Amaury Pierron to Miss French National Championships with a Hand Injury

Aug 10, 2020
by Ed Spratt  
Amaury Pierron fully pinned and into first

Amaury Pierron has announced on social media that he will be missing the French national championships after a nasty crash at yesterdays French Cup race at Alpe d'Huez.

The crash happened during Pierron's finals run and, after some worry about the nature of the injury following the race, he has revealed that so far he just needed some stitches in his hand and hopes to back to races as soon as possible.

bigquotesSome days are tougher than others...

Yesterday didn’t go to plan and had a massive crash during my final run and I fainted for a bit. I’m sad I won’t be able to fight for the national series, the level on French races are crazy, and there are so many you guns coming! Future is great.

Hopefully, only my hand has been injured. We were suspicious about the ligaments but I finally just needed some stitches. I’ll take a bit of rest, and I’ll be back at the races ASAP

Massive thanks to my team Commencal MucOff and my family
Amaury Pierron - Instagram

We're wishing Amaury all the best with his recovery and hope to see him back on the bike soon.


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 Surprised there weren't more hand Injuries during quarantine to be honest
  • 14 0
 I would think increased amount of training prevents injuries...
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 @yhurt: overtraining is a thing
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 He's heading to Miss French with a hand injury. Gonna be a tough one.
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 I blame Trump!
  • 18 15
  • 23 0
 I blame those puny 35mm stanchions.
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 Zeb Boxxer 2020
  • 10 0
 I can’t even imagine what he calls a massive crash!
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 Ça me fait encore plus mal que la réforme des retraites...
Bon retour sur les pistes !
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 Better that than a big injury, but there's something about the small, unimpressive injury that nonetheless keeps you off the bike that's really frustrating.

Also, as someone whose hand is still scabby and spitting out rocks five weeks after a similar injury, how about some better cut/puncture protection in MTB gloves?!
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 As a tennis player, small multiple injuries are annoying AF
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 @giantwhip: yep, better not be a tennis player
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 That sucks, hoping for the best outcome and a fast return to riding/racing!
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 Sounds gruesome. Its never great to see your insides, the instant feeling of anguish like "oh f*ck this is going to take a while to heal". Poor bastard and a hand is going to be more worrying than a normal cut
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 Heal up Amaury!!
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 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????heal fast. Lots of beer helps ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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 funny how Miss capitalizing a letter can lead to more clicks!
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 Hahah I was like Amaury.. Miss French.. what???
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 Miss French National Championships? Funny name, but she sounds interesting.
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 Fuck COVID-19...
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 His hand looks fine in that picture. Medically cleared.
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 He just needs to tie a big spotlight to his handlebars, or better yet, replace them with one of those big LED bars for trucks, and it'll be fine!
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 Heal up soon AP, hopefully no concussion affect, prayer for you.
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 Bummer get well
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 He fainted? Because of a hand injury? Or was their something else
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 If they were concerned about ligaments, it was probably a really deep gash. Maybe he lost a lot of blood. Maybe he smashed his head as well. Maybe he has not seen the inside of his hand before and was overwhelmed.
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flag Three6ty (Aug 10, 2020 at 11:58) (Below Threshold)
 @miles4smiles: "Maybe he has not seen the inside of his hand before and was overwhelmed."

Probably the case! Cant handle a little blood and guts!
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 @Three6ty: Yeah, only soppy sacks make it has far as he has.
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 @carlitouk: It's amazing how sensitive you guys are. Please take everything I say 100% serious without any sarcasm involved, and please over react.
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 I've cut myself a million ways from Sunday. A piece of v shaped metal cut a spoonful of the meat in my calf one time. For whatever reason, looking down to see a pool of blood gather inside with distinct pieces of clean meat, fat & bone made my head spin.
I can see where thinking half your hand is filleted would do it.
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 Would almost assume he is trying to say he knocked himself out for a second but chose the wrong word because English isn't his first language...
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 évanouie seems to mean both knocked out and fainted.
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 The only time I have fainted from pain was during a hand surgery. There are so many nerves in your hands you can barely register it as pain as you sweat yourself into unconsciousness.
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 Just listened to the Wyn Masters podcast with him. Turns out he is really just squeamish around blood and actually fainted. Who would have guessed...
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 @kornbrot: me. I guessed. Read my post. Beer Do I win a prize?

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