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   :: from Radek BurkatOct 30, 2000
New video submitted by local riders New video submitted by local riders

This is some of the funniest stuff and coolest editing I've seen in a long time. Read the play by play from Mimo and then check out their vid and pics from the trip.

Yep! We survived a week of riding/partying in Whistler BC. We rode tons of crazy trails - most of them considerably longer and steeper than those around here. It was really nice to ride in a region that is totally bike friendly. Many of the trails are set up and sanctioned by the city. In fact, we met the environmental co-ordinator for trail maintenance while out riding! She was taking a few out-of- towners like ourselves out for a tour, and gave us a run- down of how things work around the valley.
   :: from RadekOct 25, 2000
The biggest one so far The biggest one so far

Thanks to all of you that submitted info on all the forks.

   :: from Mike BlarowskiOct 24, 2000
Photo of the Week captions Photo of the Week captions

Last Thursday I asked our visitors to submit captions for this
photo of the week. Here are the best ones:

  • "Funny, this doesn't look like the Calgary Stampede !!!"
    - Todd Campbell
  • "God if you spare my life….I’ll never try to drop again
    !!" - Anonymous
  • "Stem pads - on sale now" - Peter Roggeman
  • "Famous last words: Clipless pedals? We don't NEED no
    steenkin' clipless pedals!" - Theo Smit
  • "Famous last words #2: Get a picture of me doing this cool
    drop!" - Theo Smit
  • "Transition: When Huck'er turns into pucker" - Theo
  • "I knew I should've worn lycra instead of the soccer shorts!"
    - Josh Dunning

Thanks for your submissions, they were all very creative. (Some
of the captions didn't make the cut due to the fact that we're a
family website.)

   :: from RadekOct 23, 2000
Long travel Long travel
I keep getting emails asking, "What's the biggest front suspension?" I was not quite sure so I started looking around I've only been able to come up with one 9" travel fork. I'm sure there are others and ones even bigger, but I have not been able to find any others. Here is my Take a look and send in a link and info on the ones I've missed.
   :: from Phil EsslingerOct 18, 2000
RockShox recalled RockShox recalled
RockShox Inc., is recalling more than 220,000 front suspension bicycle forks worldwide. Three thousand of those were sold in Canada. The problem lies with the compression rods inside these forks. They can break and cause the rider to lose control of the bike, fall and possibly suffer serious injuries.
   :: from RadekOct 17, 2000
And the winner is... And the winner is...
Mike Slain from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. You lucky dog! Out of the 2000+ people that entered the contest from all over the world, your name was pulled out of the hat at random. Congratulations. You're a proud owner of a set of brand new Race Face North Shore XS cranks.
Stay tuned for next weeks contest. We are going to give away something really cool.
   :: from Mike BlarowskiOct 13, 2000
And the Winner is... And the Winner is...
Our 1000th photo was submitted by Alex Stewart.
   :: from Tim BrezsnyakOct 13, 2000
Nocturnal B-mission - Fish Creek Park, Calgary. Nocturnal B-mission - Fish Creek Park, Calgary.
Well a quick peek at the calendar shows a double whammy in October. There's a full moon on Friday the 13th. Woohoo! Gotta go for a nocturnal B-mission.
Ride Guide:
Place: Husky station above Votier Flats (Elbow & Canyon Meadows Dr.) Time: 7:30pm, Friday October 13th
Trail: Fish Creek Park - "casual" 2 hour XC loop for the vertically challenged. I'm sure someone will volunteer to lead a Tour d'Chutes for the downhill boyz & girlz.
Could be post-ride beers at a local bar, if you work up a thirst. Please forward this to every MTB'r you know and we'll see what happens. Just show up and ride! - Tim
Editor's note: All the women riders who will read this today, please come out to ride with us.
   :: from RadekOct 11, 2000
Really Cool Photos Really Cool Photos
Check out some of these cool photos from trails on the North Shore and the "all new and improved" Y-gap. I especially like the big log ride on GMG.
   :: from Mike BlarowskiOct 11, 2000
36 feet of Bend-Air 36 feet of Bend-Air
For those of you who never heard of Joshua Bender, here is a video of what he's good at. This time he almost makes the 36 foot drop.
   :: from RadekOct 8, 2000
How about 14 inches in the rear How about 14 inches in the rear
I'm always looking around to see what's the biggest bike out there when it comes to rear travel. So far, this one takes the cake. This is the Mach9 from GSR Bikes.
   :: from James RadkeOct 5, 2000
Thanks to all the local Riders and Racers! Thanks to all the local Riders and Racers!
Once again C.O.P had an amazing season, and its all due to the riders in Alberta. Thanks to everyone who came out and had some fun. Make sure you thank all of bike shop who sponsored all the events (Ridley's, Spokes & Attire, Bow Cycle, The Bike Shop, Pedal Head, Cyclepath, Mountain bike City, Soma Cycle.) If you can do it personaly that would be great. One more thing: I need designs for the park next year. Dual designs, stunt designs, boardwalk, trials, anything you have in your head, draw it for me. Make sure you do it in PAINT, and send it to me at Maybe I will use it, or maybe I won't. But please send them in. Remember it needs to be safe. One more thing - Please respect the park and don't destroy a stunt if you can't ride it. To many times this year, drops were changed or wrecked, obstacles in the trials area were broken and moved, people need more respect for what people spend hours creating, and it's for everyone not just you!!! Thanks, and I hope to see everyone at the winter mountain bike races
   :: from CoyoteOct 5, 2000
Mike Ferrentino's view of Freeriding Mike Ferrentino's view of Freeriding
The current issue of Bike has a pro/con debate on mountain bike access to US wilderness area, with Mike Ferrentino pleading the pro side. However, after seeing many examples of "environmental carnage" in mountain bike videos at Interbike, Ferrentino felt he should clarify his stance. While the discussion is targeted at US wilderness areas, the key messages apply anywhere and he makes good points on the need for responsible behaviors on the part of all mountain bikers in order to retain and secure trail access. I am certain that no one will fully agree or disagree with Ferrentino, but we should all read his article and keep in mind the points he makes. The article is on the net at:
   :: from RadekOct 4, 2000
Pinkbike T-Shitrs! Pinkbike T-Shitrs!

A little while back we had everyone take part in a contest for "cool" phrases for the back of T-Shirts. There was hundreds of entires, most of which had us rolling on the floor, laughing. We picked 3 most popular phrases and here you have it, T-Shirts. The winners are:
1. "Support your local Freerider"
2. "How is my riding? Call"
3. "CATUTION! Rider may fall without warning."

Honorable mention (and T-Shirt available by special request):
4. "Ride it like it's stolen"
5. "I like 7 inches in the rear"
6. "Why have 7 inches in the rear, when you can have 9"

   :: from RadekOct 3, 2000
Stop wrecking OUR trails! Stop wrecking OUR trails!

Take a look at this email I got last night from a Canmore resident. Drop into the forum and lets hear your opinion on this.

"This is regarding the pictures that were posted on pink bike of the ladders and bridges in Canmore, these trails and obstacles were built by locals for locals, we do not need city folk coming to our small town and increasing the traffic on our new trails and eventually getting them shut down for the same reason as Norquay, it is unfortunate that there are people like Demian Carson who know of these trails and show them off to city people, if you are coming to Canmore on the weekend to ride your bike go to the Nordic Centre or the benchlands, or stay in the city and build your own obstacles, don't get our trails shut down because you are to lazy to build your own."

   :: from RadekOct 2, 2000
Dual Eliminator race tonight. No entry Fee! Dual Eliminator race tonight. No entry Fee!
Tonight at Canada Olympic Park (COP), is a FREE Dual Eliminator race. That's right, no entry fee required!
Come out and race with your friends and compare with the pros. Hey, even better, take'em out in the corner!
This is a great event to participate in and spectate. Great table tops, big double jumps and wicked burms. Always lots of carnage!
Registration 6:00 - 6:45pm and the races start at 7:00pm
   :: from RadekOct 1, 2000
Simply the best! Simply the best!
Here is a preview of some awesome trails that are going up in the Calgary vicinity. Check out the photos of some of the stunts and drops and you probably will agree that this is the best trail you've seen locally.
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