Alex Marin Leaves The Brigade Team & Production Privee

Jul 5, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  
Alex Marin shared on Instagram today that he will be leaving The Brigade Team in early July, writing that the team has been focused on developing a new bike and suspension but he would prefer to focus instead on his own racing progression. The team has been at the forefront in developing the new Production Privee downhill bike after partnering with Production Privee for the 2021 season.

bigquotesToday, I announce my depart from @thebrigadeteam.

I feel like I’m on a spot where I can achieve my goals, and the results I want. Unfortunately I feel like the team itself is focused on developing a new bike and suspensions. This change is to make sure I can take care of being the racer I want to be.

So all I can say here is thank you to everyone that came along the way. It’s been a hell of a ride!

A new chapter in my life is about to begin, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!
Alex Marin

It sounds like he has likely found a new team or at least some support, as he also updated his Instagram story with a 'censored' banner over his t-shirt.

The Brigade Team posted that "Alex Marin decided to leave the team during the authorised transfer period in early July" before copying Alex's statement above and wishing him well. The team also posted a welcome announcement for the team's new addition, Johan Garcin.

Production Privee also shared a brief well-wishes post: "Looking forward to seeing you back on the tracks @alex3marin! Thank you and best of luck!"

We will update you when we have more information about Alex's new team.

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 The bike sucks, and he wants to go fast, not figure out how to fix the sucky bike.
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flag MikeGruhler (Jul 5, 2021 at 18:45) (Below Threshold)
 Part of the job is to help develop products, Gwin isn't paid just to go fast...which he's struggling at currently but to help develop new products and ideas...but... I wouldn't want to be racing on suntour either so can't really blame him.
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 @MikeGruhler: the high end suntour products are actually fantastic
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 Part of his deal would have been to develop the bike. As above, Gwin (as much as I am not a fan) and a lot of the other riders are not just paid to race. The Hannahs? Paid but UR and Polygon to help develop the last gen Polygon DH bike. Gwin and Neko? Same same. Scott redevloping a new Gambler? Yeah Brendog was there. Brand new V10? Bet your ass Ratboy, Peaty and Minaar were in on that one. Can continue this all day long. Its part and parcel of the sport. Small start up teams need ruder input to fine tune their designs. Alex is quick (I believe not as fast as when he rode for Saracen, they year he shattered his arm) but still fast and with the experience to pass on potential tweaks in design. Him leaving could even possibly be a result of him bad mouthing the design to the wrong people, or PP not being able to deliver him EXACTLY what he wants when he wants it. Always 2 sides to every story, but both releases seem to be having slight jabs at the opposite party
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 We all know which brand he should be on right? Nominative determinism:

Let's see what he can do on a 150mm trail bike
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 Interesting move for sure, Alex's input into the bike in the little time he has been there im sure is worth its weight in gold but its not worked out for whatever reason. PP will carry on with the bike and im sure get to where they would like to be and im sure Alex will be back on a setup he's happy with and hopefully next year gets picked up again by someone he would feel more comfortable riding for.
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 @constantly-broken: do you know that product development was in his contract? Let’s say that it wasn’t explicitly detailed in his contract. He is forced to test and focus on bike and suspension development. He can’t focus on racing. He leaves the team and says that he wants to focus on racing and not bike and suspension development. He makes an Instagram post. They make posts and sign a new, lower tier rider to take his place.

And then you see it on Pinkbike and comment about how he must have been paid to do the testing.

Cycle repeats
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 @Mntneer: Why the hell would you sign a deal with a team that only has a prototype frame then complain about development of said frame? Racing is nothing but development of your equipment, body and the overall process of race prep. I'd tell ya to look somewhere else to if you had that kind of answer. It's not like there just handing out DH contracts these days.
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 Makes sense, a pro needs SUPPPORT AT THE RACES!!! its doubtful its a suspension, tire , frame issue. More likely, he is showing up at World Cups by himself, booking his own travel and accomadations....being a privateer, while the company resources are being spent of technical developement...they need a team manager first, then a team rider, and THEN then can get some useful feedback.
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 you look like you know something here.. actually they have a hell of a mechanic that can do more than wrench... but who knows..
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 @tadgercat I tend to agree. May even be as simple as that. They just don't have the funds to get him to all the World Cups with the level of support he needs.

Oh, and is there a World Cup team out there that has an injured rider right now and team mechanic already on budget where he can slot in and go? Pierron's injury as an example, etc. Just fill in for the brand til someone heals.
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 what's the new there?? He knew perfectly how is before get inside that project
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 @Theguyfromthealps: just check this video from 6 month ago...and all the other team anouncements which said about developing that new bike, new team, etc...

He said about all the new challenges about start and develop a complete new bike...jump out of the team just in the midle of the seasson, is not very profesional from his side.

Probably the team part didnt give him what they promissed, dont know that side of the story...anyway at least end the seasson, no?
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 Sounds to me like hes nicely saying, "this bike is terrible, peace out."
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 I doubt it sucks, they probably want him on a pretty strict testing schedule and he wants to have a schedule centered around his training
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 People don't quit their jobs, they quit their managers....
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 Surprising how many people already ride this bike here!
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 Don't forget it is a team sport after all, clearly the athlete is the one who crushes the times in his run, but the rest is doing the work for the pros, so that they can concentrate on riding. Each team needs to fit together and needs to share the same basic goal, if this isn't the case one side will surely start looking elsewhere... Maybe they simply had different goals and expectations of what to achieve this year. So no shit talk about spec, bike and other stuff. I wish both sides nothing but the best of luck
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 Most contracts have opt out clauses in them for if the rider can not preform to their best on team supplied gear they are allowed to opt out. My guess would be a nice of not wanting to help as much on the development side, to focus on his training, which in turn doesn’t improve the bike. Normally when a company is in a development stage they’ll bring in a veteran pro who’s less focused on winning (being theyre and established pro) not a young talent like Alex who’s trying to win. And only win. I have a hunch at the time their offer was the best on the table so he took it, and got offered a better ride and took it.
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 I think its just down to team dynamics myself. hart never really fitted in with saracen.i assume its like any other job you either fit in gel on with staff/ management or you start looking for something more suited.
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 Seeing all these commencals flying on the track, I would want one too!
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 Its almost rude not to
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 He will be on a V10 most likely.. who knows..
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 Public announcements for things like this never bode well.
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 Winning is the ultimate deodorant
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 What odds on him being on a Commencal at the next race?
They are the Borg of MTB. Resistance is futile.
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 And now at commencal21 Team with Suarez
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 Well this is shocking news.
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 Sounds like he’s come to a fork in the road. I hope he made the right decision.
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 He bottomed out kinda hard. Hopefully his rebound is working smoothly.
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 Syndicate ride? Fill Loris' space?
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 When you choose a french name, write it the right way: production privée
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 Who? What bike?
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