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   :: from Calgary CycleMay 31, 2001
Calgary Cycle presents : Pinkbike Giveaway Calgary Cycle presents : Pinkbike Giveaway
Calgary Cycle presents a free product giveaway to all readers. Just fill in your details and we'll draw random names for the prizes. This contest features a Santa Cruz hoodie and a Santa Cruz hat.
Good luck! Enter contest
   :: from mentalMay 31, 2001
Product Test:  Bent Designs Armour Product Test: Bent Designs Armour
After a particularly bad dirt jumping mishap had me sitting on the sidelines for 4 weeks, I decided to use my new
found leisure time to search out some better knee/shin protection for my aging body. I happened upon the Bent
Designs website
and liked what I saw. [read more]
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   :: from PinkbikeMay 31, 2001
Mount 7 Psychosis 2001 Edition Mount 7 Psychosis 2001 Edition
The crazies back in Golden BC are at it again. The 3rd annual Mount 7 Psychosis DH race will be run on June 23rd. This is without a doubt the most extreme DH race you'll ever see. At last year's race winning times from the top were just under 17 minutes! Look for some big names from Whistler, the Shore and Nelson to make the trek for the race of the year. No license required. If you only do one DH race this year, this should be the one! Registration is on Friday, June 22nd from 5-9pm. There will be NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION! As if the race wasn't enough, on Sunday, June 24th, a day of whitewater rafting on the world class Kicking Horse River is planned! Oh yeah, race entry is limited to 200 "Excreamers" and 100 "Good Timers" so you'll want to show up early! Check out the poster for full details on the weekend's events.
   :: from AVRO RIMSMay 31, 2001
More Avro Rims More Avro Rims
The response from Pinkbike has been so great that we are extending our
rim offer
to visitors of the site.

Originally offered May 25th, the deal is for the 44mm Top Eliminator
downhill rim. 6061 aluminum, triple channel and 44 mm wide. Available in
24" and 26" in either 32 or 36 hole drilling.

Regularly $110 CDN ($73 USD). Canadian retail the special price for Pinkbike riders is
$55.00 ($36 USD).

Another 100 rims have been added to the promotion for Pinkbike. Be
certain to mention Pinkbike in your e-mail
orders to get the deal.

Go to
   :: from Mike KinradeMay 30, 2001
Kootenay Skool of Mountain Biking Kootenay Skool of Mountain Biking
This is going to be a course that will teach people the basics and upper levels of riding in the Kootenays. It will focus on the proper technique of wheelie drops, maneuvering over and around obstacles, dropping in off terrain, and much more. The skills will first be taught in a closed area, them implemented on the trails. There will be many different lessons for all ages and skill levels, plus people will familiarize themselves with the many trails in the area.
Remember folks these are the same guys that brought you the film Hidden Pleasures. Check out their video clips
   :: from Mike ZelenskyMay 30, 2001
Trail crew supervisor training Trail crew supervisor training
We need trail crew supervisors trained. If you are interested in being certified, and willing to spend about $30 of your own cash, please sign-up for the training session we are offering on June 23-24. The classroom training will be at COP with hands on training on Nose Hill and COP. The $30 covers the cost of refreshments and lunches at COP. Certified trail crew supervisors would then be responsible for crews of volunteer labourers during organized work parties

Readers can also go to for an update on the Nosehill Pilot trail and to volunteer some time to help build it.
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   :: from Emmanuel MoisanMay 29, 2001
Balfa 2Step ready to roll Balfa 2Step ready to roll
Just a quick note to let you know our free-ride frameset, the 2Step, is now
on the market
. I have included a pic that you can use at will on your
website if you feel like it. The first 70 units are sold and we are now
working on a second production run of 40 units, available late June/early
6061-T6 aluminum front end,
4130 cromo swingarm,
pivots on 8 sealed bearings,
6" of travel in the rear,
incredible pedaling ease without feedback,
Chainring or chain guide compatible,
massive 2" top tube,
8.5 pound frame,
single crown or triple crown,

If you have any further questions regarding this fine frame, or any other
BALFA product, do not hesitate to call or e-mail me at your convenience.
Emmanuel Moisan
   :: from RadekMay 28, 2001
When truck shuttles are not enough When truck shuttles are not enough
FRIDAY: DING! "You've got mail!"
Hmm what's this?
FROM MIKE: Hey Radek, looks like we're going biking in Golden
this weekend. We're hookin up with Scott Belton on Sunday and doing
a new trail on the south ridge of Mt. 7. The only catch is that
there is no access road.
We have to Fly! If we can get enough people
together the cost of the Heli charter will be about $35 each. Do
you think anyone would want to go on such short notice?

[read more]

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   :: from Aimee RowlesMay 28, 2001
DH 5 and Dual races at Canada Olympic Park DH 5 and Dual races at Canada Olympic Park
Both Dual and DH5 races will take place on Sunday June 3, 2001 at Canada Olympic Park.
You do not have to be an ABA licensed rider!!! We will be having a
senior men, junior men and women category for all unlicensed riders!!

There will be no registration the day of the race for the Dual and Downhill

$10 off discount for riders registered before May 30th and/or $10 off if registered in both the Dual and DH (could = $20 off the races)

Itchy Finger Trails Competition and Dirt Jumping
Registration for the Itchy Fingers Trials Competition and Dirt Jumping is
June 3 (day of event) at Guest Services until 11:30am (events start at
12pm). The cost is $10 for each event.
Anyone with any questions can email me at

Download the race registration form (requires adobe acrobat pdf reader)

Checkout photos from last years DH4 race

   :: from CoyoteMay 28, 2001
COP Spring Race Series COP Spring Race Series
Whether you always wanted to try mountain bike racing
or you just can't get enough to satisfy your appetite, Canada Olympic Park has the answer for you. Covering Dual Eliminator, Downhill and Cross Country, the COP Spring Race Series has something for everyone. [read more]
   :: from Avro RimsMay 25, 2001
Avro Rims Avro Rims
The new owners of Avro Rims want to offer Canadian riders a deal.

Offered are the 44 mm wide Zum Eliminator downhill rims. In 32 or 36 drilling and in black only. 24 or 26 inch.

Special pricing is $55.Canadian per rim instead of the regular $110. retail price. There are only 100 rims available in this promotion on a first come first served basis.

Rims will be shipped COD via UPS. Offer only valid in Canada.

Check out their web site and send them an e-mail mentioning you saw it here first!
   :: from Wade BortzMay 25, 2001
Kananaskis Whitewater Festival 2001 Kananaskis Whitewater Festival 2001
Quite Simply it's a gathering of Whitewater enthusiast's, for a weekend of total FUN. There is plenty of competition in all sorts of FUN events, including Hole Riding, Wave Surfing, Obstacle Course, Ball Race, Down River Race and Inflatable race. Theres also lot's going on off the water, Bar-B-Q, Big Party, Throwbag Toss, Music, Massage, Demo's, Auctions Raffles etc..
Check out all the info on our site.
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   :: from Mike BlarowskiMay 25, 2001
Riding in Penticton/Kelowna Riding in Penticton/Kelowna
Last weekend a bunch of boys and girls headed out to sample some excellent riding in the Penticton and Kelowna areas of British Columbia.
We had an excellent day of riding in Penticton. With much help form a local rider Vance we cruised a 14 km downhill. This ride included tight single track, drops, log rides, fast sandy descents and this small ditch gap. Both Danny and Dave cleared this gap with mixed results. When Daver landed his shoes blew off. Here he is just before the crash. I was very impressed with the quality of riding in Kelowna. Local trail builders - Vincent and Anthony, did an excellent job constructing the trails. Check out our pictures from Penticton and Kelowna.

   :: from RadekMay 24, 2001
Websites and Bikes Websites and Bikes
After reading post where riders are hacking each other about their crappy first websites, shaved legs, light XC bikes, heavy DH bikes, and lazy shuttle whores, I decided to look back at my roots. So here you have it...
Can't believe it's still up on a free webserver, but here it is my first website. Check out the hot videos. Smile
Also here are some photos of my XCountry days. Spandex and all. Everyone starts somewhere....what do you think? Let's see your starts.

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   :: from mentalMay 24, 2001
Roland Green leads World Cup Standings Roland Green leads World Cup Standings
After finishing second 2 weeks ago, and winning in Houffalize, Roland Green has become the first Canadian male to win a World Cup race and lead the World Cup XC standings. After a mediocre 11th place finish in Napa, Green picked up the pace with an impressive 2nd place in Sarentino and stunned the field with an impressive win last weekend. No less impressive is the fact he did so on a full suspension bike. Roland's Trek teammate, Alison Sydor is still going strong holding 6th place in the women's standings. Let's hope fellow Canadians Dave Watson and Andrew Shandro can carry the flag when DH season begins in 2 weeks!

   :: from James Radke COPMay 24, 2001
Dual course to be built, Friday, Need help! Dual course to be built, Friday, Need help!
The dual course will start to be built tomorrow(friday) at COP (Canada Olympic Park) If anyone can help, 8:00AM at guest services or any other time on the hill. Bring a rake if you have it. Please come out, we need help!

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   :: from Shawn SpomerMay 24, 2001
Rocky Mountain Dual Slalom Championship Series Vid Rocky Mountain Dual Slalom Championship Series Video
Team Big Crank put on the first dual slalom race of the year at the Thunder
Valley Motocross Complex in Lakewood, Colorado. The sun was out, the new
track was fast and everyone was ripping! 20 foot doubles and big berms made
for some sick, tight racing.

Go here to Check out the racing action
Thanks again to for the great vid!
   :: from JakeMay 23, 2001
Hans Rey Egypt Adventure Hans Rey Egypt Adventure
Just stumbled across a new article on about some sweet riding these riders are doing in Egypt. It's pretty well written and sounds like these guys are having a blast. This guy sure has the lifestyle. I saw a show on TV about him on his trip to Borneo. Riding with all these places must be so cool and I wonder what all the locals think of these guys? In some of these places they hardly see a white man, and here you have some riders come down and start wheelie dropping of their sacred statues. Locals might just decide to have them for dinner
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   :: from Tim BieberMay 22, 2001
FLP filming at COP today! FLP filming at COP today!
FALL LINE Productions requires sick Mtn Bike footage for this years
Banff Film Festival entry. Meet at COP (Canada Olympic Park) Wed 4:00 PM till when ever and look for the film crew.
We'll try and get the bus up there so people will recognize us...and we
can get it in some shots, and love the idea of getting someone to ride off the roof! We could park the bus beside a down slope so the landing is a ride out...or maybe that hights not big deal for some king shit with serious full suspension? Give me a shout for more info or just see ya there.

   :: from MartinMay 22, 2001
Santa Cruz Bullit questions? Santa Cruz Bullit questions?
Martin from New York writes...
I was thinking about getting a Bullit from Santa Cruz and I see that in your
videos you guys ride them. Does having a Monster T void the warranty,
because I've heard that putting any fork with over 6 inches of travel in a
double crown would void the warranty. Is this true? For what you guys are
doing, drops and such, is the Bullit good for that? Does it have 6 or 7
inches of rear travel? Does it break a lot or need a lot of service? Does
it have problems with the design, like ghost shifting and things like that?
How much did you guys pay for your rides and what colour should I get it in?
Thanks a lot for your info.
Your Comments
   :: from RadekMay 21, 2001
Poll suggestions Poll suggestions
OK, I want some ideas for future polls on Pinkbike. Something bike
related, useful, funny, interesting. As you see from the the polls
that we ran in the past, Anything goes! Give a title for your poll
in the subject and then list out up to 15 topics. Thanks and hope
to see some good stuff.
   :: from Marg ArchibaldMay 21, 2001
You can try cycling - - sitting down You can try cycling - - sitting down
Calgarians will get a chance to test ride recumbent bicycles, the low bicycles with a chair-like seat, Saturday May 26, noon to 3 PM. Human Effort, a rehab and fitness facility for active adults, is hosting the event in their parking lot at 19th Street and 2nd Avenue NW. There will be four different
styles of recumbents available as well as experienced recumbent
riders who can answer questions about riding in the city and about
touring long distances on these novel bicycles.

   :: from manyMay 13, 2001
b>How heavy is too heavy for a freeride bike? b>How heavy is too heavy for a freeride bike?

A bunch of people submitted this info about a freeride bike survey
up on
How heavy is too heavy for a freeride
suspension bike?

Mountainbike is usually pretty good but someone must of been smoking
crack when they put this up. Or maybe the Spaz poll is the reason.

Here is one rider comment:
I guess we are all riding a bike that is too heavy for a freeride
suspension bike? Maybe if I put a sid instead of the Boxxer, remove
the rock ring, go XTR all around and install a skinny saddle, I
could bring the Bullit to 36 pounds and have a bike that would not
be too heavy for freeriding? Most likely, I'll have to change my
frame too! What a stupid survey, I wonder how many people felt 29
pounds was too heavy?
Another rider submitted our own new survey to help those who's
bike is too heavy. Vote now.


   :: from COPMay 8, 2001
Iron Lung Race this weekend Iron Lung Race this weekend
One short week after the inaugural XC race of the ABA season, the
ever classic Coulee Cruiser in Lethbridge, the second XC race of
the season is on May 13th. The Iron Lung is taking place
this coming Sunday at Canada Olympic Park. This years race will
be a new X-C race Course on the land east of C.O.P the New Paskapoo
Slopes race course. (Trail
) The course will be the same course to be used during the
Canada Cup X-C event with a few modification. Be sure to register
on or before May 9th to receive a $10 discount. To register Call
, fill out and fax registration
, or e-mail
   :: from DannyMay 8, 2001
Touring through BC Touring through BC
Surfing the net I came across this kick
ass site
that offers riding tours through BC, These guys hit
all the good locations and provide you with some pretty sweet tour
guides. I think if anyone wants to go riding in BC, but doesn't
know where to go and what to ride, these are the people to talk
   :: from Mike BlarowskiMay 3, 2001
Now accepting Master Card Now accepting Master Card
Just wanted to let everyone know that in addition
to Visa we now accept Master Card in our secure on-line
. All videos and t-shirts
are in stock and ready to ship. For a limited time we're shipping
PinkBike stickers with all orders.
   :: from Mike BlarowskiMay 3, 2001
2001 Coulee Cruiser MTB race 2001 Coulee Cruiser MTB race
Are in a good enough shape to race? This first local
MTB race of the season goes down in Lethbridge, Alberta on May 6,
2001. For more information vist the Lethbridge
Headwinds website.
   :: from PinkbikeMay 1, 2001
Search fo the Holey Trail all ages show Search fo the Holey Trail all ages show

As promised, and Canada Olympic Park
are happy to announce some all age screenings of Kranked 4, Search
for the Holey Trail
. To coincide with opening day at COP, shows
will be at Canada Olympic Park's Hall of Fame Theater on
Saturday, May 5th at 6:30 and 8pm. Tickets are $8 and seating
is limited to just 40 per showing
, so you'll have to email me
( for confirmed
seating. Please include your age and showtime preference. Tickets
can be paid for and picked up at the door! If demand warrants, additional
screenings will be made available in the future! We're working on
some shop sponsorship, and it is anticipated we'll have some great
prizes to give away! Get your email off ASAP to reserve your seat!

Both Search
for the Holey Tail
and Ride
to the Hills
videos as well as pinkbike
will be available at the show.

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