Acerbis Launches X-Elite MTB Handguards

Sep 28, 2020
by Acerbis USA  

Acerbis is a brand that has been around for over 4 decades and is better known to those in the Motocross and Off-Road/Hard Enduro crowds as the company that makes replica dirt bike plastics, protective handguards, and pretty much any other dirt bike related accessory out there. As it turns out many of the employees at Acerbis are also passionate cycling enthusiasts and plans to make an MTB-sized handguard soon hit the drawing board. After months of extensive testing and prototyping, the all-new Acerbis X-ELITE MTB Handguards were born.

Acerbis X-Elite Handguards
The X-ELITE Handguards are made out of a lightweight thermoplastic compound that is compact and resistant to breaking upon impact. The universal mount is stout yet flexible and can be mounted without removing your grips or other controls.

The shields are a two-piece design with a spoiler that can be removed for a more compact look or added for more coverage of your controls. The Handguards fit all MTB's, E-Bikes, and can also be used for youth-sized dirt bikes or pit bikes.

Acerbis X-Elite MTB handguards

MSRP $49.95.
Weight: 122grams (with spoilers)

GNCC EMTB champion Charlie Mullins bike
More info HERE


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 I've been running the AVS hand guards for just about 2 years. They are the dumbest looking, best accessory I have ever put on my bikes. They definitely take the dry cold air nip off during the cold months allowing me to wear 1 level of glove less. They don't eliminate brush hits, but they help 80% of the way. Broke a mount in a crash yesterday and will replace them with these because i'm an ex moto guy and it makes me feel like I am not totally disconnected from the sport...

I categorize these like droppers to XC dudes a couple years ago. Try it, give it time, you'll never go back.
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 I actually like the way handguards look on my bikes. Like anything polarizing it takes a little time to grow on you...
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 After clipping a tree in Wharncliffe a couple of weeks ago and finding at the bottom of the run that my ring had tried to deglove my knuckle I decided to buy the Nukeproof version. Staring at the bone through the crescent shaped cut my mate made me go to A&E. A trip to A&E at any time is not pleasant but at least during the Covid period it was quiet. Only today have I removed the Elastoplast as I feel more confident in not catching it on everything.
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 I took my wedding ring off for similar reasons years ago and if Elastoplast means handguard I’d recommend never taking them off your bike. If you wear a helmet you should use handguards. And if you’re unhappy with the protection the Nukeproof offers check out
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 If like HANDGUARDS you should check out
They PROTECT your hands and controls!
They DEFLECT obstacles on the trail!
And they ABSORB impacts!
They were designed specifically for the DEMANDS of MTB, ENDURO and E riding unlike there competitors!

The Acerbis handguards cramp your cockpit, cause stress risers on your bars, won’t deflect you off of a tree and don’t offer outboard protection like GEO MTB HANDGUARDS! Check out GEO in action on the website if you have any doubts about their performance.
Acerbis is one of three handguard companies in the US at the moment, they include Rev Grips and VC guards. In Europe it’s AVS and MR. Wolf handguards but they are hard to get in the states.They are all designed the same way and other than the size of them they are knock offs from the current dirt bike versions available everywhere.

Check out GEO MTB HANDGUARDS and you’ll see the advantages of riding with HG’S designed specifically for MTB!

I’m GEO and I broke my hand while riding a local trail and soon after came up with the idea for GEO MTB HANDGUARDS.
I also believe that they will become as common as DROPPER posts like tuftjse said in the first comment and I’d appreciate you guys taking a moment to take a look at GEO. We put a TON of hard work, experience and recourses to develop them and I’ll NEVER ride without GEO MTB HANDGUARDS again.
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 I know we saw a pair of these in the world champs at the weekend, but I can't really see it taking off. Maybe it's a personal thing but I think they ruin they clean look of a bike.
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 Sam Hill disagrees
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 If you’re worried about the clean looks of your bike than you must be riding a steel fixed geared bike because anything other than that is cluttered with stuff.????
If you consider safety a priority, you should try riding with handguards.????
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 GEO HANDGUARDS agree with Sam Hill!
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 These look perfect for fall riding. Keep the cold breeze off your hands.
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 I was thinking the same thing. Love riding in the winter but don't like using pogies on a mtb.
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 @jpat22: wait a minutes.... I said fall. Winter in my parts (Vermont) is way too cold for measly hand guards. Pogies for those who know the joy of warm hands and thick gloves for those who enjoy cramping hands. The hand guards would be nice in a pair of pogies to keep the pogie off your levers though.
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 @Sscottt: I agree, Pogies are the way to go and I use the Wolftooth versions, they do a great job!
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 Great addition to every E-MTB, just a bit closer to pretend to ride a dirtbike!
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 I ride a KENEVO and I’ve been riding it with GEO MAX HANDGUARDS along with a bolt on fender and it definitely looks like a dirtbike! It’s pretty hard to ride under the radar on my E on un sanctioned trails but so far I haven’t had anyone give me any grief. We E riders in the states are getting a lot of pushback from the MTB community currently but they will come around in due time.

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