Video: Aidan Howe Goes Huge in 'Hill Bomb' Teaser

Sep 26, 2023


Aidan Howe's segment from our upcoming release, Hill Bomb. Aidan and the rest of the crew have been working hard to build and ride original features in unique zones, and pay homage to classic spots from OG parts like NWD. Filmed over the course of 2022 - 2023, this video is full of big moves and insane steeze from freeride zones and the Cam Zink Invitational. We will be releasing the full movie in October!





Filmed by Keanu Smith. Produced by Aidan Howe. Special thanks to the rest of the gang for additional clips, digging, and being a part of it all. Thank you to Cam Zink for having us out at the invitational.

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 Great riding! But someone please buy that young man a back protector. I would like to see him ride for many years, because he’s incredibly talented.

Signed, a 50yo man who has treated his body poorly in the past and now understands the value of body armor.
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 Ummm. Who wants to give up their spot in Rampage this year so he can go?
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 I will. Sure.
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 There 2-3 guys who HAVE to go
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 wait why isn't he on rampage ? #letthemride
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 Great vibes, great riding… love that it’s straight hammers for the first few mins!
However… to be the old guy in the room, be cautious with music rights when you are going public realm like PB.
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 Aidan is gnarly! Freaking Rad to see him hit the NWD Robbie Bourdon jump!
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 Another legendary send gets shown the love! God damn, what an amazing year. How the frig did they find that jump anyway?
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 Just absolute horrible filming and editing but just an absolute banger of a video, So bad yet so freaking good. Reminds me when we were riding BMX and slapping together videos for poops and chuckles. All the nostalgias. Cheers!
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 This is SICK! Stoked for the whole video.
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 this is the content humanity needs
  • 1 0 sick. the riding, music and editing sent me straight back to childhood.
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 Is that steep rock line the same one Kenny Smith did a long while ago? Not sure if he was first, but it's still so gnarly!
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 Also... at 1:20 I was hoping he was going to drop from between those two towers, that'd be so huge and so picturesque!
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 The shot at 6:35 is unreal, sick riding!
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 So good!
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 Seems like this guy is bombproof
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 Not much of a Modest Mouse fan. But Got-dam that is a sentimental/nostalgic guitar intro.
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 I thought that was third eye blind?
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 @nateb: ouch.

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 epic style!
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 Steeeeeeze!!! tup

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