Alpinestars Stella Hyperlight shorts - Review

May 5, 2014
by Mary Moncorge  

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Pinkbike Product Picks 2014

Alpinestars Stella Hyperlight Shorts

Alpinestars are renowned for their technical apparel in the moto world. They have been getting into MTB riding kits for the past few years, first with their DH range, followed by a more AM/trail range. Alpinestars' Stella line targets female riders who don’t want to exclusively wear spandex but still want to look good on the trails. As per its name, the Stella Hyperlight version of their shorts is a lightweight product for trail riding. Fastening is done with a hook-and-loop and also a snap, so there is no risk of dropping your shorts in an untimely manner. Waist adjustment can be made through a sliding hook-and-loop band. Waist belt lining is made of soft mesh for a more comfy feeling and sweat wicking for hot days. To fit better female forms, the back of the waist belt has been raised and an elastic back panel has been integrated for more freedom of movement. The Stella Hyperlight shorts feature two side pockets and an additional lateral zipped one on the left leg for extra storage. Stella Hyperlight shorts also get their internal, flat snap adjustment system to clip-on Alpinestars’ mesh liner. MSRP: $74.95.

Rear panel and velcro synch on the Alpinestar shorts.

Alipinestars raised the rear panel of the Stella short and includes an elastic cinch to keep the waistband fitting snug and comfortable.

Pinkbike's Take:
bigquotesMore and more brands are catering for the women's market when it comes to clothing for XC, but not as much for trail riding. Finding a pair of shorts that we like, which doesn't make us look like a potato sacks, becomes tricky. If you add comfort to the equation, it suddenly becomes problematic. Alpinestars' Stella Hyperlight shorts have quickly become a favorite for spring riding. They fit nicely and are curve friendly. They are lightweight and breathable. The length is such that, If you wear kneepads, you won't have any skin showing between the pads and shorts, so you won't look like a dork. Branding is quite subtle, so you won't feel like a moving billboard. The quality of manufacturing is high and the stitching is low-profile, and doesn't chafe. All in all, the Alpinestars Stella Hyperlight is a great pair of mid- to warm-weather trail riding shorts. Add some affordable Italian fashion to your closet. - Mary Moncorge


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 Can someone explain why biking shorts are so f**king expensive? (Although these aren't too badly priced) Have been looking for a pair but everything is around $80-$90, even a few that are $150+! I'm aware that they have a lot of biking specific features, but these features are hardly ground breaking (Velcro elasticised waists, zip up leg vents) requiring years of R & D.
Or have I just reached the age where fashion doesn't make sense any more?
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 they only sell them at those prices because people are willing to pay that much, a more expensive product tends to sell better simply because people think its better. i just wait until they get reduced in a sale, end up with some intresting colors but i like to save money to but more important parts. oh and proper biking clothes are a great, if you are willing to invest.
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 bought the cheapest ones on chain reaction a few months ago... Still £34 :/
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 Wait until the stocks go on clearance online.
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 I buy chamois and shorts separate now.. usually a fox chamois and golf shorts... yes, golf shorts, they are water resistant and stretch much like a mtb short. And, they are available in hipster plaid!
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flag ballsdeepinpow (May 6, 2014 at 6:38) (Below Threshold)
 Its because the compagnies know you need them.
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flag ballsdeepinpow (May 6, 2014 at 6:39) (Below Threshold)
 So they put a high price on them.
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 I buy regular shorts and cheap chamois is a lot cheaper and I actually use that shorts for every day
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 That said, they are actually great to ride in, so I suppose the price is fair enough...
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 Nashbar has a bunch for cheap, and I've gotten several on clearance from and other places. They're not up to current trail fashion standards (long, and hideous), but they feel great. Regular chamois with shorts is fine too.
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 i buy my shorts off . I get decent ones with chammy for around $30.
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 Probably because they know MTB is kind of a niche sport, so they up prices to reflect that.
But hey, buy one pair of $100 bike shorts and they'll last forever.
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 I have 100$ shorts too, but the break after 1 or 2 years of abuse Smile (still good durability) but prefer to expend my hard earned dollars directly in my bike parts hahaha Big Grin
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 I actually bought a few pairs and use them as every day shorts. They last longer than cotton or denim, usually have some stretch to them, and breathe better.
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 They're expensive because they're "biking" shorts. They're artificially high priced just like all bike stuff is. Wear some jeans like all the best riders do.
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 check endura clothing.. good quality for a fair price..
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 you can get a pair of royal shorts on crc for £23 which isn't too bad at all... (although they are on sale from £80)
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 great to see some women-specific trail/dh clothing. Often I hear my female friends saying its tricky to find clothes that fit and are suitable for how they ride. Great work Alpinestar.

(slight grumble - now my female friends won't be wearing tight fitting clothing to motivate me to ride faster, great work Alpinestar)
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 Well, looking at the picture of the rear parts of the short just above, I wouldn't be so pesimistic.
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 by the looks of that image, most girls are gonna wind up with hella ass crack in those shorts... just cause they're womens shorts, that doesn't mean they need to sit so low on the hips. sportswear companies need to stop using scrawny,little california beach bum girls as fit models...
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 that was no fit model, that was a real live mountain bike chick. can't you see her forearm?
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 Thank you Matt. I've just bought a couple of new pairs of shorts, and I'm wearing guys ones because ALL the women's ones I tried on are halfway down my ass, and way too short in the crotch. They were uncomfortable in the shop. I can't imagine how they'd feel after half a day of climbing. The guys ones at least do up on my waist ...

And as for manufacturers who put the velcro adjustment on the INSIDE of the waistband ... Maloja, what are you thinking?
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 @lester22291, I never said THAT girl was a fit model, obviously not true. But based on the image of her bum in those shorts, the shorts are designed off a significantly reduced rearend. Most mtb women I know, have the typical "cyclist build" i.e. bubble butts, strong thighs, athletic builds. Even the girl in the image is bordering that build. they're not scrawny little southern california girls or your stereotypical mediteranean goddess.

Even though Alpinestars is an Italian company, something tells me these are designed in SoCal, the hub of the action sports apparel world.

@Pikasam, and unfortunately with guys shorts, girls often have to size up, cause they aren't designed to accommodate a womans hip. I've been down this road with my gf all too many times...

And don't get me wrong, I'm not ragging with the mtb woman generalization. I'll admire a strong, fit cyclist over a scrawny, wispy, stereotype any day. (there might not be a polite way to describe that without putting my foot in my mouth... I'm sorry...)
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 It's all in the fit, I guess, because everyone's different. Some girls will love the shorts I tried on, but I just feel the whole low-waisted thing is unnecessary on a bike short. - when you're crouched over all day, I would think you'd want something that came further up your back to fend off the cold and the sun, and didn't leave so much skin exposed in the event of a crash. But that's just my opinion..
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 I read that as hella light. But I was wrong..
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 Hmm..I have never paid under $30 for a pair of regular casual shorts….I definitely wouldn't expect a pair of cycling/mtb shorts to be under that amount…Some cheap folks on here. But to each their own Smile
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 I don't think the price is out of sorts. I have a pair of North Face Chainring shorts, about the same price. They ripped, I sent them back and they fixed them for free. Having a pair of riding shorts that lasts 4 plus years when you use them 3 to 4 days a week? Not bad.
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 Sweat-wicking? But Mary, you look hot as hell in those shorts!
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 Finally some nice baggy biking shorts for women! I have one pair that fits well, but I will have to give theses a try!
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 Why can no one comment?

They nice shorts wish my girlfriend rode bikes i'd buy her them.
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 Some one had a nasty off, ouch.
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 I have given up womens gear when it comes to DH biking. Way to hard to find something that fits and looks ok
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 We have Alpinestars Stella Hyperlight Short for $ 70.00 so call us at 787 967-7575
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