Aaron Gwin Injured During Practice - Val di Sole DH World Cup 2018

Jul 6, 2018
by Alex Evans  
Have Aaron Gwin's chances of winning on the wild Black Snake track been scuppered?

bigquotesWell my day ended here. Had a small crash in practice this morning and landed right back on my thumb. Kinda can’t believe it, I’m so bummed. Trying my best to ride again tomorrow but thumbs pretty destroyed now so we’ll see. I’ve given it everything I had to push through this injury the past month, happy with my effort but the outcome is definitely disappointing. That’s racing, success is never owed. Looking forward to moving past this and getting back to full health. Thanks everyone for the support and messages, I’ll give ya another update tomorrow.Aaron Gwin

Heal up soon, Aaron!


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 Bummer. Wishing the "Gwinner" a full and speedy recovery. DHWC is not the same without him. Healing vibes.
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 RIP everyones fantasy
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flag nozes (Jul 6, 2018 at 9:35) (Below Threshold)
 I'm getting pretty fed up with people whinning about how a injured rider is ruining their fantasy teams. Grow the f*ck up and show some respect for the athletes. I'm worried about the health of one of the worlds best riders,not your damn fantasy team.
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 @nozes: Im getting pretty fed up with peoples horrible sense of sarcasm
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 @nozes: sounds like someone didn`t pick a good team
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 @nozes: You're really, actually, genuinely 'worried' about a persons thumb? His health is not at risk. Of all the things for you to be actually worried about a mans thumb is very near the bottom of the list. Especially when you combine that with a chronic lack of humour you seem to suffer from.
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 Everyone? Nope. With a few of the top dogs out, WCDH gets WAY more interesting!

Heal up Gwin!
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flag nozes (Jul 6, 2018 at 10:17) (Below Threshold)
 @mgolder: Excuse me if I don't see the humor or even sarcasm in people putting their game expectations above the riders they supposedly admire. Maybe if I played,which I don't.
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 Never count Gwin out. Never. Watch him win this shit one handed in the mud with a blown out shock. Backwards.
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 @mgolder: Smile brilliant hahah
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 So glad I didn't add him!
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 @mgolder: Unfortunately, he still didnt get the sarcasm even after pointing it out. lol
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 Not on my team. He is to high a price for the return.
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 is this the real life?
is this just fantasy?
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 @nozes: get a life you big baby!
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 At firat glance it looked like Gwin had a massive front fender on his fork... Then I opened my eyes.
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 If you can win with no chain, you can win with no thumb?
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 He should cut it off. It just adds weight.
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 "... Success is never owed..."
Great sportsmanship.
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 Fast recovery to a great rider and even better person!!!!
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 Man its crazy to think if he can pull of one more win he will beat Minnar's record! It seems like beating that record ain't gonna come easy! Best wishes to Gwin!!!!
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 Looks like Amaury has a good chance to pull away in the overall
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 And Luca Shaw has another opening!
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 Dangit Gwinny! Heal up
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 Now go smack up Bruni with the other hand.
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 Didnt something similar happen to Gee Atherton and Greg Minnaar a few years ago and they taped their hand to the bar and rode anyways? I wouldn't be surprised if Gwin did the same thing crazy f*ckers!!!
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 Gee pretty much did that for quails today.
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 @bulletbassman: 95% chance Gwin will race, and probably finish in the top ten
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 Oh man get well soon
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 Sorry to hear this, major thumbs down...
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 At least I still have Luca and Amaury on my team. Heal up soon!
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 Your team sounds like mine. LOL
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 @onemanarmy: Yep those two were way underpriced! I had to give up having a marquee female racer, though.
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Best wishes Gwinner
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 hopefully, you'll be back in no time .looking forward to see you race soon,,,,take some rest champion !!!!
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 Heal up brother-man Aaron, I know it sucks to be injured, your both an oak and an Ace!! We all love ya....healing vibes!!!
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 That's Arrong Win guy has alot of followers.
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 What happened to duct tape?
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