Andreani Group Announce ProImpact Suspension Tuning System

Apr 28, 2020
by AndreaniGroup  

PRESS RELEASE: Andreani Group International

After years of studies on the interaction between air and polymers, the Andreani Group has officially launched the ProImpact, a product developed in co-branding with DeanEASY that allows riders to easily tune their MTB front forks, with stanchions measuring from 32 to 36mm. The ProImpact works by modifying the progression curve and the fork damping speed in compression and rebound while optimizing their functionality according to the different terrain and riding styles.

The kit is composed of different kinds of compound, consistency, and layout to satisfy most needs and offer driving sensations never experienced before. Depending on the combination, it is possible to achieve significant results, especially on entry/mid-level suspensions. The system allows riders to combine the plush effect of a spring suspension with the lightness and progression of an air one, and to have a more constant functionality of the fork during high intensity and sustained use.

Universal Kit

How do you install the kit? The polymers, from harder to softer, are inserted inside the positive chamber (on air forks) or inside the spring (on coil forks), and the consistency given by them will permit to use a less inflating pressure of the fork positive chamber (on air forks) or to use a spring with less elastic constant (on coil sprung forks) maintaining same forces as static level. It is very important to sprinkle them with our grease to have a high level of lubrication of the system and avoid friction.

ProImpact Installation Procedure

Now, taking into account success of this innovative tuning system and the desire to satisfy all the customer demands, Andreani Group presents its brand new ProImpact kits: the Race Kit, the Enduro Kit, the Downhill Kit and the Öhlins-Cannondale Kit.

They are the perfect addition for riders with an aggressive riding style, and also for riders practicing disciplines such as XC/marathon, e-bike, enduro or downhill.

Race Kit
Enduro Kit

Downhill Kit
 hlins - Cannondale Kit

Find more information about all the ProImpact kits at:

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 So I read their site, and there doesn't seem to be a definitive explanation of the science behind this and how using this kit is different volume spacers. They claim plushness of a coil with the weight of an air spring, "dynamic" volume reduction which I guess is the foam compressing, and also "reducing handlebar vibrations."

But again, not a lot of info about how and why these are better than volume spacers, and if they even serve the same purpose. A couple diagrams or something would be clutch.

Guess it's my own fault for not understanding Italian
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 Hi, we will be glad to give you all the info you need. So feel free to contact our internatinal sales manager Diego Arduini via e-mail or to call him at his number +39 0721 2092204.
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 Hi, I've got hold of a Pro Impact kit from my LBS and it's does what it claims to do. I've installed the kit in a Boxxer Select RC on my Kenevo and it is a big improvment on how the forks handles, especially on big hits, much smoother compression and rebound. Had 4 tokens installed prior to the change and still felt the fork was to linear. I've tried out the Pro Impact inserts for about 3 weeks on different trailconditions and I'm quite happy with the upgrade.
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 Kinda like the the spacers from Formula
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 Finally, elastomer suspension is back! Soon we can get rid of those annoying oil dampers, and only use the self damping of the elastomers.
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 Is this instead of the spacers that you can use to tune the progression of a Float fork? Or in addition?
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 Apparently you're supposed to take out the original orange volume spacers, and instead install those elastomers.
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 @tofhami: yes, you are right.
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 I've got a couple of Neopos in my pike. They do what they claim to, so I'm interested to try a tuneable version.
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 how come no one is talking about this??
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 they are, only you have to speak Italian
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 @supercollider: probably because Adreani isnt a well known name to consumers, despite the fact their tools are recommended for damper service by all the big players
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 @VanDork: They also make kickass motorcycle fork cartridges that are pretty widely used in the club racing scene.
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 Hi, for more info about our products feel free to contact our international sales manager Diego Arduini to the +39 0721.2092204 or by mail to
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 @AndreaniGroup: Maybe, instead of having everyone contact you, put out information that more clearly informs the consumer of what/how your product does what it does.
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 Formula Neopos for all

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