Andreani Group Announces Tire Insert Line for XC Racing

Sep 10, 2020
by AndreaniGroup  

Press Release: Andreani Group

One year after presenting the SuperMousse Pac-1, a dual compound tire insert, the Andreani Group is now glad to announce the launch of the Pac Evo Lite, the brand new Light Mousse line that will premiere this weekend at the Italian Bike Festival (11-13 September 2020).

These special mousse - the result of years of studies and field tests - are designed for XCM/XCO, Gravel and Road bicycles, and will offer maximum reactivity of the tubeless tires, as well as excellent performance in terms of rim protection and anti-beading.

More specifically, the Pac Evo Lite has been developed with a special (T) layout that allows an easy installation. In addition, its special superelastic closed-cell material - designed to ensure longevity to the insert even if used in RunFlat condition - is compatible with all sealants thanks to the water repellent surface it is composed of.

Made of the same compound (that offers greater elastic response and mechanical strength than the polyethylene foam, usually used for tire inserts), the Pac Evo Lite Gravel and the Pac Eco Lite Road are characterized by:

• Impact resistance;
• Abrasion resistance and breaking strength;
• Greater flexibility;
• Cuts resistance;
• Thermal resistance, that allows to use them also at high temperatures;
• Resistance to humidity and atmospheric agents from which it derives a high corrosion resistance.

This new generation of tire insert proportionally reacts to the different inflate pressures.


First of all, remove the Pac Evo Lite from the packaging and wet it to facilitate the installation. Insert the first tire bead sidewall on the rim - after installing the valves supplied in the kit - install the Pac Evo Lite and complete the tire beading using standard plastic levers. Deflate the tyre and insert 60 - 100ml of sealant (our bike technicians recommend a sealant like Stans NoTubes or other ammonia-free sealants) through the valve by using a syringe. Inflate at low pressure (0.8 - 1 bar) and shake the wheel to distribute the sealant inside the tire, and then reach the desired pressure. And now? You have just to enjoy your ride!

Contrary to their predecessor that is distributed in the S/M/L sizes, these new inserts are available in one size (the Pac Evo Lite XCM/XCO is optimized for tires 2.0÷2.25 and diameter of 29”, the Pac Evo Lite Gravel for tires from 30 to 40mm and rims >21mm, and the Pac Evo Lite Road for tires from 25 to 30mm and rims >21mm) and combines lightness, smoothness and comfort to offer high-level performance.

For more information about such Andreani brand new SuperMousse family products, click here.


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 Remember to pinch the reservoir tip as you slide it on.
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 i want to improve my own permofroance...
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 solid editorial oversight there.....
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 Given that is is a super mousse at first I thought it was a reference to this sounding like a hair styling product. I'd buy hair mousse that gave me a high performance permanent afro.
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 "This new generation of tire insert proportionally reacts to the different inflate pressures." Correct me if I'm wrong, but having impacts on the tire while riding increase its inside pressure. So the harder you hit something, the less foam volume you have and so the less protection you have ?
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 I was thinking the exact same thing...
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 True to a point, but the insert won’t disappear or become so wafer thin that it will be useless.
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 Yes, but the portion of a tire that's compressed during an impact is a small fraction of the total volume, so the pressure change is small.
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 All I want is an insert that isn't an absolute tyre lever breaking pig to install!!! Rimpact saved my race run when I flatted at the weekend, so I'm sold on the idea, but they're such a pain to install it put me off swapping tyres for the conditions, which I really should have done.
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 It's just technique... honestly haven't found a combo I can't fit with CushCore yet.
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 @podderz: I'll take any hints you've got to make life easier!
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 @mountainsofsussex: to install, get half of it on, stand the wheel up on the floor with the uninstalled portion on the ground, then push down on the insert while sliding your hands down. Downward pressure is easier than trying to pull it on. Getting the tire on is the same as without an insert, just takes more force. You need a good tire lever like the new cushcore, personally I use a plastic scraper I bought off Amazon. I just filed the edges off so it doesn't cut the tire. Just work the bead in. Soapy water helps.

Removal is the same, but I've found that 2 levers makes it easier. Push the bead into the center channel using your beefy lever and soapy water. For both install and removal, one of those big garbage cans saves your back. Best pointer is to get the right tire levers. Pedro's are too short in my opinion. Hope this helps.
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 @SkullsRoad: thanks. The main pain seems to be getting the last quarter of bead in. Standing the wheel up and pushing the tyre round to the bottom makes sense.
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 @mountainsofsussex: Inserts with air in them help as you can inflate them after tire installation. Tubes are pretty easy obviously. Even better if they're part of a ProCore setup (which is what I'm using). I think installation is a breeze. One other alternative is the newer (so not the original) Tannus Armour. It is a hollow foam core so even though you can't pressurize that (like ProCore) at least you can push the tire beads inwards for tire installation. From what I understand about Nukeproof ARD is that it is a closed cell foam so it compresses as you pressurize the tire. And as it does, this is when it drops into the center channel and provides back pressure against the tire bead. When the tire is deflated, the closed cells swell so that the insert diameter increases and the insert moves out of the way.

This is what I understand about the theories, though to me they do make sense too. I've only got personal experience with regular tubes and ProCore. I'm happy with ProCore though I hate their original tube. I can't clean out their valve when (not if) it clogs up. I have two valve holes in my rim (four spokes apart). I use a regular tube, the ProCore air guide (the red thing) goes over the valve that inflates the tire. It could be any insert compatible valve that blows air sideways. I use Pepi, CushCore and the new Peaty valve should work too.
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 Tannus. Way easy to install.
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 @hamncheez: I don't know. I ordered Armour back in November. Still haven't managed to make it work. By far the longest it has taken me to install anything on my bike.
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 You should never use a tyre lever to install a tire . .. . . . . . .
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 @MX298: there are lots of things you should never do, yet us humans carry on doing them...
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 Releases product for XC racing and doesn't list weight. You're new here aren't you?
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 From their website:

The XC model : Weights S size: 29″ – 79 grams, 27.5″ – 72 grams, 26″ – 65 grams.
The trail model: Weights M size: 29″ – 145 grams, 27.5″ – 130 grams, 26″ – 115 grams.
The enduro model: Weights L size: 29″ – 180 grams, 27.5″ – 158 grams, 26″ – 145 grams.
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 It's approximately 80 grams.
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 this sounds like what EF education was describing for road racing. Really just their to let you keep rolling when the tire is flat, not so much for impact resistance.
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 There's really more and more companies catching up in the upcharged pool noodles tire inserts.
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 I thought this was a frisbee ad.
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