Adaptive Mountain Bike Trail Loop Coming to the North Shore's Mount Seymour

Sep 10, 2018
by North Shore  

PRESS RELEASE: North Shore Mountain Bike Association

More people are mountain biking than ever before. Here on Vancouver’s North Shore, the number of riders on the trails has increased six-fold since 2006. Some riders grew up on the North Shore trails while many more moved here from near and far for access to the trails they’re now lucky enough to call home - and it's safe to say the Sea-to-Sky is one of the most legendary mountain bike tourist destinations in the world. We, the North Shore Mountain Bike Association, maintain the better part of 100 kilometers of this history on two mountains and it's no small task.

“The Shore” is a constantly evolving amalgamation of the vision of the community; from the builders and volunteers who care for the trails, to the riders, land managers, and other stakeholders and user groups. The NSMBA seeks to maintain the character and challenge that the Shore is known for while also ensuring that whether you’ve been riding for 20 years or 20 minutes there’s something here for you to enjoy.

The concept of something for everyone, ie.“trails for all”, is exemplified by Bobsled on Fromme. Its flow, features and ease of access allow it to be enjoyed by beginners and pros alike. We’re proud of what Bobsled brings to our network and, along with all the upgrades it has gotten over the years, it is also completely accessible by users of adaptive mountain bikes (aMTBs). It's also the only truly aMTB friendly trail on the Shore.

Now we’re excited to bring a similar experience to Seymour by upgrading the rock berms and tight corners of Empress Bypass into a more sustainable and enjoyable trail experience. By changing corner radii to accommodate aMTBS, and constructing a separate, parallel bike ascent and hiking trail to reduce the potential for user conflict, we will be able to enhance the trail for all users

Empress Bypass will be one of three trails upgraded during the project to create a complete 1.9 kilometer aMTB accessible loop for everyone. Old Buck and Bridle Path will also see changes and upgrades; we’ll use a combination of good old fashioned hand building and a mini excavator, using our usual healthy dose of volunteer leveraging to make sure every dollar goes as far as possible, and environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

Map of the Loop

By supporting this project, you are not just creating a loop for those who use aMTBs, but you will be creating a fun and flowy trail that will make for a fast descent back down to the car, a prime warm-up run, or the perfect place to practice your cornering speed and technique no matter your ability level. And don’t forget, we will also include twinning sections of the descent, creating a separate section for hikers and runners so you can fully enjoy your descent safely and with minimised user conflict.

We’ve already made sure that your donation is as effective as possible. Neptune Terminals will be matching every single dollar of donations (up to $10,000) so any donation you make is automatically doubled!

We hope you join us in bringing this project to completion so that no matter if you’ve been riding for years, just starting out, or are differently-abled, there will be something on Seymour for you. When there is something for everyone, our community only grows stronger.

Learn more about the project
Make a donation through CHIMP

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 AWESOME work people! Someone needs to put an edrive on that adaptive trike so pilots can keep both hands on the bar and carry a bit more speed. I can't imagine it being easy to handle 1 of those with 1 hand on the bar and another on the crank, or both on the crank when going up.
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Some adaptive bikes do have an e-assist.

And if you look, there's a "chest plate" kinda thing on the bikes - you can steer via that as well, so if both arms are pedaling steering is possible. Its not as good as steering from the bars, but works ok for climbing, etc.
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 This is super awesome. Great work NSMBA!
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 I'm happy that this long term goal of the organization is finally becoming a reality, great work NSMBA, and thanks for keeping the dream alive. Happy Trails, R
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 Will this be a good trail for beginners to learn on?
As more people get into the healthy sport of mountain biking they need nice easy trails to learn on .
The new climbing trails are great !
And the climbing trails offer hikers a safe hike up the mountain.
Glad to see new trails being built to help the sport grow.
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 The plan is..... well, think Bobsled. So good for beginner and intermediate riders, and fun if you're already a shredder. The Shore is a challenging place to learn to ride bikes - the bottom of the 'pyramid' was a bit lacking. Once this is done, hopefully we can work on building some things at the 'top' of it as well! And yeah, the foot traffic on the climb trail on Fromme is huge! Its certainly more popular than St. Georges, the 'actual' hiking-only trail.
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I mean. How did anyone ever learn to mountain bike before machine built trails?
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 @sumarongi: The shore has like 3 blue trails and then everything else is really challenging black. I learned to ride there at 30 years old and spent a lot of my first year walking features that were too scary to ride. A few more intermediate trails would not be a bad thing, as there aren't many other places to ride nearby.
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 @sumarongi: Sure, there's lots of people who learned how to ride here. But that doesn't mean that we can't make it a better experience for those learning now.

And Its not just for people learning - its for anyone and everyone, beginner to pro, including those on adaptive bikes.

And its worth noting... Bypass is currently rated as a green circle. So we aren't making this trail any easier - we're just rebuilding and altering it to conform to adaptive standards, reduce user conflict, and a bit more 'updated feel'.
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 This is so cool!! NSMBA is doing it RIGHT!
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 Thanks Meat Popsicle! That's.... that's a sentence I never thought I'd type.
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 @cooperquinn-wy: watch the 5th Element movie sometime if you haven't.
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 @LittleDominic: Oh, don't worry. I get the reference.

its just not a sentence I've ever contemplated typing before.
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 this is a great initiative. well done nsmba!
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 in love with such projects , come on !
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 This is why we *can* have good things
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 I love living here. Ride bikes!!
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 amazing job !!
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 Very cool!
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