Alchemy Releases Titanium Hardtail & Gives Arktos a Flip Chip - Sea Otter 2021

Oct 8, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

Alchemy Bikes has two new mountain bike offerings on display at Sea Otter: the all-new Argos titanium hardtail and the updated full-suspension Arktos.

The Argos, named for a region of trails in Golden, Colorado, is described by Alchemy as a 'true trail hardtail' with a 65-degree headtube and a 75.5-degree seat tube angle. "We designed this bike to ride the trails here in Golden, CO and take on the climbs and descents sprinkled throughout the Rocky Mountains," Alchemy said.

Argos framesets start at $4,499 USD and complete bikes will start at $6,299 USD for the GX build, ranging up to $8,299 USD for the XO1 AXS version.

Customers can choose the color of the Alchemy lettering. There are six stock color options, and for an extra fee, buyers can work with Alchemy to create a custom paint color.

The 2022 Arktos remains much the same as in previous years, but with tuneable geometry using a flip chip that slackens or steepens the head tube and seat tube angles by three-quarters of a degree. The flip chip will be available on the Arktos 120, Arktos 135, and Arktos 150 bikes. It will also come on the mullet spec versions of those bikes to help to easily swap rear wheel sizes.

Arktos builds will start at $5,499 USD for the 120 mm GX version and range up to $7,499 USD.

The Argos is available to order immediately and the 2022 Arktos will become available for order at the end of October.


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 The all new arkos sb 150
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 Do you know what the actual relationship is between Alchemy and Yeti? Looks like a ‘direct sale’ yeti all the way. They use a small rotating lower link instead of sliders… but is this the same suspension designer? (Or same design team)… are they made in the same factory? Do they share the same parent company?

Honestly curious why these 2 Colorado companies are producing such similar bikes. It reminds me a bit of Santa Cruz vs Intense.
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 If you expect me to pay $4,499 USD, how about you throw the damn $20 custom color decals in instead of charging extra.

Quick, explain how they cost a lot more to produce, I’ll wait
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 Titanium tubing is approximately $60ft. I would estimate there are around 10.5ft of tubing on a bike.

~$630 in tubing (doesn't forming and bending)
~$39 for bottom bracket
~$40 for headtube
~$350 dropout for Rear wheels
~$27 for brake mounts

The total comes to $1086 in materials.

This does not include the cost for labor with American Joe to weld and fabricate the frame. Joe also needs to have a decent wage for living in Colorado. How would you feel being a welder making $25 per hr?

This does not include the bike utilities, property tax, rent/mortgage of the build, tools for the shop, medical for the works, insurance for the workers, HR, Payroll, athlete sponsorship, paying for going to SeaOtter and ect....

So $4,499 sounds like a reasonable price for an American Made bike!
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 They are painted on, not decals.
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 No rear shock on the Argos, the shock is the sticker price!
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 I have a feeling the Argos won't sell too well in the UK.....
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 Even with a small free pencil?
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Perhaps a laminated brochure
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 Richard E Grant will say its an Argoos.
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 @theboypanda: Gold UK comment!
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 Is there catalogue ‘The Laminated Book of Dreams’?
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 Would be better if it had Index shifting
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 @DC1988 Because it doesn't look like an Orange!
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 I like the new GX build concept. No it's not our lowest model drivetrain. We made a crappier one and now we can call this an upgrade. Sorry not really a comment about the bike but it's been buggin me.
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 The Argos is Beautiful bike. But the price, Wow. I know the craftsmanship is top, but I can get 2 Santa Cruz Chameleons for the price of just the frame. Maybe for the dentist crowd.
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 It's titanium what do you expect lol. The frame is probably about as light as half a chameleon frame.
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 @mhoshal: It’s probably the same weight as a Chameleon frame, maybe a little lighter as it doesn’t have sliding dropouts. It’s steel hardtails that are heavy but there’s nothing in it between aluminium and titanium alloys when it comes to weight. Different feel for sure though!
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 Ti that can't singlespeed? Frown
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 That would've been a deal breaker if there was a deal.
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 Something about ti hardtails makes me feel all warm n fuzzy inside. I want
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 *heavy breathing*
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 I got my first ever Ti hardtail this year. A dream come true
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 $4500US for a hardtail, I would rather get a custom Ti Naked for that price...jeebus.
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 Agreed. It makes the Ti Chromag Rootdown look like a deal at $3K.
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 @tortfeasor: And I had a Rootdown Ti and it was no slouch......
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 I'd love to try the Arktos 150. The leverage curve of the Sine suspension system should make for a very unique feeling rear end.
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 Turner ti bikes are better and more affordable
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 @Tigergoosebumps I agree! I wonder if he will be featured on FB this weekend?
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 The hard tail looks nice… and the price is exactly what I’d expect it to be. It’s Ti, and it’s positioned as a boutique brand.

There’s the rub though… it’s not really a boutique brand, it’s just a small operation and the prices are reflective of low volume production not elite quality.

I almost bought one of these Arktos bikes a few years back. So glad I didn’t. Owners can’t give them away now.
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 I have an Arktos ST and love it… Is that not the general consensus? Am I living in my own little world?
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 Stuff ain’t made in USA anymore so it’s just a Yeti without the name.

As an aside, you can get an OnOne Vandal Ti for $1000.
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 Did I miss some of the article where it said it's made by Moots? That price for a frame it can't be a Taiwan are similar factory
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 I'm pretty sure they make their Ti and steel road bikes in-house at their facility in CO, good bet that this frame is also made there
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 They are technically made in Denver. I pass by their HQ along the Platte River bike path every day.
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 @MarcoSTEEZ: I used to live right near them as well (Denver for 10 years)...same with Yeti and Commencal, but neither makes anything in the US. As the comment above says, maybe their steel and Ti is inhouse, but I think most everything else is Asian made. Regardless, the price for that frame would make Moots blush and they are $$$
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 @bman33: This isn't that much more than a Moots Womble or MootoX RSL - $500 diff and all three are CO built Ti bikes. I think the Moots has a better looking finish to the frame but frankly the geo on this bike looks better. Not sure it's $500 better, but it's not that out of step price wise for the intended customer. Once you are in the $4k neighborhood for a hardtail frame what's another $500?
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 How is that stand holding up the Argos? Also, love those chainstays, gorgeous bike.
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 Bolt through the crankset
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 Not feeling the seat stays.
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