Andes Pacifico Returns for 2020 with Brand New Stages

Nov 8, 2019
by Montenbaik Enduro  

PRESS RELEASE: Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico

We do not know our limits until we begin to challenge them. To challenge them is to play with the impossible. It involves passion, courage, persistence. It involves dreaming and trying to really articulate who you are and discover what you are capable of. And then you will challenge yourself, again and again, seeking to go one step further.

If Enduro is your thing, surely at some point in your life you will feel the call of a unique challenge which takes place on spectacular terrain for mountain biking. The call of the Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico. In less than three months, from February 17 to 23, this Enduro race will be held for the seventh consecutive year. A competition that in five days takes some of the best riders in the world to travel Chile from the mountains to the sea.

Day two stage 1. Adam Brayton from the UK drops in with the Andes in the background. This was the longest stage of the race dropping 1500m.

This year there will be important changes, with new routes and other surprises. We do not want to reveal all the details yet but we do share some clues from Ignacio “Nacho" Barbosa, race organizer and the man behind it all.

bigquotesOur spirit has always been to explore new areas and also contribute to the development of the central zone of Chile as the epicentre of mountain biking. Previous versions have been established near Santiago, but as the trails are limited and next year the Enduro World Series is coming back to the region, it was time to look for new challenges, new routes.

The Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico is an adventure par excellence, we discover new trails and help position them as true MTB classics. Today, some of these places become even bike parks. That is why, after 6 years, we are working on 100% new routes. This season we will maintain the standard of what is Pacific Andes, but we will explore new landscapes, we are already looking for new horizons. The time has come to take the adventure to the next level.
Nacho Barbosa

Do not miss one of the best enduro weeks of your life. Registration is still open and there are only 100 places in total.

From the mountains to the sea: What is the Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico?

Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico is a blind enduro race, which lasts five days with liaisons and stages that cross the entire Chilean geography. The trails are world-class, as are the riders that arrive every year. The mission is to discover Chile and challenge the infamous #antigrip, travelling through ancestral singletracks made by the pre-Columbian civilizations and the later cowboys from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean. It is a race that tests you both physically and mentally, it takes you out of the comfort zone, it challenges you.

Pedro Burns, the current champion and first Chilean to win Andes Pacifico, considers this competition one of his favorites and comments:

bigquotesIt is the race I most expect during the year. It is a five-day rally where the competition does not end. It is super strategic, you go through the most remote corners of the mountain range, with different circuits and different types of terrain every day, also sharing with great exponents of cycling, with riders from all over the world. All this together makes it an incredible experience, where there are those who are going to experience it and also those who are going to compete for the podium. I am happy to have won last year, to have been the first Chilean to win it and I have a message for all the gringos: Come well trained because I will defend the crown with claws and fangs. See you in 2020! Pedro Burns

Just as it is hard, it is also wonderful: breathtaking landscapes, hidden trails, great people, everything seems to collude to give you strength in difficult times and motivate you to continue.

bigquotesAll the riders enjoy everything. It's so different from what we are used to riding anywhere in the world! Yoann Barelli

Part of the dynamic that makes this competition a unique experience is the community that is around the bike. All riders share in a nomadic campsite that advances from the mountain range to the sea. The tents, food and all the infrastructure is always ready for the arrival of the riders, who only have to worry about having a beer or taking a swim in the river.

bigquotesEveryone is here for the adventure more than the racing and that’s pretty special. A really amazing way to meet people from all over the world, people who share the same passion and that’s riding a mountain bike. Tracy Moseley

Although it is not only sharing the passion for sport, but also enjoying the local cuisine. Travelling along with the riders, a team of professional chefs who prepare amazing dishes, fusing Chilean specialities with ingredients from around the globe. Each dish is accompanied by a premium wine or a cold craft beer. And at night there are those who do not miss the opportunity to smuggle a bottle of Pisco, the national drink which has already gained some fame among the riders. After all #NoPiscoNoDisco!

Andes Pacifico has a tremendous infrastructure to make it happens as it should, among them we highlight the medical support of the highest level that has accompanied this adventure since the beginning. They are doctors and other specialists who advance with riders along the route at specific points, with a full equipped medical tent and special rescue vehicles.

The challenge is big but not impossible. We are not going to lie to you, it is a tough race, but an average level rider who intends to challenge himself can do it. They are many kilometers, much anti grip, many hours on the bike. But the liaisons have extra time and are largely assisted by pickup trucks and lifts. The characteristic gravity approach of the race is maintained, but the great pressure is the one you put on yourself. Andes Pacifico is a race but also an experience that goes far beyond the competition.

Pepe Molina, a local rider from Chile who was encouraged last year to enter the race for the first time, invites all the riders to accept the challenge:

bigquotesBy far the race that everyone has to try. The ultimate proof that tells you if you’re doing things right.  A lot of navigation in these long and hard special stages, which is one of the things I most liked about the race. It is amazing to be racing in the best trails of Chile, along with top riders of the world and the ambience and spirit around Enduro Racing. It is an experience for the rest of your life, a Bucket List, everyone should prepare for it and do it. Pepe Molina

Join us in February 2020!

More information at

About the organizer:
Montenbaik is responsible for introducing enduro races in South America and is recognized worldwide for being the organizer of three Enduro World Series in Chile (2014, 2016, 2018 ) and the Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico that had 6 editions every summer on the best trails of the region. In addition, Montenbaik received the award for the best enduro event for the 2014 Enduro World Series in Chillan, and was once again nominated with the 2018 Enduro World Series in Lo Barnechea, winning the 2018 Trail Of The Year award with the iconic Parvazo.


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 This starts on my birthday. Still trying to figure-out how to convince my wife we're going down to see her family in Santiago, and then ditch her and the kids for a few days as a birthday present to myself!
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 solo dile no #nopisconodisco po weon !!! Smile
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 The only thing I wanna know is: will there be one in 2021? That would be my goal!
  • 3 0
 more than sure! Wink
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 @leobass: count me in then!
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 Best thing of the year! Im back for a 4th time in 2020. Will be awsome so ride some new trails!
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 I just need to first get my dentistry license, open practice and pay off loan and I’ll be there someday - otherwise there is always “MasterCard”.
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 I'll be there one day...
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 I wish I had had the financial freedom when I was young that I have now.
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 would love to be part of this but no refundable entry if you get hurt some weeks/months before the race?!
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 I think they will help you out in that case.
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 No refunds is kind of fair enough (just get some insurance!) - but can't you even make a transfer to someone else in that case? I'd be surprised if they wouldn't allow that.
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 As the race organizers, we will always try to find a better solution for any rider that have an unforeseen problema such as an accident, but we do need to have a strict policy since we have only 100 spots for the race. And we also advice to get a travel insurance if you want to be on the safe side.
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 Guess we’ll have to see how the social movement and riots develop in Chile, the country is in a weird state rn
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 It's true there is a lot going on in Chile but it is a very safe country to travel and that didn't change. We believe the best way to deal with that is to keep the projects we believe have a positive impact in the country. Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico was created with the idea to promote our country's trails and mountains with a responsible form of tourism. We look for the less developed areas in less concurred seasons, away from the cities and mass tourism, to take the riders to experience the nature and the culture of the country. Next year we will take it even more serious as we move the event further into the country.
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 I love Mexican food.
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 Learn some geography you idiot.
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