Video: Running Free and Flipping DH Bikes

Oct 30, 2015
by Bohdan Doval  
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We started filming this spring in Nelson, BC, and spent three days total to film this edit. Through lots of challenges, obstacles and busy schedules we finally produced this edit. Alex was in a car accident this summer and that put him out for a month, but once he healed up the first thing he did was hit the hill on Rialto Road. in Castlegar, BC. Good times filming this in Koots on some of the world's best trails, and I'm glad to call this place home. - Bohdan Doval

Still Photography by John Dougall

Still Photography by John Dougall

MENTIONS: @BohdanDoval / @alexv / @KNOLLYBIKES


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 Cool, Awesome with Iron Maiden and Paul Di'Anno on the vocals. I got to see him in like 1978, yep I am getting older
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 Dont forget Clive Burr on Drums \m/
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 every time i see a podium i want a podium
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 Only a Knolly can run shit that Knarly.
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 if that backflip jump was at bottom of trail that would be so rad sadly i wouldn't be surprised if it isn't
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 Knolly is not for DH championships, its for those lone wolf freeriders who need to run free and wild on a real tough bike.
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 Where is the rest of the shot at 2:18, we want to see the feature!
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 Might be the kinrade built feature on burl Ives. Pretty sure that was on a web series of stund or something. I've ridden by it pretending not to see it.
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 ^ I'm pretty sure that's exactly what it is. I think that backflip jump he does is from Garret's seggy in one of the Kranked films or Stund... or something. Either way, dude shreds and I couldn't believe how massive he went on that first backflip attempt. Insanity.
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 f*ckin eh right!!! Smile
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 MARZOCCCCHHHIIII sick video, computer is mute, klller riding.
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 How did he change the shock from coil to air and back to coil while riding Razz
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 The same way he changed the fork from a 888 to a RUX, then back to a 888 Geek Wink
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 always amazed by the little things people always pick up on^^ What you might not realize is a typical web edit of this quality takes a long time to shoot sometimes over the course of a couple months, and with how hard he rides im sure he probably blew the shock or something along those lines. Awesome edit by the way. Sick riding Alex that flip into the sand chute was heavy.
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 That flip looked fun. Although I'm just about to old and it prob wouldn't be fun.
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 they said three day project tho
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 3 days of filming doesn't mean 3 continuous days. as they also mentioned they had a lot of conflicts which leads me to believe these 3 days were spread out over months leaving plenty of time for him to blow a shock or switch out
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 thought that was a pizzahut delivery jacket at 1st.
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 Looks like the first seen is from builder
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 Yea man! That rad to see you stick the flip 2nd time, rowdy!
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 That ain't Iron Maiden! Sick vid though.
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 No music credit :/ otherwise nice job.
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