Annika Langvad Joins Boels Dolmans Road Cycling Team

Dec 4, 2018
by James Smurthwaite  
Cross country racer Annika Langvad has signed for the Boels Dolmans road cycling team for 2019. She will expand her racing into the Women's WorldTour alongside her mountain bike career by competing in select events with the Dutch cycling team. Boels Dolmans are one of the top women's teams and included in their roster is the current women's World Champion, Anna Van der Breggen.

Annika Langvad struggled with the course in practice although that did hardly show in the race. Jolanda Neff fell back due to a mechanical after the first lap and Langvad took the lead.

Alongside her mountain bike World Championships and three Cape Epic wins, Langvad is a former Danish road champion and competed with the Danish team at this year's World Championships in Innsbruck. Her main focus will remain on mountain biking next year but she will be competing in certain races with the Boles Dolmans road team when time allows. With qualification events for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics looming, you have to wonder if that could be a goal for her on tarmac as well as dirt.

Langvad finished the year second in the World Cup overall and picked up two World Cup wins. She said, "I do not necessarily define myself as a mountain biker, or a road cyclist. I am just a cyclist who is mainly on the MTB, but I have already tried an attempt in road racing. Compared to mountain biking, where you mainly drive as an individual - or sometimes as a duo -, it is mainly about teamwork on the road. I think that's very nice. It is a new dimension for me, which made me equally positive when the idea was suggested to join the team.

"My personal ambition in this adventure is to experience what good teamwork is and to contribute to that," she says. "That is what I am looking forward to the most. I am genuinely enthusiastic about it when I consider that you are part of a larger whole. That enthusiasm and experience I hope to take back to mountain biking. And if I can also contribute to winning for the team, that's a personal bonus. "

Image by Piotr Staron

Boels Dolmans and Langvad are both sponsored by Specialized meaning the switch between the two disciplines should come fairly easily. She said, "We are in the luxury position that we get full support from Specialized to share our passion and knowledge, within multiple disciplines. That Anna van der Breggen drove several times with Specialized Racing last year was very motivating. Just the little things, such as asking her how she approaches certain things, that was very inspiring. I am really looking forward to becoming part of the team. And hopefully good experiences will come from that. "

Champagne showers for Gunn-Rita. Annika Langvad and Catharine Pendrel take aim.


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 No doubt she'll win some sprints on the road. Seeing her drop the hammer and close on Neff in Val di Sole was impressive. Having said that, I hope she still has some time to improve her technical descending skills. It was tough to watch her walk that descent and impede Batty.
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 SPED has Kate for dirt now - let Annika expand her horizons - Kate will hold it downcountry.
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 Dr Langvad and Jolanda Neff performed exceptionally well at the Road Race World Championships and I expect both of them will get some great results during their program of road race events next season. It is not unfeasible for them both to stand on the Olympic podium in Tokyo 2020 as medalists across cycling disciplines.
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flag DrPaulus (Dec 4, 2018 at 6:41) (Below Threshold)
 Not to take anything away from Langvads academic achievements, but I do not think she is has a doctors degree. I believe she has got a masters degree in odontology. Anyway I hope she does well in road cycling as well as xc. That woman is a machine. If she can get a little more confidence in her decending then she will be difficult to beat next season.
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 @DrPaulus: No, she is a fully qualified dentist licenced to practice. I believe Odontology refers to foresnsic dentistry as used in law. Anyhoo, beside the point. You are right though, she is a machine. The womens W/C is of an exceptionally high standard at the moment and a joy to watch.
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 @DrPaulus: Doctors gonna drsplain
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 @DrPaulus: She does ride a dentist bike
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 I like road because it has to do a lot of work for keeping stable like mountain is the bomb though. We are just going through this roadie phase because we have to winter now and I understand you completely. But still, not going into the school year and then I just put some more mountain biking fresh steezy ness out on the trails. Looking forward to summer classes to students students and students to students and students learn how to ride a bike.
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 That was actually one of your most readable comments
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 @Aiden-Gowans I think you forgot to mention how important is the chicken
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 @Aiden-Gowans I am looking forward to you putting two coherent sentences together chicken man.
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 I wholeheartedly support this message....
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 I appreciate the growing number of WC racers showing everyone that road and MTB are not opposite but complimentary. Shred off the road, shred on the road. Looking forward to even more thrilling women's racing next season.
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 She's a powerhouse. She has good tech skills but not stellar. I'm not convinced she did so bad when walking that one gnarly decent. Could have had bike setup for the other 95% of the course.
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 Outside her being a powerhouse, this is the most ridiculous and overzealous statement on the internet today.
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 @H3RESQ: I don't know. Watched all the WC XC races and she was ripping 99% of the time.
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 @CantClimb: Watch again, its not just when she is off the bike that she is substantially slower descending. I just would never call her tech skills even "good". And I definitially wouldn't blame bike setup for any of the descents, simply on the fact a good portion of the riders outperforming her on descents are on hardtails, and have lesser mechanics and bike setup support to boot. Now when it comes to a sprint finish or a huge climb, oh she is a treat to watch!
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 @H3RESQ: I didn't think she was that bad. Jolanda head and shoulders above all of them. I thought Langvard held her own for the most part. Langvard strategy is always going to be the power sections. She pacing descents waiting to attack. Other racers trying to push and make time on her on the descends because they can't match her on other parts. I thought she hung pretty well on most of the descents.
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 She should probably just stick to road, or spend that time on some skills training rather than road. Brutal to see her race XCO courses now days
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 I think that no matter what she turns her hand to she will succeed as she has shown that she is an incredibly capable person. Love her work..rock on Annika...
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 Good luck Annika! It's cool seeing the ladies switch between disciplines. PFP even held the world MTB, CX and road titles at the same time.
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 Road Racing is for Dentists
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 My girl is RIPPED! Better eat your Wheaties if your going to date this beauty!
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