Angel Suarez Suffered Dislocated Shoulder in Maribor

Apr 29, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

Angel Suarez, the sole rider of the YT Mob race team, crashed during qualifying in Maribor and has suffered a dislocated shoulder.

Angel was on course to qualify having got 15th at the first split but a mistake on the latter part of the track took him out of the race. The result of the crash was a dislocated shoulder and Angel is expecting to see a doctor this week to hear when he can make a return to the racing circuit.

bigquotes“The track here in Maribor was amazing but it was difficult to find a good rhythm on the first day of training. By the second day, I started to feel much better and for qualifying I was feeling really comfortable, even in the rain. I was doing a super smooth run but made a really small mistake which caused me to crash and dislocate my left shoulder. It’s a big disappointment, again, but I just want to be back as soon as possible.”Angel Suarez

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We hope Angel Suarez can make a quick recovery and be back on track in time for Fort William at the beginning of June.


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 *YT mob, Headquarters*

Secretary - "Hello Sir your 11 o'clock is here... "

*Christopher Walken strolls in*

*Looks at YT tues and named overalls on the desk...*

YT exec - "You signed a contract Chris! A CONTRACT!"
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 He's a good rider, he just has a had a few badly timed injuries. I think he's had a few top 20 finishes back when Gwin was on the team. I think if you finish in the top 40 at a WC you're a pretty fast rider.
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 Mate, if you can get a KOM on Strava you're a pretty fast rider. If you qualify for a WC, you're a faster than 99.8% of riders. So yeah, top 40 makes you a pretty fast rider.
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 Hahaha. "a pretty fast rider." I'd say we can't even comprehend how fast these people are actually going. Top 40 finish at a WC means you're pretty frigging fast, faster than anyone I know rider...
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 I bet Aaron knows a thing or two about fallen angels.
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 But fallen angels get to have sex with earthly women. Not all bad.
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 Most overpriced rider in the fantasy league.
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 @jclnv: He got dropped by YT at the end of the season. Also whenever Gwin has left a team it's always been at the end of a contract year so whether or not a team wants to re-sign/look for better offers it's just business. Why is it bad that he wants to earn as much as he can racing? All these guys could have a career ending injury at any moment, not to mention there is a 'lifespan' of a competitive DH racer. The dude was doing manual labor working construction and got the opportunity of a lifetime, he should take full advantage of it!
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 I feel sorry for him, hope its not bad karma for YT effecting him after they just shafted all the buyers of the Tues Pro race by reducing the price by £1000 a few weeks after release
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 He will find his rhythm, and he is a really fast rider. I just hope at such a young age, after already having shoulder surgery, its not too fucked up, and he can get back to racing. This guys body really needs a solid, crash free season. Good luck and have a speedy recovery Mr. YT Man.
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 Man bummer, hate to see a positive, upcoming guy out like that. Heal up soon Angel!
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 So some people have complained here about how spaced out the races are; a MONTH until fort william, our next world cup fix?? Whats a junkie to do for so long???

What about the time it gives athletes to recover from injuries? Surely theres benefit there.
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 Racing was fun last year with minaar and gwin out. The top 2 riders from the yeAr before. I personally can’t wait for dh to have a busier schedule as the sport and it’s sponsorship grows,
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 What about Christopher Walken? Is he going to be at Fort Bill? Wink
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 this dude is getting a lot of hype but i can't say anything I'm not pro, but he hasn't proven to anyone here that he is a huge contender in the league. healing vibes though
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 Aye what a chump. Only 9th at Mont Sainte Anne at 22 years old.
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 Will YT take me now?
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 The one man mob
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 Godamn, YT must really make tons of $$$, if they can afford a WC team without riders. Will they throw a party in the pits in Fort William?
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 Pinkbike you wrote badly the name of the kid "Angle", just the first word....
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 sooo what happens now? is yt still going to show up to the wc with there truck or is that it.. isnt he there only rider now?
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 Sad how YT went from center stage to barely talked about...I guess their gamble hasn't paid off? From the sounds of the shady gambit they pulled on Gwin maybe they deserve it. ..
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 Turns out young talent breaks just the same as old talent... "Age is no guarantee of efficiency and youth is no guarantee of innovation".
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 No vid of the crash?
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 Vote this man up already.
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 This guy has a lot of trouble staying on the bike.
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 “Thumbs up” has lost all meaning. Let’s try and come up with some other stupid hand expression.god we are all so lame.
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 Bet yt wishes they had Gwin now Wink
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flag jclnv (Apr 29, 2019 at 9:08) (Below Threshold)
 Greedy Gwin has to switch teams often.
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 @jclnv: smart Gwin goes where the money is.
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 @Speeder01: Smart Gwin lost out when no team would pay him what he wanted, and he lost his contract extension offer with YT after he gave them the finger because they wouldn't cough up lots more money. Smart Gwin is now self-employed. True story.
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 Shouldn't have let Gwin go... sucks for Angel.
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