Downtime: Aaron Gwin - Video

Mar 31, 2016
by Red Bull Bike  

Off-season is rarely ever a time of rest when you're at the highest level of the sport. Catch up with Aaron Gwin at home in California to see where it all started and what he's been busy with in preparation for the new season. Gwin really does rip on any kind of bike.

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 those new brakes don't seem to be slowin him down at all
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 that was awesome, his video edits are always so damn fast!
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 That poor bike.
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 @jstarrboy: which one? :p
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 What the fuck
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 Gwin is a beast. Specialized fucked up
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 Ya I'd love to see a video on this workout. Or any pro workout for that matter. If anyone has a link to something like that pm it to me
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 Whats messed up is I know how much YT forked out for Gwin and knowing Specialized is a giant in the market you would of think that would be change to them. Well at least they got a champ for a champ.
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 Nothing is change to a bean counter I guess.
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 Gwinner is a fucking animal!
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 Would love to see Gwin race with some of the Temecula locals on vid. Love How they said he started with Yeti. Does anyone remember Yeti back in 2001-06? Glad people like Richie Rude and Cody Kelly have Yeti to help keep them hittin' hard. Those are the only one's I've met. Both slay the trails I've seen. As for Specialized, they don't make bad bikes, but I just don't like them like I did back in probably 03' as a company. I do respect what they make; I just don't like the company now after public records.
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 Awesome edit, awesome rider.
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 Dude is so fast and so smooth. Watch out WC Rock Jesus is coming for you.....
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 biblical berm blasting strait from the book of mob
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 "Maybe its called downhill but i call it enduro"
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 You mean people call it an enduro ride but I call it mans downhill is another mans cross country!
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 @deepcovedave: i see what you did there
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 @deepcovedave: Its XC cos he didn't wear knee pads or a back pack...
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 @headshot: Hahahajah I love that! Lol so true.
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 YT1 - Spesh 0 and they haven't started racing yet.
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 Film crew fricking great captured the flow, speed and loose style of him riding these awesome trails! Looking forward to WC!!
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 its only enduro if u have knee pads and goggles on.
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 for the bruises and face shots
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 Despite how hard he rips, I love how humble he is. Looking forward to how he and the new team work out.
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 Love the diverse cross training vs a more specialized approach.
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 I like what you did there.
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 I can't remember I've seen any other WC rider flying the MX bike the way Aaron does it in this video.
"High speed" in his head is probably another level compared to "High speed" that other riders are comfortable with.
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 Brendog and Danny Hart are pretty good at MX, specially Danny
  • 5 1
 check out bernard kerr
  • 1 0
 Andreu Lacondeguy is not a WC racer but hes insane on a dirt bike
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 Haul ass Gwin and keep the damn tires and chain on John Boy!! Send me something from Spain you bastard!!
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 You dropped that name harder than Gwin dropped his chain.
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 Would you not be stoked if one of the little kids from the bike shop you ran grew up to be Gwin's mechanic? I know I am stoked for John!!!
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 I hope he dominates. I don't mind everyone else racing for silver. The other teams look pretty good, but not this good. We'll see.
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 the last section of this video kind of blew my mind, that is so raw speed right there!
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 This guy fuckin rules
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 Yes he does! I cannot wait for this WC season to start Big Grin
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 whats up with those bees following him??? shut up, go home
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 Cross country just got rad.
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 "I call it XC" - doesn't pedal once!
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 Dang! He does look the business, doesn't he? Nicely put together parkin production.
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 Yes, the edit was really well done.
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 Gwin sounds confident in the setup he and his mechanic have created for his YT. I can't wait to see the Gwin speed show when the World Cups season begins. BMX, MX, XC,DH, living the dream two wheels at a time. Fast is the new freeride.
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 Down to earth..but fast as hell
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 Specialized --> wasted
  • 2 1
 Picking up the World Champ != wasted
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 this whole thing between "world cup" and "world championship" is bullshit to me.. Gwin is world champion (or call it a you want !)
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 I think even if in another life I had the skill to go that fast, I still wouldn't out of pure fear. I'd shit myself at half his pace.
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 AZ hasn't gotten rain in a while so the trails are incredibly dry and loose right now...pretty humbling to see Gwin absolutely murdering turns in dirt that's just as dry and loose. Just a whole different stratosphere of fast. Awesome video.
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 He is not only want to become race part. He want to become of manufacture part. Unfamous brand give him be involved in design, development to this brand. Either Sam Hill moved to Nuke Prove and Fabian Barel to Canyon. It gives them long career in this industries. The smart guys.
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 They all do work hard....can't blame the guy if he works extra hard....he won without a chain, that is not "natural".
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 That trail is the "gwin has a new team lets film it" trail now.
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 Fark. Looks so smooth and fast so polished. I always go for the underdog but I think he is going to kill it. Only people I can see sticking it to him are ratboy and brosnan. Next weekend will tell who looks fast and who is fast.
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 Don't discount the world champ either, plus Minnaar beat Gwin twice last season
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 I want to see Gwin hop on a road bike or CX it.
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 Aaron Gwin...legendary status
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 Hmm. In this video Gwin looks like is the only wc dh guy that actually knows what he's doing on an mx, within recent memory anyway. Bruni takes second. Watching Hill hang on for dear life in the moto enduro parts of that CRC, or whatever, video recently made me cringe.
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 Hill is actually pretty good on an mx bike. You should look it up
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 Minaar was/does do MX Enduro races and grew up riding MX.
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 They should just rename this video 'Presenting the 2016 Downhill World Cup Champ.'
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 Just Sayin,,,looks like a 26er to me...but I know it is a 650 b or whatever...He just can ride a merrygoround wheel and still Slay it...Posium, yeah a few this year ,,,winner of it all well that is up to Luca Shaw...That kid just destroys it...Still , he is and always will be , beside all the haters out there, my favorite next to Steve Peat and Sam Hill and of course GEE ATHERTON...RAMFB..
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 Anyone else notice him rocking renthal fatbars on every bike?
  • 2 1
 Im the same. It keeps all your bikes feeling the same. Ditto grips and pedals.
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 @fartymarty: same bar width too?
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 Damn he makes it all look so smooth.
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 World Champion he is not. World Cup Overall Winner he is
  • 16 0
 I never understood how they just take one race and call it the "world champs" - Obviously its much harder to win the world cup overall.
  • 7 0
 @bull-dozer: Totally agree!!!! You kill a whole season, and here is ONE race and you're world champ???? How does that work out? Who's the clown that came up with that brilliant idea???
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 I actually like the concept of Worlds as far as inviting new countries into the mix and having national teams & kits, but I think it would be better for the sport to just award bonus UCI points for it so that a single champion can be declared each year. That said, I'm really hoping Gwin will get his rainbows at Val Di Sole this year!
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 Next level speed
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 He only looks like one 10th of a second faster... Jk Haha Actually he's fricken railing. He's gonna kill the competition!
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 Yeah gwin shred those trails, fk specialized apart from the p slope there bikes anyways
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 just wondering... could he win as well an MX race without a chain on his dirt bike?? eh eh
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 Unbelievable skills and a formidable work ethic. Respect.
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 That Capra is soooo quiet.
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 well, except for that rear hub
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 redonkulous! I like his idea of CX so why bother with the pads for DH. He's just hella fast
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 Man I would love to be able to hammer a berm even half that fast. In my head I do.... In real life not so much.
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 cant wait to see him gwin some more
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 ARRRG fckin RedBull player I can't watch it !!!!!
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 A natural
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 maybe, but he obviously works very hard at it too.
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 That new kit is minttt
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 Bzzzz, gotta love the sound of those hubs and the humming tires!
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 Anyone know what wheel setup he is running here?
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 e13 race carbon wheelset
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 well! fuck me ,all I can say is ,MACHINE.
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 shit! He is faaaaasssssttttt!
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 What hubs are them?
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 By the killer Bee sound, I would say they are I9's.
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 E thirteen hubs, been running them for a while now, for some reason the bearings last forever
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 Love the bike
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 That trail looked faster on the demo..
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