Video: Adam Brayton Goes Up Against Fit4Racing's Jonny Thompson in a Workout Challenge

Aug 6, 2019
by Jonny Thompson  
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Adam Brayton is renowned for being in amazing physical condition but how will he stack up against his coach Jonny Thompson in a best of three workout challenge.

The workouts are:

Workout 1:
10 rounds as quickly as possible
10 Calories on the Assault bike (static air bike)
1 Rope climb (15 feet)

Workout 2:
As many rounds as possible in 6 minutes of:
10 Toes to bar
10 Ring dips
10 Burpees

Workout 3:
Watch to see!

It is extremely important you don't attempt these workouts without preparing yourself with a proper warm-up, in the first section of the video we give an insight into some of the preparation we did before the timer goes off. Ensure you are physically prepared and have practiced all of the movements before you try to perform them at speed. We recommend trying the scaled movements in the list below before going 100% on the full workout.

If you are ready to try these workouts but don't have the equipment shown here then consider these substitutes:
Calorie Assault: Rowing machine, Ski Erg, 200m run, 45 second turbo trainer
Rope Climb: 5 Strict pull-ups, 10 kipping pull-ups, 10 ring rows, 10 supinated rows under a bar
Toes to bar: Knee raises, straight leg raises, V-ups, Sit-ups
Ring dips: Bar dips, Push-ups, push-ups on knees
Burpees: No substitution!

Now you have a good idea of how to stay safe, if you have done the workouts let us know how you got on with a times and rounds in the comments below.



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 "I play real sports. Not trying to be the best at exercising"
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 I need more upvoting power
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 Funniest line ever!!!
  • + 31
 Looks like he's taking a dump on thumbnail.
  • + 19
 Either that or a particularly aggressive pokey bum wank
  • + 26
 I'm pretty comfortable with my sexuality, but I don't think this video was for me
  • + 11
 “..When you get to the bottom you can unload..”
  • + 19
 *Playing with the boys by Kenny Loggins intensifies
  • + 18
 Looks like a gym "Session"
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 ^ this guy needs more upvotes.
  • + 13
 No way i am clicking on this video.
How do i filter out this kind of content?
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 I ride Sensus grips. One of their slogans is GET LIT - NOT FIT sorry for partying, kids.
  • + 14
 That thumbnail though.
  • + 10
 Now if it only translated to success on the World Cup.
  • + 9
 Look at me. I am the best at working out.
  • + 5
 Brayton is a beast, clearly super-fit and I'd wager that the vast majority of the top racers go through similar training programmes. You simply can't afford not to any longer, as racing becomes more and more physical. Strength and conditioning is a massive factor in a riders capability to be competitive on the bike.
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flag thenotoriousmic (Aug 6, 2019 at 6:17) (Below Threshold)
 Gets you fit but I don’t see how this helps you ride a bike. Surely it just makes you heavy and stiff? More weight to support and poor flexibility.
  • + 6
 @thenotoriousmic: little guys really are afraid of "heavy and stiff". I guess wet noodles have their place Wink There is this thing called stretching, and I personally use DDP yoga.
  • + 14
 This is why pros can ride after a crash that would put any weekend warrior on the mend for a week (or months)
  • + 3
 Possibly. But keep in mind that training time is limited. Athletes face tradeoffs between strength, cardio, technique, mental, track analysis, recovery and number of events to compete in.
  • + 5
 @kymtb0420: Downvoted for asking a question? Pinkbikers these days. Yeah I’ve just started doing yoga recently it’s helped loads.
  • + 3
 @thenotoriousmic: I know...atleast you can take a joke...I'm on the downvote train with you. haha. I have been over 200lbs (14 stone) since I was 16 years old. I played keeper in college so I like to stay strong and am naturally flexible...that being said--I can't win the game without our nimbly forwards. Applied to MTB---If a tree falls on someone--I can lift the tree while you run and meet the ambulance Wink Also, I wouldn't have started yoga if I didn't notice a big change in flexibility Blank Stare
  • + 2
 @thenotoriousmic: Yoga is great. Make sure your form is spot on or it is not so good. Strength Side on youtube will show you how to get really strong and improve mobility without lifting a single weight. He puts traditional body building and weight lifting to shame with the movements he is teaching.
  • + 6
 @thenotoriousmic: did you see Brayton collide with a tree at last years RedBull Hardline, the tree cam off worse, Brayton got up and finished his run, checking out and then maybe you'll understand why the top riders train so hard.
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 It is the first season in 4 years that I didn’t lift through the spring as I messed up my SI joint. I could only do upper body conditioning which felt fine, not much arm pump and I was withstanding g-outs, compressions, big hits rather well. I kept riding road, doing sprints but it just doesn’t cut it. My lower body DH endurance wasn’t there. At the bottom of 3min+ runs I was looking for spots to sit down or straighten my legs, where last year I was looking for spots to pedal. I don’t remember this much leg pump in years. 4 years ago I dud a season where didn’t train at the gym at all and that was a very non pleasant experience on the trails. Particularly because I had zero durability and almost every crash was leaving me sore. And I was crashing a lot. And no, yoga won’t do it either...
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 @thenotoriousmic: Brayton is about 73kg, so for 170cm (5 foot 8 ) he's not especially heavy. It's important to remember that none of these guys are pounding Creatine and building vanity biceps, it's all muscle that's getting used. With mountain biking being mostly about explosive power (hop, lean, sprint, drop, hang on etc) it's important to have that muscle available, it lets you repeat movements more often without getting fatigued and having the technique go wonky. I bet Brayton is pretty flexibly too, or at least he should be if he's stretching properly.
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flag makripper (Aug 6, 2019 at 16:11) (Below Threshold)
 @WAKIdesigns: your bike must not be set up right. I can't remember the last time I got arm pump and have never had leg pump regardless of what shape I'm in. I'm currently not in my top shape and still shredding.
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 #bromance vibes
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 Why's he need to have his shirt off? Awkward ass post here
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 Ya know, a little something for the ladies. NSFW for me, though
  • + 7
 My coworkers looked over at my laptop and I had to spend 2 hours explaining "its about mountain biking!"
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 Jonny- Very good workouts, I am gonna have to try the Aslt bike and rope clime WOD. However under closer review, Adam was only doing Toes close to bar not Toes to bar. Not once did he touch his toes to bar= NO REP. you clearly won the second WOD.
  • + 2
 As a professional sports physio, I see this all the time but this example is more of a difference between an active athlete (Pro in this case) in the prime of his career/age vs. a trainer that might be outside of his prime and possibly spends more time teaching. But as we just witnessed, the next generation of mountain bike athletes are very well rounded in their preparations to to stay at the elite level of this sport.
  • + 0
 ...not gonna mention Brayton didn't go all the way down on the rings? Big Grin
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 I know a coach who hardly gets a ride per week and after he is done working with his clients (who aren’t top racers, just normal office jockeys trying to maintain some level of fitness) for a big part of his day, he is not exactly keen doing some mega specific killer work out that turns Joe Shmo into a World Champs qualifier... which often brings me to a conclusion that having a day time job, riding 2-3times a week and going to the gym 2-3 times a week is not a bad deal...
  • + 1
 @WAKIdesigns: Yes, it is the same for me, I basically get to ride once a week because of my schedule... So, yes being able to ride 2-3 week and workout 2-3 week is a blessing to have...
  • + 2
 Huh, I liked it. I spend most lunches in a gym doing a variety of stuff so I can appreciate gym time. I'm going to be stealing some of these.
  • + 3
 Any Laurie or Frenchies training videos?
  • + 10
 Pierron just drink a lot of Côte d'Auvergne wine and eat a full baguette at each meal.
  • + 6
 Pierron is watching naked breasts all day which raises his level of testosterone allowing him to train and ride more because he recovers faster.
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  • + 1
 You only have to look at Laurie and all 3 fast French lads physiques to know they all hit the weights. Laurie is pretty stacked and the other 3 are lean and efficient looking. Just enough muscle to keep agility and put down power. Upper body is vital in dh and enduro.
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 not that theres anything wrong with it but....
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 This video makes me feel kinda funny. Like when I used to climb the ropes in gym class.
  • + 1
 Video evidence of the difference between a pro and a Joe. Monsters, I tell ya...
  • + 2
 maybe send Adam the Privateer to train with those two once in a while.
  • + 3
 Versus the guy that is training Aaron Gwin and Richie Rude?
  • + 1
 - 10 rounds of just walking around with a pained expression
  • + 1
 i thought that was gonna be a funny vid based on the thumbnail. my bad.
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 The breathing at 5:46.......
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 "I play real sports. Not trying to be the best at exercising."
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 I am not against gay at all but this video is not for me. Come on Pinkbike. Never again!
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