Adolf Silva Posts Footage of Crash That Broke His Femur and Kept Him Out of Rampage

Dec 11, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

6 months after breaking his femur in three places at Loosefest XL, Adolf Silva has posted footage of the crash that caused the injury. Silva was hitting the first big double of the course when he overshot and tried to bail out the front door mid-air. He explains that his femur broke when it hit his frame as his front wheel landed halfway down the transition of the jump.

bigquotesWasn’t planning to post this crash but since lots of people seem to ask me for it, here it is!Adolf Silva

The crash meant Silva was unable to ride Rampage this year but he has apparently started doing some light pedalling again and should be able to start riding properly again in about a month's time to start preparing for the 2020 season.


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 I read the entire constitution while he was in the air.
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 You are now more qualified to be in office than anyone currently in office or running for office. And you ride bikes, so I'd vote for you. #Preach4Pres
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 @masonstevens: i'm humbled by your generous endorsement.
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 @masonstevens: got my vote too mate! ????????
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 @ytjodave: president and Vice Presidential candidates right there!
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 Preach, as part of your constituency, I have to ask. What will you be doing to Make 26ers Great Again?
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 @mm2344: I wasn't aware that they had lost their greatness? ;-)
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 Not gonna watch. I'm planning to hit a sick 2-foot booter this weekend and don't want to be in my head.
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 2-foot?? you're a madman
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 This is so fucking gnarly. Adolf is an animal and always a favorite rider to watch.
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 You just gained a follower with the most accurate name I've seen.
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 @kymtb0420: venture out to seky and you’ll see that dh is alive and well-and home to two collegiate national champs.
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 @kymtb0420: Nodhinken Tucky is a cool name !
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 @kymtb0420: There is.
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 @jackscompletelackofsurprise: some places????? Also, DH national champs from Kentucky???? This should be newsworthy---what are their names and I will look them up.
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 @Seawild66: Name some places then....unless youre showing off that southern hospitality that KY is known for. Wink
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 @kymtb0420: I’m just propping for the Parker Lewis profile pic.
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 It could be worse, the highest point in Florida is 345 feet. Not even deserving of a Mt. designation.
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 @SacAssassin: Good to see some people still have their swatches synchronized....haha
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 Notice how not one of them gave a name to a trail or any DH in Kentucky???????
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 @kymtb0420: Sugarcamp Mtn, both Pine Mtn and Black Mtn have had dh races in the past, Both Union College and Lindsey Wilson had their own private courses, as well as Kincaid in Perry/Knott Co. So yes. Dh exists in Ky. Grew up there, raced all this in the late 90’s-mid 2000’s.
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 @jackscompletelackofsurprise: just watched a couple of videos of pine mountain and sugarcamp. I'm mad that kymba up here has no info about these trails. I am definitely going to check them out this summer and will spread the word more. I knew about Lindsey Wilson and road there (2 co workers raced there) and they've never mentioned sugarcamp or pine. Shame on them as well.
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 Why do I always watch these videos? Friday fails is one thing, but a crash that would take out someone like Silva is gonna be bad.
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 Its the new pinkbike field test segment: Huck to Splat.

Hope you heal up well, a femur break is a serious one.
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 Oh my fucking god
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 It sucks he broke his leg. I feel like Silva's walked away from gnarlier falls.
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 It's just the way the dice roll sometimes. I managed to snap my femur in 2 places riding around a switchback at under 10 mph. Healing vibes out to Adolf, I hope this doesn't keep him off his bike for too long.
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 It looked like he rolled out of the crash pretty good. Just goes to show how razor thin the margin of error is for these chents.
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 But.....It's not Friday.....
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 Haha! Friday fails.
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 What's the worst thing could happen. You crash. That's it.
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 How long was the jump he crashed on
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 think crabapple but on lance armstrong levels of steroids.
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 I waited until after my ride today to watch this.
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 Aouch !
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