Advice From Vintage Cycling Books - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich

May 5, 2019
by Taj Mihelich  
I love old cycling books and have a growing collection. It's interesting to see how far bikes have come. For example the Complete Book of Bicycling says that a top of the line bike will range in price from $120 to $180. For today's comics (and hopefully your entertainment) I redrew some of my favorite quotes.


“When learning a new trick, get some friends to hold your bike and slowly move you through each step.”

-Popular Mechanics For Kids The Best Book of Bikes by Amy Pinchuk


“Sooner or later you are going to fall off your bicycle during a race. Racers call it munching.”

-Bicycle Motocross is for Me by Tom Moran


“BALL RACES: To replace worn sets can be a problem for those with little manual dexterity, but others who have perhaps had to rebuild sprocket blocks at the side of the roadside, sticking the balls in place with sun tan lotion, are not easily intimidated.”

-The Bicycle A Guide & Manual by R John Way


“Better yet, and this is the best, if you’re finicky about performance, remove the entire derailleur mechanism from the bicycle and soak it in kerosene. “

-The Complete Book of Bicycling by Eugene A. Sloane

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 I'm dipping my sun tan lotion covered balls into kerosene to see what happens.
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 Goodness gracious great balls of fire.
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 @conkers: you shake my nerves and ratlle my brain,
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 Should have same outcome for long cage XC balls or short cage DH balls.
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can any non-native German speaker translate?
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 It’s official...Friday Fails is out and Monday Munching is in.
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 Thats what she said.
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 @Boardlife69: username checks out
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 Great stuff, as always, Taj!
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 I heard down-country is bringing munching back
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 you win sir
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 Best Book of Bikes 2003 Bicycle motocross. 1982 The Bicycle 1973 The Complete Book 1970
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 I can just see really getting up to speed with your kerosene-soaked derailleur when the friction provides enough heat to turn your rear end into a flaming meteor passing through the atmosphere. Not a bad way to go — in a flaming ball of glory!
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 The entire warranty departments at SRAM and Shimano must be making bets right now on how many days it’ll be before they get a call from someone who’s done something to their drivetrain with kerosene or suntan lotion!
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 kerosene is still an amazing degreaser.
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 Seriously. Did wonders on a new chain that came packaged in the stickiest grease you've ever seen in your life.
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 In the future it would be nice to know the year of publication for some of these quotes.
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 Let me google them for you...
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 "sticking the balls in place with sun tan lotion"
Nice! Lol.
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 Seems kerosene was the answer to everything back then. I came across a video on YouTube that was a 1940s Naval training video for women and the recommendation to get rid of lice was to literally wash your hair with kerosene then soap...
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 Haha I hate kerosene, missus had one of those trendy ethanol burners and I decided to put kerosene in it for a 'longer burn time', whole damn thing caught fire and couldn't put it out, nearly burnt the patio down
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 “Mud muncher” - Someone who falls off a lot.
Or.... I dare you to look it up in the urban dictionary lol
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 Better than Sunday comics.
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 Any chance of you putting these and your other stuff into a book Taj?
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 hes got one! check is instagram for details!
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 Dipping my balls in sun tan lotion is how I keep your mom's chin from getting a sunburn
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 I like the kerosene quote.
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 Funniest column I’ve read in a while. Classic stuff.
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 On point this week!
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 Clicked to thumbs down Wiki
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 Great stuff Taj!!!
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