying...
tup Salute
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 Ah... Really? Two years in a row the second ranked team on the EWS circuit brohime. That's a pretty heavy podium to be on especially when enduro bikes are the most relevant bikes out there these days.
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 Biking rocks. Soccer is fun. Feel the love
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 I'm a dick because I can be? What does that even mean? You should add a*shole and loser because you are if that really is your attitude.
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 I'm on my 3rd rocky, and I don't even care about podium finishes, coz they're just awesome bikes, and I don't need anyone else to tell me that...
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 That Mike guy gives mountain bikers a bad name. Sheesh.
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 @mhoshal, careful talking about peoples bikes not being from this decade that 06 Glory of yours is about to turn 10. Which makes it older than @visser62 's Kona in case math aint your thang... Maybe not the best avenue to pursue an argument, not unless you want to lose in which case CARRY ON its hilarious.
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 Dude-Bro pissed off Santa,
And now Santa is drunk-
All thanks to one selfish,
Ungrateful punk.

Mrs Claus asked Santa to sleep it off,
But Santa kicked her out of the house.
The elves tried talking sense to him,
"Santa, what have you done to your spouse?"

Santa kicked the elves out too,
Out into the bitterly cold night.
Reindeer, elves and Mrs Claus turning blue,
It was indeed a pitiful sight.

Santa left and locked the door,
Walking out with his sweet bike.
He hopped on and hauled ass,
And eventually wished he had a 26er with a pike.

My God! Santa exclaimed,
Oh, what a fool I am!
How near-sighted I've been, I must explain!
I just hope my family Is okay... Damn!

As Santa shredded through the night,
He regretted the outburst he'd had.
Shredding every corner with might,
Now overjoyed instead of mad.

His heart dropped to his belly though,
When he sprinted down the final straight-
And saw a circle of elves weeping,
Encircled around his lifelong mate.

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 Merry Christmas, f*ckers Smile
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 yeah bro, Santa needs to peace a little tho
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 The Santa is Tippie!!!! Ive always known it!
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 I actually have an Altitude frame on the way right now, my little Christmas gift to myself.
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 I too would like a 27.5 Rocky Mountain for Christmas... Please...
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 I love RMB's. I love the way the brand dictates itself. The athletes they sponsor and how it seems to be a big family. I have owned many of them over the years. Most of them awesome, some not so, (but that's ok!) All in all they are rad people, creating rad products for rad times.
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 in all honesty i wouldn't even care if a random dude in a red suit showed up at my house and gave me that bike theres many things you can do with it like have it for a winter ride, sell it for money, let your kid or your significant other have it, and so on
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 Moral of the story....There is always a better bike.
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 Is that a Durolux fork on the red bike?
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 yes, tippie is sponsered by SR suntor and him in the video.
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 Hahaa this is the funniest thing i seen in a while Smile
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 Wait.... So this means that Santa will show up at my house with a kitted out Rocky Mountain and then we'll shred through the night? I'm in!
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 Now that was good.
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 Not as good as last year's...
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 Those Enves..
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 Magura MT7 brakes is what i like to see!!!!!!
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 Thamkyou rocky " it all abought loving the ride" we all forget that some times but when i rember.....
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 Was the 'kid' the IFHT guy who did all the vids with 'faster than you' dude? Making it to MTB stardom!
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 The best bike Xmas vid yet!!
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 He must have been naughty.
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 hahaha, i love this video so much big brother!
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 He is getting a lump of carbon fiber coal next xmas.
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 ...receiving something bike related for xmas..? is to laugh...
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