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Andreane Lanthier Nadeau Withdraws from EWS Loudenvielle After Hit to the Head in Practice

Sep 1, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

After a hard hit to the head in practice ahead of the EWS race in Loudenveille, Andreane Lanthier Nadeau has said will be withdrawing from the race tomorrow.

bigquotesConfidently and without a doubt pulling the plug on racing for tomorrow.

Heartbroken to say the least.

We’ve only got one brain and there is so much to life I want to keep enjoying. There’ll be other races.

Hoping the headache eases off so I can get knitting.

hugs welcomed

Clip & hike out by @tommyc_insta — where would I be without my team.
Andreane Lanthier Nadeau

We are gutted for her and wish her a speedy recovery.

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 She's such a class act. Heal up ALN, take your time, we want you riding for a long time!
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 www.pinkbike.com/news/video-on-falling-aln-miranda-miller-and-brittany-phelan-star-in-stunning-documentary-2020.html really good watch featuring ALN talking about concussions

It's good to see a pro take a progressive stance on brain health. Personally, I had one slam that left me unable to work for 3 weeks. I'm happy to see ALN being such a strong role model in the sport.
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 That’s not a progressive view, it’s the right one.
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A reminder of how bad a hit like this can be…Lorraine had a similar hit to the head in an enduro race back then. Good to take these crashes seriously.
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 that's the worst way to go down...when the wheel shoots out unexpectedly while traversing a feature. The bike literally just wipes the rider to the ground. Suffered a concussion and sprained shoulder 2 years back when this happened to me on some wet limestone after a heavy rain. Smart call to withdrawal! Get better soon!
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flag scott-townes FL (Sep 1, 2021 at 14:06) (Below Threshold)
 Its especially ruthless when you're going 4mph (83 kmph for the Frenchies) like she was. It must have been shocking experiencing that impact at such an unexpected time.
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 @scott-townes: you realise the rest of the world uses metric?
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 Same thing earlier this year. Some shitty loose rocks on the edge of a drop wiped out my front wheel and I ended up 20 feet down the trail. 30mph to zero in a second ended up with a severe shoulder separation and I joined the clavicle club.
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 @jezsh: not very good at math either. 4mph = 6.45kph
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 @PTyliszczak: Dang. I didn't know there was a club. Smile lol
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 @scott-townes: taking a stab at The French for being slow.... That's a new one. Anyway, the fall accelerated her body and then her head hit after her shoulder the ground first, which is another acceleration. Falling is not as cut and dry as just going 7 kph
Good for hear she minds her health.
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 Her, damnit
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 Been unlucky rhis year with injuries, such a shame as she was heading to the top
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 You took a bad hit to the head, Andreane. Very smart of you to pass on the race tomorrow. Life goes on......
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 Oh man. Side head impacts are the ultimate worst. Hope she takes the time to recover as necessary...those can be a MF'er to come back from.
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 Damn. One of my favs
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 gutted for you. Such bad luck but 100% the right decision. It's a rough old sport!!
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 Other races for sure, keep your brain healthy it’s a finicky organ and most valuable! one big hug from Van island! Hope your team mates do wellSmile
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 Heal up ALN. Very smart decision and you are right in valuing your long term health. There will be future races and awesome experiences ahead for you.
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 Take your time and best healing vibes
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 healing vibes!
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 Gutted for ya ALN. Heal the head and enjoy the yarn!
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 Get well soon ALN!
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 Healin vibes ALN. Rest up & crush the next race.
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 Wow that was quite the slam.
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 Ahhhh sh*t... was really looking forward to see her race... Prompt rétablissement ALN ! virtual hug
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 Smart move. Heal up & get back for the next one.
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 Good call, take it easy ALN
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 Wishing you a speedy recovery ALN!
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 That was the lamest crash lol, happens sometimes I guess...
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 Scary to think what people do in half shell helmets if a full face at that speed doesn't prevent a concussion?? Who is her helmet sponsor?
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 Biking is risky dude, helmets only do so much to prevent concussions, full face or no. And the helmet technology is complicated and fraught with issues, the company that owns MIPS apparently doesn't share the data that proves it works. Helmet companies also build helmets to standards, but the standard might not suit the type of crash you get into. This is third hand info, but basically it ain't simple
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