Action Highlights - Red Bull Rampage 2017

Oct 29, 2017
by Red Bull Bike  


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 Zink had the competition stolen from him. His run was the most impressive rampage run I have seen and have gone to the past five years.
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 YEah, sure, just rewatch the Aggys run from last year until the crash...
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 Zink was close, his chute line was cool, made it look easy there. Sorge’s line was just so clean and fast with a good mix of tricks. He made made it look easy top to bottom. Zink likely would have won if his second run was clean.
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 Agree. My personal opinion is the gnar factor of Zink's top chute (this video really shows it... totally insane) and the flat drop backflip outweigh Sorge's smoothness and style.

I would have put Zink 1st (off the first run) and Sorge close second. Bizet was nowhere near them.
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 Sorge owned that mountain like no other that day. Rewatching the runs he surely got 10/10 in speed&style while Zink had little bobbles, maybe that's where he lost it. Two amazing runs and both deserve the top spot.
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 Strait rode that line better than Zink did.
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 That was an amazing back-flip competition.
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 but a front and double back cancel eachother out and u just get one backflip
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 Friggen Russians tampered with Zink's scores....... Close call....... Sorge had a bit more style/flow but Zink's run was without question gnarlier.
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 Dude wtf go back and watch both of Ethan Nells runs. He bumps up 20 point by adding a flat spin and a pretty gnar suicide but lands crappy on his last jump. How did he get boosted 20 points. Tom Van Steenbergen does a caveman (a first in Rampage) and keeps the rest of his run the same and only gets 0.33 points added to his previous score. something is fishy here.
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 It has to bee the whole package. Big Tech Smooth Stylish. At the level of riding at Rampage the judges have an incredibly hard job, and dudes that still throw down amazing runs might not quite get it all exactly right. As Ethan Nell goes, his second run was waaaay more confident looking than his first and he was a rookie at the event riding at the level he did in his first attempt at Rampage under the immense pressure also needs to be accounted for. Kid crushed his run like a vetran.
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 @caseycaseman: So how does that have to do with judging. I dont think theres a confidence category. He had an awesome run but a 13 point boost from 2 tricks is pretty weird plus him almost crash on the last jump.
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 @SpinningAddiction: confidence equals no hesitation and no bobbles. which ads up to style and execution.
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 @SpinningAddiction His run was sick no doubt, but he did put a foot down shortly after the caveman on his second drop, gotta watch the replay
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 No one was Robbed anything, pretend you arnt in love with whoever you are in love with and pick apart the runs. Sorge won it fair and square, dude stomped a ridiculous run went huge with out any bobbles and showed no hesitation.
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 For real!and nobody got hurt so everyone won.
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 Ethan was my pick of the day, glad he came 3rd, the guy has some of the best 3's in the game, he was a beast here in SA at DarkFest...
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 Insane edit for the best Rampage in the event's history! Anyone got the song names?
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 This is the best out come Rampage ever!
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 Really happy for Thomas! That bike flip-skid at the end was soo slick.
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Except sorge
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 Sorge deserve the win
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 Sorge for the win!!!!!
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