Aaron Gwin And The Hunt For Gold - Video

Oct 6, 2016
by Red Bull Bike  

Join the American racer’s quest for his elusive first UCI World Championship medal. Learn more at www.redbull.com/bike

Title image by Nathan Hughes.

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 Aaron is one of those top notch riders, to me not just because of his accomplishments but because of his attitude. Always supportive of other riders, always has a smile on his face and just comes across as a genuinely nice person. You'll get it next year Aaron! And damn, that paint job on the already sexy YT is just perfect.
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 When he was with Trek and unbeatable, I wasn't really a fan. Over the years he's proven time and time and again how professional and positive he is in every situation. I'm sure he has his moments like everyone but he genuinely seems like a good dude. Good luck in 2017 Aaron! I hope the fight between him and Danny carrys on!
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 Met him a couple of years ago at Snow Summit. A very polite, focused person.
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 Like everyone has said the humility and grace with which he competes is second to none. I also admire the discipline and professionalism. Gwinn has raised the bar for the sport. There is no longer room on the podium for the naturally gifted athlete without a serious training plan, gym time, diet etc.
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 @humanpowered: there hasn't been since the 90s. don't be fooled even guys like ratboy were in gyms daily, tending to diets, etc. It's only getting harder and harder so the effort will be greater and greater, but it's not like people were slacking at all before Gwins time. All podium regulars for the past decade and a half have been training hard and putting in effort.
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 @atrokz: fair enough
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flag fullbug (Oct 6, 2016 at 12:00) (Below Threshold)
 thought you guys were all describing peaty! sheffield steel!
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 I like Arron. He rides fast.
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flag fullbug (Oct 6, 2016 at 15:01) (Below Threshold)
 @scott-townes: he's aight.
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 @makripper: I feel the same. When he started wiping the floor with everyone I didn't like him. Now I've seen a bit more of him, the ups and downs, I think he's a good dude.

I guess like Le Tour. People don't automatically love dominating riders. They love to see grit and determination, the hard days, the bad luck as well as the good. It's like a kind of romance, to see even the best having an off day. Even the best are fallible humans just like us.

Good luck next year Gwinner. Keep on Gwinning. Fingers crossed for the world champs. You deserve one.
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flag norcal77 (Oct 7, 2016 at 0:29) (Below Threshold)
 @atrokz: are you freaking kidding me? Guys were barely making enough in the 90s to keep themselves fed. Your spinning a false narrative. Go watch Danny's interview before his first win this season. I believe they had 3 weeks off and Danny said he hit the gym, took it seriously and really improved his fitness, then proceeded to dominate the rest of the season. How you got up votes is beyond me. You 1000% wrong. Drink another
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 @norcal77: wtf are you going on about. Go ask Sam Gee Minnar Nico Pete etc if they trained. Cliffs notes: they did. Barely making enough in the 90s? You mean when the scene had lots of money pumped in and guys like palmer were raking in cash? You mean those 90s? Man, two incorrect points in your useless diatribe. Go read some history before you spew more diarrhea.
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 @norcal77: also of note. Danny says he hit the gym and changed his program. Not that he just started training. You have litterally two decades of vida and articles and interviews about how these guys are continually upping their training. Heck I have old issues of Dirt that show this, from the early 2000s. But hey that all must be wrong and they must only be training since gwin does. Lmfao. Go smoke another rock ya wanker. History is not on your side.
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 @norcal77: Because everyone knows you can really improve your fitness in three weeks.
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 @jaame: don't forget the other gem about pay in the 90s... Nevermind that Missy made millions in that era, which was the highest paid era for DH cyclists... But forget that FACT! lmfao. "Montgomery remembers a “shrewd and tough” Ben Giove, working with executives at Cannondale and Volvo on her sponsorship contract. She earned $250,000 a year after her world title in ’94. In 1997, Cannondale-Volvo upped Giove’s year-long contract to $450,000." - Scott Montgomery, vice president of marketing at Cannondale..... yea, scraping by in the 90s, the most lucrative era in DH cycling, ever.
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 @atrokz @norcal77: Dudes be nice. I overstated it in my previous comment. I do think Aaron has raised the bar again, but my hyperbole was a bit much and unintentionally pejorative to other racers.
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 @atrokz: your high as a kite!
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 @norcal77: yea never-mind that I used actual stats. Know what Palmer got paid? I do... it's on the web, check it out sometime.
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flag norcal77 (Oct 7, 2016 at 11:09) (Below Threshold)
 @atrokz: i checked snopes, apparently everything you say is a lie. lol
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 Better attitude than Cam Newton Razz
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 gee looks like johnny quid from rocknrolla
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 @norcal77: Care to provide a link to that? Though I agree it's most likely false, I'd be willing to bet money that Snopes doesn't have an article on how much Missy was making as a rider.
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 @makripper: Throw a healthy Loic Bruni in the mix and we're in for an incredible battle!
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 Hate him or love him. But there's no denying the make of a champion and an ambassador to the sport. After these presidential elections are done. This country will need people like Gwin to show the world. Americans are not what our television networks portray.
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 Amen and Halleluia to that
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flag abzillah (Oct 7, 2016 at 11:22) (Below Threshold)
 Where the F***K are you living son? Racism is strong as ever here at home.
We definitely have a lot of intelligent people, but the ignorant and dumb out number them at least 20 to 1.
Brought to you by Trump 2016, Make Merica great again.
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 Aaron shows by far the best sportsmanship of any athlete. Cant wait to see him race again next year. Always rooting for Gwin, God bless bro!
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 Aaron Gwinn defines professional athlete. With the number of narcissistic idiots filling the ranks of professional sports it's nice to see a man like Gwinn setting the bar higher.
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 I have to give him props for handling it way he does. Every year its something for him and he just comes out of it saying "it is what it is and we will be better next year". The run of bad luck/bad runs that he has had at world champs would break most riders, so good on him for keeping his head held high.
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 That sweetness when you finally get that stripes will give everybody a tooth decay!
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 What a class act, no excuses, owns his mistakes, charges back harder next time...Inspiring.
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 Well said
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 Aaron is an amazing guy. A true Champ. Met him at the Cairns WC and he was the only DHer to watch his XC teammates on the day. Was staying in the same hotel and caught up with him when he was washing their bikes after the race!
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 Damn! That's cool as hell!!
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 Gwin seems to be doing a Peaty when it comes to worlds.
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 That's what I have been thinking. Peaty has 1 World Champion Gold, but his Attitude and Professionalism and Drive have made him a Legend. I think that is what we are seeing in Gwin.
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 Was gonna say the same thing. Been feeling that for a little while now; they both kick(ed) ass in the WC season, but for some reason it just doesn't fall into place at World's. Peaty obviously had more of the party/cool guy factor, but Gwin has the laid back attitude. Both are great ambassadors for the sport with great followings of people! I think Gwin will deff win one at some point, but I hope we don't have to wait for him to turn 35 to see it!!
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 4X World Cup Overall Champion?

4X is back!
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 what are you doing in MTL? Weren't you in Cali?
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 Funny...when they put that on the screen, I did a double-take!!
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 I dont understand how Gwin keeps losing to Hart. Hes fucking gluten free ffs.
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 Gluten free? psh. Danny only feeds upon old bike parts and the occasional piece of bark/wood. You gotta be at one with nature and the bike bro.
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 @Jack-McLovin: All washed down with a pint of WD-40
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 Because Hart completed the course in a smaller amount of time.
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 @freerideglory: Bahahahaha!!!!!
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 @freerideglory: Orrrrrrrrr, a shorter amount of time even.
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 @zer0c00l44: Shorter length of time even.
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 @freerideglory: same thing bro.
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 @zer0c00l44: Could just be me being weird but I've always gone one or the other.. Never mixed the two. Shorter length of time, or smaller amount. Can't have a shorter amount of anything? Think it's just me being a grammar Nazi
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 @freerideglory: Or, he was faster over the course Wink
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 @charlielynes: then he could well just be a helicopter? He was the fastest down the track? Wink
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 such a humble cool dude.
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 Funny how for the past several years PBers have harshed on him, but the second he rides for a team that is not one of the big companies, everyone starts to love him again like in his Yeti days. Fact is, he's a great guy. Always chatting it up in line with fellow riders at Snow Summit, passes you safely haha! You really wouldn't even know he's a pro except the Red Bull helmet and the insane speed he carries.
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 @rubberelli I've found that most of the elite athletes are hugely humble. There are obvious exceptions who think the world owes them something and their shit attitude reflects this.
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 @Joebro1995: Rachel athertons brother (cue neg props)
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 @freerideglory: In person or just from vids?
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 @Joebro1995: I've not met Gee in person, but the likes of Sam Dale, Ratty and Danny Hart I've met and they're great guys. I may be wrong about Gee but he comes across as an ass to me
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 @freerideglory: Gee seems like a nice guy to me and I have exactly the same amount of personal interaction with him as you. He puts on great events like Hardline and the Foxhunt for the sport, gives up his spot in Champs when he knows he can't win, he's a great promoter of the brands that sponsor him, he obviously cares about family above all else. Plus, he is one of the fastest humans on the planet. How can someone who has never met him think otherwise?
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 @Rubberelli: I just don't like him, simple as that. I agree he's a great ambassador for the sport but I don't like him.
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 @freerideglory: Classic, there we go.
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 I'm just impressed he didn't end up wrecking hard when his tire went. Could have been a lot worse. Good save!
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 Like Dale Sr. it took him a bunch of years to win "The Big One", Daytona 500. Aaron, too will win "The Big One" World Champs. It will make it that much more special. Go Aaron!!
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 One of the best ever! Got the pleasure to meet him at Bootleg Canyon! Super chill dude!
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 What Gwin really deserves is a medal of honor. Not the military version, but one specifically for the mountain biking legend that he has become.
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 Rob left the black beard dye on for a little longer than recommended.
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 Gwinny's a great rider and I know he's gonna take it one day. With the mindset he has it's pound to happen!
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 J'ai peine à comprendre pourquoi Aaaron est aussi peu considéré sur Pinkbike…. C'est l'un des plus grands de son sport. Je lui souhaite de gagner l'an prochain!
Up the AARON!!!!
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 Spoiler Alert- He doesnt win
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 Should have gone with 4 clicks!
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 One day Aaron, one day. When it happens, it will be amazing.
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 steve peat curse.
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 Excuse my ignorance, but can someone explain to me why he's running tubes?
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 Same reason a lot of WC riders run them: keep the tire in the bead and avoid burping. Takes more pressure than mere mortals can handle at speed tho.
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 Dem feels. Still got nervous for him even though I knew the outcome lol
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 Class. Humble, yet confident. Very aware of both his ability and the fickleness of the sport.
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 That was a really good video! Makes me wish the Parkins were still doing WC DH coverage full time. Parkins please come back to the dark side.
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 We haven't gone anywhere!! Check the Red Bull site for the daily videos that sometimes don't get posted here.
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 There's always next year bro. Chin up, push hard, and love what you do.
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 gwin and hart are my super bike heros.. and time for wc will come... also for gwin Smile
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 why do people keep spelling his name like Gwinn? It's right at the top in the title ffs.
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 It's an abbreviation of Gwinner or Gwinning.
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 I wear your shirt with pride.
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 Aaron is Superhero !
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 Really cool dude with great attitude and professionalism!
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 Definitely he will got his stripes in perfect time.
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 jak się nazywa muzyka od 2:58?
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 No one is going to mention the Maxxis tires on his bike?
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 Because it's already well known and documented all season that he is testing new tires for ONZA (what pros do when brought onto an old brand looking to change) and riding blacked out Maxxis tires.
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 Riders ride different tires all the time, it's a non issue that's why it's not really mentioned, it's common.
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 The Morewood-Kenda Tires team didn't bother blacking out the Maxxis tires on their race bikes. Run what gives the best shot at winning.
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 Curse of World Champ is END here (maybe) :o
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 True pro
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 Probably 3 click harder
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 What is he doing running Joey tubes? Tubeless all the way. Never had a flat riding downhill since I moved over
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 Something tells me Gwin probably rides a bit harder than you...and doesn't want his tires burping on those big hits
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 @kramedogg: running proper pressure alleviates that issue.
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