Aaron Gwin Likely Out Until Mont-Sainte-Anne

Jul 8, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  
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bigquotesTried to grit it out in my race run but the pain and weakness in my thumb was just too much. The crash and re injury in practice really set me back...Time to focus on my training and recovery, hoping to be back strong by MSA.Aaron Gwin

With Gwin not in the running for the podium at Vallnord next weekend, points are up for grabs in the overall. The decision to race this weekend was a warrior move to be sure, but one wonders if it was worth the cost now that the overall appears out of reach.

Best wishes to Aaron! Heal quick, and hope to see you back in action by Mont-Sainte-Anne.


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 small injuries like fingers, ankles, wrists etc can be so frustrating. they are so small but can really hold you back. go get 'em in MSA Gwin!
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 ...and the World Champs. I would love to see him win it this year.
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 i had my thumb fold into my palm in a very forceful accident. the meaty section connected to my thumb right below the center of my palm turned purple. had to take ~6 weeks off from riding because i couldn't in my mind safely hold on to handlebars. and i'm riding at far less than 1/2 the pace and 1/2 the gnar of UCI DH. yeah...thumb injuries seem small but it really messes with your confidence. when you apply brake, it also forces your hand more into the bar and causes more pain. hoping gwin can fully fight at worlds. heal up, g-man!
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 for sure! I'm currently healing from a ruptured tendon in my index finger, you don't realize how much you need it till its gone!!
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 Especially when you hurt your wrists. Nights will never be the same.
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flag Matt115lamb (Jul 9, 2018 at 0:11) (Below Threshold)
 @fartymarty: would prefer to see any Brit win than him , he can come 2nd !
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 Hand injuries take the longest time to heal 100%. I took me about 3 months to heal a soft tissue injury to my right palm.
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 @chyu: ahahaaaaha!
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 Hoping this year is his year for the World Champs. Heal up soon Gwin!
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 Yes, in second place after Minnaar. Smile
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 @SimonD: Nah...Minnaar already has 3. That said, kudos to Minnaar for being such a badass for this long in a tough sport. Big Grin
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 Well that's a big bag of dicks. Heal up, man.
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 Good to see that he’s gonna take some much needed recovery time out. Takes a lot to step down for a bit then get back on it at a later date.

Having broken 2 fingers, riding with screws is a bitch but where there’s a will...

An inspirational character especially having watched Rob Warner meets A G video.
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 Thumb injuries suck. From using the remote to wiping your ass....everything hurts. Heal up Aaron, I think this is your year to win the Worlds.
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 I wonder what the chances are of Gwin not being protected in 2019 are with the current rules. Heal up and everyone else who is out with injury. 2018 has been a return to injuries. The riders are pushing the possibilities just now and some gnarlier track's. Rock gardens catching Gwin out this year.
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 I imagine that like most things UCI they will make an exception for the right rider. But Gwin being Gwin he'll no doubt come back and dominate the last couple rounds and keep his protected status, even if the overall is too far.
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 to finish in the top 10 he'll probably need to compete in and get a top 10ish finish in one of the three remaining races. After half the season Gwin has 481 points and Wallace (currently 10th) has only 277.
Of course to be protected for the first round of 2019, he only needs to finish 20th this year; which is pretty much a given already with 481 points. from there, he needs to finish top 10 in the first race to then be protected going forward.
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 Even if he wasn't protected for the first race, there's a rather slim chance he wouldn't manage to qualify in a decent position anyway.
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 @HankBizzle: you are right.
10th is Jack Moir with 625 points just now and Aaron has 1321 points with Troy next on 1092 and Loic on 1009.
Maybe Aaron will come back and be pretty much on top still.
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 I bruised the thumb joint last year and I kept hitting it, finally had to wear a brace to protect it, took forever to heal, not fun at all.
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 maybe it's time to focus on world champs
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 The only real way to save his season. Hope he finally gets one.
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 he'll come back healthy and hungry.
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 A terrifying thought for the rest of the field.
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 What a class act Gwin is, my prayers with you to heal soon. Wait until the worlds and get the rainbow!!!
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 So does Gwin have any chance of winning the overall, even if he gets 1st in the last couple of races?
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 I would say no because you have to figure Pierron will be up there regardless of Gwin winning. Mathematically, I have no clue
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 Amaury has won three now, he'd have to get a couple DNFs or abysmal results for Gwin to catch him
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 im going to say that the basis that his chances (even if he did not miss any races) of taking the overall were so low that it factored into him affording himself to properly heal. pierron is on such a tear right now. no such thing as a sure thing...but yeah. he's killing it right now. and better to save the effort in racing and put it towards rehab.
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 Probably not. This is why the UCI needs to expand the calendar instead of just having 6 fuckin rounds at the same damn venues every year. 1 tiny injury can screw you for the whole season unless it happens to be right before a big break between races.
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 @ianswilson815: amen to that, brotha!
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 @ianswilson815: Would be nice to see another North American stop for sure
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 recover fast and come back stronger!!
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 such a bummer! Everyone knows injuries and time off is part of the game... Rapid recovery!
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 Dislocated my thumb and it took me about 6 months before I could ride. Stupid injury.
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 We're so used to the over all just heal up for the world champs, Gwinn.
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 Ooooh, am i gonna be on the edge of my seat during the Mt.Saint Anne race... Hope he comes back swinging. F'ing champ.
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 I'll be at MSA to watch his comeback.
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 Tore a ligament in my hand once, was 2x as bad as my separated shoulder
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 Good vibes to One of the G.O.A.T..heal up champ
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 Someone get this dude some HGH and stem cell!
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 This sucks Frown heal up soon! I hope this is his year to win World Champs
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 It’s god’s will...
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