Andreas Kolb Breaks Wrist While Riding in New Zealand

Feb 8, 2024
by Ed Spratt  

Andreas Kolb has revealed on social media that he has broken his radius after a crash while riding in New Zealand.

In his post announcing the injury, Andreas says he clipped a tree and had an unfortunate landing on his arm. Currently, it looks like the crash resulted in a broken radius but once he has travelled home Andreas says he will be getting more scans.

bigquotesMy New Zealand trip sadly ended pretty early. I clipped a tree on a track I didn’t know and landed pretty unfortunate on my arm. Luckily it looks like only the radius is broken…but let’s see after more scans at home. Andreas Kolb

We wish Andreas all the best with his recovery and hope he is back on his bike soon.

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 I blame Discovery.
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 Rob would have Warned him
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 @bushbush: LOOK AT THE TREE!
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 @bushbush: Warn-a-brother?
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 @skiwenric: this. this is exactly why i came here..
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 @mozsombi: I'm still recovering from the snail races thread... Look at the slime!!!!!
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 @mitochris: LOOK AT THE TIMbEr!!
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 Dang. Heel up quick. I blame Chris Hall at Downtime for mentioning pre season injuries.
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 Sounds like he really kolbered that tree. At least he didn't knock himself out kolb. ... ... ... Tumbleweed.... .. .. I'll get my coat.
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 Arbus Kolb Antreeas Kolb
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 Science fact #34. Riders with rad moustaches heal 20% faster than their clean shaven counterparts. Add some side burns and a mullet and you will be riding again next week.
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 Does this work for the girls too?
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 @wallyza: Absolutely.
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 good thing the season starts so late
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 When I first saw this I misinterpreted the thumbnail and thought it was saying he broke it while riding luggage in the airport Heal up quick sir!
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 He loooks so happy with the cast on ! Smile let’s wish him a steady recovery and to many more !
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 Heal up soon brother!
Last time you were back racing 2 weeks after a broken bone, so I'll expect to see you on a bike very soon again ;-)
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 Dammit, fun personality and beast on the race track. Wish him quick healing.
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 I broke my radius 10binches long splintered from tip to tip racing at mountain creek bike park in New Jersey ...the kid iwas with goes u didnt break ur arm u would be crying lol...I ttold him ill meet u at the bottom I can't hold the handlebar i go to mountain creek emergency they tell me I'm fine ..I go home 2 hours late my moms like Tim ur ARm is bent sideways u have o go to ER I was in such denial that bdidnt shed one tear and didn't go to hospital for 2 days lol it'll heal fine ..if he got metal it'll heal even faster
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 Kolb “Hi Gee I crashed and broke my arm”. Gee “Is that all ? No problem mate”. His sponsors MUST understand. Hence he’s still smiling. What a cool vibe this guy has. Heal up !
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 Dang. All those top dudes riding together and goofing off doesn't always end well
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 That's a heavy looking cast! When I broke mine my hand was a couple inches both over and down an they only put an half/open cast on me. Makes me wonder how severe the break is....!
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 X-Rays or it didn't happen :'D
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 Probably just a quick job to get it set and stable for the trip home where he'll get it off, xrayed and then decide on long rehab
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 @pisgahgnar: yeah that's what they did with me had an open cast at first an then when I got home to my local hospital they put the half cast on. Only 30 miles tho :'D
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 @naptime: maybe the open cast weas to cope with the initial swelling as well? after my wrist surgeries (2! for a single scaphoid fracture), i went home with an open cast and had that until the swelling when down.
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 Wonder if you could use GH or something to recover from this stuff faster. TB500 BPC157 are great for healing ligaments, but what about straight up bones?
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 Came here looking for news on if Jack Moir is injured?

Bummed for Kolb. Hopefully back soon
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 Noooo dang it Andy! Heal up man.
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 Keep your wonderful smile Andreas and recover quickly. cheers!!!!
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 Good thing it happened in New Zealand.
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 @Bitelio: free health care
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flag Bitelio (Feb 10, 2024 at 1:44) (Below Threshold)
 @tanadog: oh I see....another communist country XD
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 @tanadog: its not free it’s covered by ACC which is paid in levy’s by every business that runs in the country. So like a business tax I guess.
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 Heal up soldier
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