Antoine Bizet Pulls Out of Rampage After a Crash in Training

Oct 6, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
Antoine Bizet

Antoine Bizet will not be taking his place in Utah later this month after a training crash on Thursday resulted in a broken arm.

Bizet is the latest rider to be missing out on this year's Rampage after Gee Atherton also crashed in practice and had to undergo surgery this week. Antoine Bizet is always a rider favourite, and he was the first rider to perform a double backflip at the event in 2016.

bigquotesI broke my arm on Thursday when riding my home jumps. Full day in bed today, I’ll have surgery tomorrow. Can’t tell you how bummed I am. I was so stoked to come back to Rampage. Thanks to all my sponsors for supporting me through the good and bad moments, thanks to @taillo for bringing me to hospital with my car and taking care of everything. I crashed in a small jump and I never thought I’d crash there. And I never thought crashing there could have these consequences... Thanks to everyone who supports me and messages me, I read everything and I feel so lucky to have that much support. I love riding bikes so much and I hope I’ll be back soon. Stoked to see @johanssoemil riding Rampage, good luck mate ! ... And good luck everyone! Have a good one. Will be back in a few months. Thanks again so much for your support Antoine Bizet

We're sending healing vibes to Antoine and hope to see him back on a bike soon. In accordance with the rules, his place will now be taken up by Emil Johansson, the 2019 Red Bull Joyride winner and fourth-place finisher at Marzocchi Proving Grounds.

Updated Rider List

- Brett Rheeder (CAN)
- Andreu Lacondeguy (SPA)
- Ethan Nell (USA)
- Tom van Steenbergen (CAN)
- Thomas Genon (BEL)
- Tyler McCaul (USA)
- Kyle Strait (USA)
- Szymon Godziek (POL)
- Kurt Sorge (CAN)
- Brendan Fairclough (UK)
- Brandon Semenuk (CAN)

- Cam Zink (USA)
- Carson Storch (USA)
- Graham Agassiz (CAN)
- Reece Wallace (CAN)
- Vincent Tupin (FRA)
- Reed Boggs (USA)
- Juan Salido (MEX)
- DJ Brandt (USA)
- Bienve Aguado Alba (SPA)
- Emil Johansson (SWE)


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 Thanks boys!!! I do my best to be back healthy again! So I’ll be shredding soon!
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 get well soon man !!!
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 Damn, is that broken beside an older break?
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 @TrevZ: Damn!!!! That's badass!!! Shitty... but still badass.
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 @panchocampbell: esa es la wea
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 Rest up Antoine big ups! You will be back soon!
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 Heal up my man. So sad to not see you at rampage... Frown
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 You are my favorite at Rampage every year. You capture the wild spirit of the event. A deep loss and you will be sorely missed.
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flag NYShred (Oct 7, 2019 at 8:08) (Below Threshold)
 Thank YOU for not posting a hospital bed selfie or stretcher selfie like others in the sport who crave the attention so bad they desperately call it "content". Glad you're feeling good, heal up soon!
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 @NYShred: I'm not sure I agree with you on this. Mountainbiking is an industry, riders are essentially products, and social media is their marketing tool. This is their lifeblood. Building a career off of selling themselves as riders and attracting attention to themselves makes them more marketable. The more marketable, the more potential backing they get from sponsors. More backing means bigger salaries, more rider support, more media coverage by such sponsors, and again more backing by sponsors. Most professional mountainbikers are grossly underpaid, and ultimately will have to fall back onto a secondary career path at one point. On another note. While many people are only interested in these riders for the abilities as riders, others are interested in these riders as people. So while one aspect may not be of any interest to you per say, it may be to others.
  • 3 5
 @jomacba: "riders are essentially products" - ummm, Get. the. f*k. out of here with THAT nonsense.

**Riders are human beings**, not products. The shit they sell are the products, theyre not selling their personal lives. I can't believe someone has to explain this to anyone. A stretcher selfie is a desperate attempt at producing content vs. actually producing an edit with *gasp* actual riding. Show me the crash that landed you in the hospital - not the view from your hospital bed.

Stretcher selfie's are what turns desperate human beings into products. Congratulations you are the sheep that lets that Kardashian behavior continue.
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 @NYShred: You might not like it, but the social media version of themselves that celebs and sports people put out there - that's a product. And there's a big blurry line between that and the person behind the product. Take that woman who used filters to appear like a 20 year old influencer in videos on the next. It's an extreme example but it illustrates the point - she wasn't selling herself, but was definitely selling a version of herself, and making good money too.

Not saying I agree with it, but that's what social media has given us, like it or not
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 Pretty disgusting that you folks think humans are products. Your flawed logic: Would any athlete in todays world be successful without being social media sluts? Absolutely, because there are still people who dont subscribe to that version of your f*ckedup reality. YOU go stalk that instagram. YOU go get your fill of thoughts and prayers. YOU go live your life in the shadows of others. Pretty pathetic lot this species has become where you care more about the stretcher selfie than admitting its weird as f*ck that its even a thing.
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 @NYShred: it seems you require a lesson in the fundamentals of capitalism. Call me.
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 @NYShred: Slow down babe. Humans sell a version of themselves as a product. No one is saying you can buy and sell a person (transfer fees for football players aside, but that's really just buying out an employment contract).

Also, I can only see an interesting debate about the why the stretcher selfie even exists. I can't see anyone preaching why we are entitled to see it, which is what your comment sounds angry about.
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 Oh no! Always love his runs, although they are often not scored high enough.
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flag fracasnoxteam (Oct 6, 2019 at 2:25) (Below Threshold)
 @bashahrd good run with low score? No, it never happens.
@edspratt "Antoine Bizet is always a rider favourite" ? What?
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 @fracasnoxteam: you dont think so??? We do!!!!
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 @Kacus88: isn't it "a crowd favourite"?
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 His runs scored where they need to be. His second place 2012 run was his best run. Tricks only make up 25%, they do not count toward line difficulty, amplitude, fluidity. Only norbs got robbed
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 @SnowshoeRider4Life: And Brendog last year too. And Semenyuk in 2015.
  • 2 0
 @chuxxo: unfortunately nope. was brendogs run better than tom v? nope. semenuks wasn't better than andreu's.
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 we need dylan stark
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 He'll be the first rider to set up a handrail on his line and send a crank arm grind
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 Breaking an already plated arm.... Dude that XRay looks like the worst nightmare. Takes some mental strength to come back from a repeated injury like that!
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 can't help but wonder if the bone broke right at the first screw up top. Hectic stuff. Heal up Antoine
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 @Kapricorn: Was my first thought, too! That needs a good surgeon. Good luck, Antoine!
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 @yoobee: Just weld an extra bit on to the old plate. Simples.
Courage à toi Antoine.
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 Ugh. I had my humerus plated in August and I did not enjoy looking at this X-ray.
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 @brianpark: Top screw was definitely a stress raiser and will have caused it to break where it did. Grim.
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 Not so Humorous...
  • 15 1
 Definitely seems screwed
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 Puh... excited to see what Emil can do.
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 Gutted for Anton but, yeah. This
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 Exactly! I’m am surprised! At least if Semenuk messes up this year.... Emil will bring the style!

And when’s Rogatkin gonna ever come back to Rampage?
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 @DigRenno: When he qualifies....
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 Don’t hesitate to go get plates and screws removed after you heal up people.
The modulus of elasticity of bone is much different than stainless steel or titanium implants. I’m not saying this break would have been avoided, but you help but notice exactly where he broke.
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 Exactly- stress riser at the end of the implant. Not a realistic issue for mere mortals but these guys are pushing their bone to elastic limits regularly. Unfortunately removal of implants on a humerus fracture is incredibly invasive and unrealistic.
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 True, I was told it's stronger if I get mine removed, but sometimes it takes moving muscle out of the way to get to the hardware and this means weeks of recovery time. So most leave the hardware unless it causes problems. I've had my Ti plate and screws in my arm for many years now.
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 Always sad to hear about this kind of stuff. Riders are really pushing the limits of what humans can actually do. On the flip side I can’t say that Emil’s spot is undeserved. Perhaps room for a few more riders in the future? The field is pretty deep these days.
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 Probably won’t happen. They cut back the number of riders a few years ago based on input from the riders themselves.
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 @NYShred: Yes, like it or not, in a sense Riders are products. No differant than an actor or a comedian. Their "Content" is a byproduct of their persona and abilities. Your absolutely right though. They are human beings. That's why showing every part of their journey matters. Consider Paul Bas.. so your telling me you only wanna see the crash that shattered his T12? What about his journey to walk and ride a bike again? That's all part of the story. Not just the crash. That's what inspires me.
On that note. Let's keep the debate on point and civil. I think my previous post is proof enough that I show the capacity for a compound thought as oppose to a mindless "Sheep" as you state. Believe me when I say, I'm sure you and I share the very same opinion in regards to the Kardashians.
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 Damn those are really really bad news he’s been absent from competition for so long n I was really hoping to see him back in competition. I hope he comes back stronger n hope he’s getting the support that he needs.
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 DAMB this news is pure shite. I always love watching this cat rip up the dirt and his Rampage attitude is off the hook. Heal up rider.
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 Damn, we're wishing you the best for healing and recovery! The break right at the last screw of your other plate is a tough spot and this next surgery will possibly involve a re-work of your existing plate.
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 Could have sworn Emily was 5th at proving grounds as Bienvenido Aguado Alba was 4th and first alternate.
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 Correct, he will be at rampage as Gee Atherton pulled out.
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 bad news for antoine whose Rampage is the only true and important goal of the season.
Bon rétablissement mec et revient nous vite.
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 I am a huge Emil fan, but honestly I am nervous about him riding rampage w/ no Utah experience. I would be more comfortable watching Jaxson. This is crazy!
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 Exactly what I was thinking. Freeride is a natural progression from slopestyle but his main focus has been slopestyle and crankworks. he has been showing himself on the bike bike in Sweden, but it's like he went from dipping his toe in the pool to diving head first. I just hope he chooses a mellow line and doesnt do anything crazy.
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 @NYShred: I think your taking this way too personal here and slightly out of context. An opinion is one person's perspective. This does not impact the reality of things nor does it imply a desire to impact the reality of things. It's only an observation.
All that aside, once again there is really no need to react the way you do. It's unnecessary. You need to calm down. If you have an opinion (as you so clearly do), feel free to share it like an adult.
On another note, I can also say I'm not one of the general masses who following social media. PB is literally the ONLY thing I have that comes close to social media. I work, I ride my bike, I spend time with my family, and I enjoy my life. The thoughts I share are summaries of many professional mountainbikers I know and call friends.

I officially opt out of this conversation now. Thanks for your thoughts.
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 Jaxson Riddle
  • 1 0
 Definitely not "just a crash". More like gnarly bone break where there is already hardware from a previous gnarly bone break.
These guys are hardcore.
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 They should have invited me, I never pull out!
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 Next inline from Proving Grounds qualifier, 6 Volokhov, 7 Riddle, 8 Rogatkin,9 Meaclem, 10 Reboul, 11 Robert, 12 Metallier, 13 Steenbergen 14 Macfarlene
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 This is becoming scary! And exciting with the new riders too! Heal up soon Antoine!!!
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 Fuck. Bizet is a rampager
  • 1 0
 Oh shiiiit. Bummed for antoine but excited to see emil throw some mf unturndown 3’s!!
  • 2 0
 Shitters... Style for miles, this guy.
  • 1 0
 All the best Antoine! You're a Savage and have some of my favorite rampage runs all time. Healing vibes
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 Putain de merde! Too bad for the Redbull.
Bon courage et bon rétablissement
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 Why is Jackson riddle not in? By my count, there have been 2 people out, but only 1 new in. Get the kid in there!
  • 3 1
 So stoked for Emil!
  • 1 0
 Yeah dude
  • 3 2
 Emil is in !!!!
  • 1 1
 So emil is going now. How about jordie?
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 Chin up ski x
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 Get well soon man!!
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 Healing vibes!
  • 2 5
 Maybe next man down, will see Casey Brown!
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