Aptos CA: Owen Marks Reviving The Scene - Video

Jun 30, 2017
by nexus-collective  
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Over the last few years, it is sad to see the Santa Cruz/Aptos riding scene fade and transition into different styles in ways that some of us don't mesh with. Digging alone for months on end in the heat, rain, and any other weather possible, Owen's motivation to ride and dig never seemed to seize. Here is Owen Marks, Reviving The Scene.

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 It says that he dug in any weather possible. If this is true, then I'd like video evidence of him digging in torrential meatball downpour. Thanks.
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 Impossible. We don't get rain in california.
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flag Jimmy0 (Jun 30, 2017 at 17:52) (Below Threshold)
 @scottzg: maybe not in Aptos, but we do in real norcal
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 @Jimmy0: Aptos is NorCal.

Los Angeles
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 @SeanC1: Los Angeles doesn't make the rules. You'll be right once the state of Jefferson comes around
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 There's still some sick riders out here. Just need to build them a suitable PUBLIC spot. Was really hope the freedom one would go through.
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 I was at the old post office site yesterday, looking at the development, thinking if this was a progressive European country they could have built in a pro level dj line adjacent to restaurants and cafe. Kiddie pump track to bring business from parents. Shame developers don't think like this in the US.
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 @scjeremy: All about the $$$$ with our late-stage capitalism
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 @scjeremy: that doesn't bring in money. You know what does? Putting 20 more units in charging $2000/month each.

Where land is expensive, every square foot counts. You don't have to worry about filling the development, the demand is already there.

Mtb needs a wealthy benefactor to buy a centrally located lot, and and do 1 weekend of Earthwork to tough in the lines and pile dirt.
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 Hard to find a spot when the land there literally cost 1 million $ dollars an acre.
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 @SirWonky: Even harder is finding a situation where land owners aren't afraid of getting sued... or can't be sued by greedy grom soccer moms. That was the rad part about post office. It was set up as a dollar rental so the land owner wasn't on the rack for any possible injury lawsuits.

But you can't fault the dude for selling that property. He got more money for it than I'll see in my lifetime.

One of the problems now is that all the killer riders are bailing and the drive to get something going is left to people that more than likely aren't going to use it. THat's why I was so pumped on the idea T.Mac was pushing for the Corralitos/Aptos build. Dual slalom. Pro level Slopestyle build and a more reasonable jump line.

When I left the post office was big but I could still ride it. Same with Polo. When I moved back it was like some giant came in and built himself a personal pump track. Both places were massive. Too big for this old man. But fun to watch and amazing to watch the progression that happened around here.

Need it back. There's enough rich land owners around... make it happen!
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 God damn that was smooth.
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 Its really cool to see that aptos still has the good stuff going. I wish that video could have kept going. Once the riding started, it sounded as beautiful as it looked!
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 No kidding. We need a longer video @SANTACRUZ-SENDERS Smile
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 Who is Owen Marks? That was RAW AF. Makes me want to dig and build a DJ bike. So many good memories at post office. Like the first time I ever did a 360 on a real gap jump.
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 SC sender crew gettin luv! Bout time, if unless I missed another! Keep er goin boys!
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 Love the old Black Sabbath instrumental soundtrack "Orchid" is a great song, and "Laguna sunrise" would also make a good MTB soundtrack
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 its funny to complain there is no scene anymore, and then build super secret jumps that you don't let anyone ride.
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 That's the nature of the beast building trail in California
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 building on public land is illegal without permission, so people get real cagey about their spots.
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 Heck yea!!!!
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 The struggle is real.
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 Forgot one , great vibe .
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 I love Ticket , need to try one .
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 Kick ass Owen.

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