Air To The Throne - Video Recap

Feb 25, 2016
by Simon Nieborak  
This year's London Bike Show played host to Air to the Throne, the biggest freestyle Mountain Bike contest ever held within the UK. The huge course and generous prize purse drew riders from across the globe to compete. Check out all the best action in this wicked edit.

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Filmed by Robin Kitchin, Andrew Lawrence and Tolli Myers. Edited by Robin Kitchin.

bigquotesNicholi Rogatkin proved unstoppable despite the efforts of the incredibly stylish Portuguese rider, Nuno Pintas (3rd) and UK riders, Matt Jones (2nd) and Daryl Brown (4th). After crashing on his first of two runs in the final, there was a tremendous pressure on Rogatkin to nail his second and he did just that! Sadly, Thomas Genon crashed on practise and was unable to compete, had he been fit it would have been interesting to see him battle for a spot on the podium. Next year is set to be even bigger, so make sure you add the London Bike Show to your diary for 2017! - James Thorne

Photo recap can be found here.

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 Big fan of Daryl Brown. He doesn't throw the fastest most technical tricks, but everything is tweaked and hung out for days...
  • + 5
 Me too! One of my mates (I taught him all he knows)...
  • + 11
 Awesome! Rogatkin is an absolute animal!
  • + 3
 Was such a good comp. Great to see these guys coming to a little bike show in London (come on you know the actual show bit was crap)
Rogatkin's run was awesome. And Matt Jones killed it too. Shame we didn't get to see Sam Pilgrim compete though.
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 It's kinda funny to see a guy called Pulman do a truckdriver because in italian pulman means a big bus so he actually IS some kind of truckdriver ahaha
  • + 5
 That Frontflip no hander was insane! how did he just got 5th place!!!
  • + 2
 A 1987 Mitsubishi lancer between the jumps would be a more suitable vehicle. Don't know anyone who rides well with a car worth more than their bike(s).
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 I don't know ho he is or what it's called, but that move at 4:50 was legendary.
  • + 2
 It's a shame they didn't show the Sunday finals... Rogatkin's triple tailwhip and Adrian Tell's double backflip attempt were pretty wild.
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 ParabĂ©ns Nuno Pintas. A D2J tem orgulho de te ver evoluir, mesmo sem os devidos apoios... contamos contigo nas provas regionais!
  • + 2
 Brown and Jones are so sick! UK has so much talent right now! Spread the word, dirt aint dead
  • + 3
 Wee clip of Ben Savage at the end there.
  • + 2
 looks like Sony and Kodak are using the same potato farm
  • + 1
 "The biggest freestyle Mountain Bike contest ever held within the UK" - What about the Nissan Qashqai challenge in London?
  • + 3
 sick as hell ...
  • + 1
 nice bmx contest! oh wait...
  • + 1
 For some reason I think I need a Jeep and a 4k 360' camera.

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