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Adrien Dailly Injured With a Dislocated Shoulder

May 6, 2022
by Ed Spratt  
One day to ride with Adrien Dailly. Nice France. Photo by Matt Wragg

Adrien Dailly will be missing this weekend's French National Enduro Championships after dislocating his shoulder.

The French Enduro racer has shared on social media that he will be resting off the bike after dislocating his shoulder in the past week. With his injured shoulder Adrien Dailly has made the decision to sit out the French National Enduro Championships that take place this weekend. It isn't known when Adrien will be back racing yet but he says he is going to wait for it to fix properly before getting back to racing.

bigquotesI won’t be chasing the French jersey next weekend, I dislocated my shoulder a couple days ago, I’m gonna fix that properly and I will be back. Adrien Dailly - Instagram

We wish Adrien all the best with his recovery and hope that he isn't off the bike for too long.

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 Dislocated shoulder are not so bad if there is someone trail side that can pull it back quickly. But as the minutes start to go by agony starts to settle in. I had a posteriorly dislocated right shoulder while riding solo and after a couple of minutes the muscles start to cramp up and OMG the worst pain I have experienced in my life. Right now I'm recovering from a fractured right clavicle that required surgery and the pain does not even come close.
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 the consequences are rather worse than pain. If you do other sports were you need to rely on shoulder stability, once dislocated - always a problem. I would rather fracture 5 bones than dislocate single joint. Not mentioning increase wear rate of the joint since it's not working properly anymore, so you are set for arthritis later in life.
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 I'd check in with the Doctors Kramers bros
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 Dislocated my shoulder and dented the arm bone on a solo ride this fall and couldn't agree more - worst pain I've ever had. Took about an hour for a friend to get to me after the injury happened and was able to pop it back in place, immediate relief after that.
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 Couldn't agree more with you on the pain part. Having broken and torn my fair share of stuff I can confidently say that the posterior dislocation was absolutely the most painful. And, ironically the pain relief of when the docs jammed It back in was the most relieving moment ever.
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 With Dailly Exercise and physio, he'll be back on the bike in no time.
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 Underrated comment here!
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 I spent 10+ years dealing with chronic shoulder dislocations and multiple surgeries before learning that shoulder dislocations in young active males have a 90% rate of recurrence after the first instance. At present, and depending on how much damage is caused during the initial instance, surgical repair of the ligaments supporting the shoulder can reduce the rate down to 10%.
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 27yrs old. Dislocated my shoulder a mile into a ride. Was out for 2 hrs. Agonizing pain. Fentanyl worked great while the doctors got it back in. No surgery. Never stopped PT exercises over the last year. Stronger than ever ready to send all day. Some hope for whoever reads this thinking they’re screwed. Although I had already been doing yoga weekly for about 2 yrs so maybe that helped my case.
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 I appreciate this positive story as I sit here in a sling, two weeks after my first dislocation (same deal, out for 2 hours, then fentanyl and reset). I really hope I can recover fully with just PT. Time will tell!
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 Rest up and be back soon!
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 Honourable mention for Leatt shoulder braces, they're great and have been holding me together for years.
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 Dislocated my shoulder 20 years ago. It's never been the same since.
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 Mine pops up few times a year even while sleeping, luckily then its easy to put back while the muscles are relaxed. But yeah, never the same again.
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 North Shore Betty dislocated her shoulder 20+ years ago and seems to be doing just fine!
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 @bok-CZ: You should take a look at this system. crossoversymmetry.com
I separated my shoulder in a bike crash and my job was just plain hard on them. After a month of using their bands and program, my shoulders are pain free, mobile and strong.
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 @jovesaxa: I'm not suffering for the pain, I'm 39 now and first time it happened to me I was 17. It went out hundred times from that time. Yes the exercises helped me of course. I didn't want to go for a surgery as it cause me almost no damage and it would cost me a season. I just have to know what bar width is the limit and when to think about it to keep the muscles tight, or in a worst case to put it back as soon as possible. It's a bit annoying when it happens in water.
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 come back stronger. all the best

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