Video: Andes Pacifico Enduro Returns for 2019

Sep 16, 2018
by Montenbaik Enduro  

PRESS RELEASE: Andes Pacifico Enduro

There are moments and experiences in life that take you to the limit, create a game of emotions that go from frustration to satisfaction, from tears to laughter, and that make us discover new things in us that we would not otherwise have noticed. So although it seems irrational, those things that make us suffer so much for a moment, without thinking we would experience them again. That and much more reflects what the Andes Pacific Enduro is.

Are you ready for the adventure of your life? Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico 2019 in its sixth consecutive year is the perfect mix between race and adventure in Mountainbike, that crosses beautiful Chile from the Andes mountains at 3500 meters high, to the mountains on the coast line, ending at the beach with the best reward: the Pacific Ocean.

Andes Pacifico 2018

We have good news for you! Registrations for this adventure of a lifetime have just opened at The event will be in the southern hemisphere summer, during the third week of February 18 to 23, 2019. This is your chance to share the trail (and maybe some beers, pisco and wine!) with the top riders of the world. Names like Jerome Clementz, Cedric Gracia, Fabian Barel, Nico Lau, Rene Wildhaber, Rat Boy, Jesse Melamed, Joann Barelli, Marco Osborne, Tracy Mosley, Casey Brown, Mark Scott, Iago Garay, Francoise Bailly Maitre and a lot more have enjoyed the antigrip, the wine and the Chilean hospitality.

Andes Pacifico 2018

Andes Pacifico 2018

Being an international race, many of the riders are in the Northern Hemisphere without the possibility of riding a bike through the tough winter. For them, this is an excellent opportunity to get to know one of the most attractive and safest countries in South America that has unique trails and landscapes for mountain biking.

Andes Pacifico 2019 offers 5 days of competition where competitors are taken to the highest points of the Andes, and descent on epic multi-stage trails made hundreds of years ago by the muleteers, to finish by the coast. Those singletracks are perfect for MTB. During the 5 days of competition everything is included for a value of USD $ 2000.

The 2019 edition will have more than 50% of new trails, in the most incredible places to practice the Mountainbike. The invitation is here, we are waiting for you all. Prepare for the adventure of your life.

Andes Pacifico 2018

Andes Pacifico 2018
Andes Pacifico 2018

What is included
• Multi stage trails demarcated for 5 days, which pass through a variety of landscapes, flora and fauna running from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean.
• Route description data with distance and altimetry.
• Stages timed in Rally-Enduro format.
• Shuttles or lifts that take each morning to the competitors at the beginning of the stages.
• Camps where the organization have the tents and dinners ready.
• Transportation (clothing and equipment for bicycles) from one camp to another.
• Transport and unpacking of your tent and air mattress, from one camp to another (each tent will be ready when you arrive at each camp each afternoon)
• 2 meals prepared every day: breakfast, dinner and plenty of snack for lunch.
• Snacks and rehydration upon arrival at the camp, and plenty of snacks during the day.
• Care and attention of professional medical personnel on the track and the camp area.
• Technical support from a team of professional mechanics.
• Andes Pacifico official bag.and event t-shirt 2019.
• Gifts from our sponsors.

Andes Pacifico 2017

About the Organizers
Montenbaik is recognized worldwide for being the organizer of three Enduro World Series in Chile ( 2014, 2016, 2018 ) and the Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico that has already been made in 5 versions every summer on different trails with the best views. In addition to the above, Montenbaik received the award for the best event of the Enduro World Series in 2014, being nominated once again for the award for best Enduro World Series 2018 in Lo Barnechea.

MENTIONS: @Montenbaik / @jonathaj


  • + 47
 When I see Ratboy, I click.
  • + 3
 dude that andes pacifico ratcam is probably the best singletrack i've ever seen !!
  • + 7
 gotta love the chainsaw
  • + 3
 Three of us are signed up and psyched to go! We're a little concerned with fitness too, particularly in mid- February, but your comments are encouraging, thanks Dave.
  • + 4
 Its always the fist time I ride a bike outdoors in 3+ months as well and I've always survived haha.

I recommend doing some spin classes and gym work on the regular before though (lunges, deadlifts, etc for the hike a bikes and long long descents). It's five long days so just be sure your body is ready to put in efforts and recover.

Biggest shock to the system for me is the heat when you're not at all used to it coming from Feb in VT. I go a few days early and am usaully fine by the time I have to out any real efforts in.
  • + 3
 I really, really wanna do this event. But damn it looks brutal and hard. The altitude must be a killer
  • + 4
 Some of the trails are pretty tech and challenging, but you could definitely go with an average fitness level and be totally fine.
  • - 1
 @davetrumpore: didn't you get to use a burro to carry your bike up the gnarliest transfer? Wink
  • + 2
 @dthomp325: were you there, or just see a photo? If so you'd know it was a long hike a bike but not gnarly by any means. However leading a burro tain with it's handler on horseback smacking it on the ass to go faster was actually way way harder. Gary Perkin and I literally speed walked up a mountain at altitide with no stops, that was actually pretty gnarly. The riders got a nice liesurely stroll at their own pace... And everyone had to ride the second half of that climb ;-)

As for the actual really really big and gnarly climbs in the Andres, you would also know everyone gets shuttled in pickup trucks right?

Curious what your angle is here? I've done the race 4 times carrying way more weight than the racers and riding/hiking all the same routes without shortcuts. I'd say I'm qualified to give a fairly accurate description of the fitness level needed not to feel like in over your head.

It's not easy by any means, but it's not a death March or vision quest and riders on varying ability have had an awesome experience every year.
  • + 2
 @davetrumpore: I'm just giving you shit for getting a burro cause I wish I had one. That day was a freaking hard hike. Worth it, but hard.

Protip for anyone doing the race: make sure your bike is comfortable to carry on your shoulders. I couldn't do it with my bike because a suspension pivot hit me right in the wrong spot on my back and I had to push/roll it the whole time, which was really tough on the steeper transfer sections.

And thanks for all the pictures @davetrumpore.
  • + 1
 @dthomp325: be careful what you wish for. This year I might skip the burro as I'd rather not run up a mountain again.
  • + 1
 @davetrumpore: BTW that transfer was 885m/11km according to my map, and I think it took like 3 hours. I'm glad I wasn't dragging along photo equipment on the course like you or the packs the medics were riding with... Definitely a ton tougher than the transfers you're used to riding in BME or NAET or other Rocky Mountain area enduros.
  • + 1
 @davetrumpore: I've survived a couple of international enduros, but the altitude in the Andes is much higher than those. Thats the biggest concern for my weak sea-level lungs and legs.
  • + 3
 well, I am saving up for 2020. Gotta buy camper this year
  • + 1
 hopefully I will be there in 2020

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